News: ROTW #216 - ChiChiN on kz_radium

04/04/19 - 21:01:17

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Good evening, XJ!

After the "bad" video posted, we assure you that we are adequate about our decisions, therefore ChiChiN is preferred for this occasion. Although there have been a strong contendor, his record did not pass. Debates whether it should be allowed are under way.

It is an immense highlight to a talent of ChiChiN that he managed to cultivate. He was formerly known merely as a mapper outside of kzsk commune, but cultivated unordinary recording abilities, now getting a piece throttle and lrs once had.

The execution of practically every jump done by the runner is near perfect, only a few mistakes to spot on the demo so far. You'll notice a new and effective shortcut as well, which was ChiChiN's main impulse!

weng was the moviemaker behind the April 1st oner, now this one.

Lets not "divague" and proceed to the show, people!

Run of the Week #216

Featuring: Country: Czech Republic Chichin Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: kz_radium
Time: 03:53.33 (-00:26.06)
Previous holder: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star

YouTube Link
WR Release #740

Sincerely yours,


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  • GJ, very nice run. About the edit: it cpuld be brighter, sometimes I could barely see what's happening.

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  • near perfect, right?
    gratz ccn and gj weng

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  • Totally deserved, it's a masterpiece! Congratulations ChiChiN, you have such a smooth style, pretty enjoyable to watch.

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  • Sick run, realy like CCN style, best!

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  • Amazing run, wp dude, KZRA ftw !

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  • Nice edit, thank you

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  • good job chichin sik run!!!

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  • chichin PogU

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  • good

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  • Well done! greetz

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  • PogYou

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  • very nice !

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  • really insane run
    gj weng ;)

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  • nice Chichin :)

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  • Incredible run ChiChiN GJ!!

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  • nice run and edit, enjoyed a few minutes of good atmosphere and music

    when or where is the shortcut?

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  • Discovered the sc while playtesting the map, but never thought anyone would nail it in a run. Amazing job ChiChiN and nice edit!

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