News: ROTW #213 - Hardbitter on kz_goldwood

11/02/19 - 18:45:08

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Good evening XJ!

This ROTW is not ordinary, having changed three creators. Not even for that, but for the reason it promotes and lets go of someone at once, being somewhat a romantic farewell note. Romantic in away that we all invest a certain amount of love and energy for this game. So did ShoCk while inevitably growing old on his passion, watching other responsibilities arise, eventually getting not that much returned. And then you leave. But you don't just leave, right? Sweet run buddy!

The talent we end up promoting is weng. weng shows possession of style and taste, ability to stitch together a piece worth watching. He seems to be doing well in his artistry, you can see the inspiration and the passion, and I highly recommend taking a closer look at his work before making up an opinion.

Also, don't get us wrong - the run first got chosen as the best of its release and only then the circumstances unveiled in Hardbitter's ardent message. His words below.


Featuring: Country: Russian Federation Hardbitter 3's CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder
Map: kz_goldwood
Time: 02:35.00 (-00:03.57)
Previous holder: Country: Sweden LEWLY CS 1.6 Recordholder

Moviemaker: Country: Argentina weng Moviemaker

WR: WR Release #737

weng's channel / Basics / Darkness

ShoCk says:
kz_goldwood is kind of a special map for me which took me on a very long road until I've finally attained it.
It is my first or second kz map to ever play and at the same time second or third record I've ever done for a kz community (kzru ofc).
I kept periodically improving my time between 2008 and 2010 until I came too close to a wr, which was being held by sKiCg 2:51 and I did 2:52 ( -link- ) which felt extremely disappointing but at the same time rousing because all this time I didn't really believe I could ever get so close to wr time.
I don't remember exactly but I guess from that point and till January 2019 I tried my luck once every half year for a couple of tries (having never played more than 20 minutes in a session). But the thing that made me to come back to it for the one last time was PU9maker's 24 challenge, there I've made my mind that it's the time, now or never.
I said now or never because in February I move to my own appartment to start brand new life with my girlfriend and her 4 year old daughter and I suspect I'll have to set up new priorities over playing video games.
My explicit feeling of completeness with this record and for it being chosen as rotw is an extremely great piece of luck. I will for sure miss my bhopping part of life but at least I feel like I'm done with the recording part. Thanks for this great gift!

Best regards,


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  • Holy shi nice one shock, i wish you the best in life :)

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  • <3

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  • very nice run! well done 8)

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  • Wow you have a daughter!
    So much love and respect to you buddy :)
    All the best for your family life and keep dazzling us with ur kz brilliance <3

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  • Thanks prad, you've always been kind to me, love you bud <3

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  • you served it with ease, gl <3

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  • Edit is awesome like weng always does, but yes i am fan of default models but why are they made for XJ if they are not used in ROTWs?

  • Country: Argentina afu on 11/02/19 - 19:33:51     Comments: 262     Reply to this    
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  • Masterpiece
    Gj hardbitter and weng

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  • really enjoyed this one, its been a long time since i've seen this map. Is shock serious about that last uphill bhop?! GJ both

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  • I was unsure about it :D

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  • Thanks so much for this ROTW! Thanks weng, iNsprate, hoLy and whoever I don't know was involved into this. I'm not saying goodbye to XJ, but to a recording part of my life. I'll sure be following these pages and will probably even play some pubs every once in a while, or maybe I won't do even that, we'll see :)

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  • Gj weng! :DD

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  • sweet rotw weng, ShoCk & iNsprate, can't go wrong with Portico
    we sure will miss watching new wrs from you ShoCk!

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  • shock <3

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  • duuude this was so emotional, beautiful music, perfect fit!!

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  • Super deserved ROTW Hardbitter, your style is one of the smoothest ones, and we are talking about -3 on kz_goldwood , nothing to add, just awesome. Happy for weng as well for your first ROTW here Chaquenio Shovelneighbor.

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  • Great run Hardbitter and I wish you the best in life! Hopefully the magic of kreedz pulls you back for some records one day again haha.

    Nice to see you out here editing weng keep it up :)

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  • does it have merca?

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  • :)))))

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  • gj on this epic demo old friend, and gl in new adventures ;)

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  • Such a nice run Hardbitter! Even better than LyNn :)

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  • Gj ShoCk!
    ps: ya drochy and plachy, Dron! Krasava!

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  • GJ mate! ;)

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