News: Map Release: 3 New Maps

14/04/19 - 15:55:09

Written by: KarLi

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Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hello there!

This weekend, we decided to release 3 new maps to XJ!

kz_1man_game2 by Country: Russian Federation muJik Mapper
Challenge: Hard/Extreme
Type: Climb/Bhop/Technical
Trailer: Youtube Link
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3

kz_aztec by Country: Slovakia maiLyy Mapper
Challenge: Average/Hard
Type: Climb/Bhop
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3

kzra_rocky by Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder
Challenge: Easy/Average
Type: Climb/Slide
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3
(This map has another route called kzra_rocky[hole])

Thanks to everybody for making this release happen.
Mappers, XJ Staff, Map Team and everyone else...


XJ Mapcheck Team


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  • PogU

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  • I'm a simple man: I see a map from Spider1, I click download.

    GJ everyone else as well

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  • nice

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  • Really enjoyed playing the hole route on kzra_rocky. Never liked the jumps where you have to slide up the wall, but really had fun playing this one. Usually such jumps are very buggy and you get stuck on every wall and corner, but in this case had it only few times, very well made map Spider1! There are few challenging jumps and skips, so will be fun watching wrs!

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  • kz_1man_game2 - haven't downloaded this one

    kz_aztec - looks good, but the jumps were awful, had to "guess" where to go next, on almost every jump. I gave up after about 10 min of playing. If it were a hard map it would be ok, but having to guess where to jump on an average map is quite annoying, at least for me.

    kzra_rocky - ok map too, but nothing special, looks and feels like most of your maps, maybe try something new on your next map.

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  • have you played the alternative route? it's amazing and something Spider1 never created before :)

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  • nah, why would anyone make 2 routes in a cs 1.6 map?

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  • GJ everyone. GJ KarLi.

    SadPuppy says woof something.

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  • Gj every involved in the release, nice work!
    Hope people will enjoy my map, is a bit shorter than what i like to make/play :P

    Yea fuzzy1 i noticed that too about my maps, is kinda instinctual and same style is meh repeating in so many maps, i can def stop trying as i cant improve more :(

    <3 MEEL

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  • GL with trying new stuff, however I hope you wont forget what you've already learned, I love your style.

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  • the style is there and thats so natural. but the jumps/combos are totaly new

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  • muJik = god, maily and spider c00l maps, loved both ways on kzra_rocky

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  • good job mappers , ill try this maps

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  • added trailer of kz_1man_game2

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  • good

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  • gj mappers

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