News: WR Release #742 - 47 New World Records

22/05/19 - 20:48:58

Written by: Fiveshot

Comments: 78

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

bg shNz

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:27.53 ( 01:27.80 rs promax )
bn_tombbhop done in 02:13.23 ( 02:13.37 qa kzz1lla )
kz-endo_congo done in 01:46.79 ( 01:48.40 bg shNz )
kz_cfl_mountainchurch[full] done in 01:09.96 ( 01:12.55 bg shNz )
kz_j2s_summercliff_ez done in 01:57.99 ( 01:58.18 ru Toffifee )
kz_j2s_summercliff_h done in 02:12.07 ( 02:12.75 ru Toffifee )
kz_j2s_windsor done in 02:46.13 ( 02:47.31 cn rOboTaa )
kz_kzdk_covebhop done in 01:43.85 ( 01:44.67 bg shNz )
kz_kzsca_sewerbhop done in 04:03.62 ( 04:04.35 se kayne )
kz_streetbl0ck done in 03:54.70 ( 03:56.79 ru Toffifee )
kz_xj_brickjump done in 02:25.00 ( 02:26.34 ru Toffifee )
kz_xj_ezbrickjump done in 01:59.75 ( 02:00.02 ru Toffifee )
kzarg_bhopcircuit done in 00:52.90 ( 00:53.15 sk noxeR )
kzie_bunnyheaven done in 04:38.58 ( 04:44.66 ru Hardbitter )
kzsca_bagdad done in 01:17.19 ( 01:17.61 ru Toffifee )
kzsca_heaven done in 01:56.31 ( 01:57.19 ru Dolphin )
kzse_valleycliff done in 02:26.44 ( 02:27.64 ru Hardbitter )

cz ChiChiN

chk_helladope done in 01:58.88 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
ckz_corsair done in 03:14.05 ( 03:23.58 cz ChiChiN )
kz_bkz_egyptbhop[-md] done in 02:10.73 ( 02:14.17 uk eightbO )

se nike

chk_neutral done in 10:50.40 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
fufu_feizhai done in 10:27.57 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru Dolphin

daza_dimensionjumper done in 05:16.77 ( 05:16.96 ar CaBeZa )
kz_kzsca_still done in 01:44.94 ( 01:46.26 bg shNz )

cz fykseN

daza_militarybase done in 02:50.70 ( 02:52.02 bg shNz )
kz_kzdk_oldtemple done in 07:46.00 ( 07:55.21 ru GoDfreee )
kz_kzno_travel done in 03:37.02 ( 03:39.07 us pizza^ )
kz_man_everest done in 04:06.24 ( 04:08.89 cz shooting-star )
kz_real_islands done in 04:12.51 ( 05:53.85 ru DeathClaw )

il kappA_^

holy_lame done in 04:30.74 ( 05:02.58 cn DiLo )

rs promax

kz_anubis done in 02:36.89 ( 02:37.63 ru Dolphin )
kz_exodus_hard done in 02:18.62 ( 02:21.63 bg shNz )

ro Spider1

kz_cosy_communityblock done in 10:32.12 ( 10:36.40 ro Spider1 )

rs voX

kz_gigacave done in 05:34.02 ( 05:48.39 ar PepoMerca )
kz_hollywood_ez done in 02:43.44 ( 03:09.53 ar zuurdo )

ar marc0z]

kz_ins_2ndbhop done in 05:05.95 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar Aguslash

kz_kzra_fl_sharahur done in 03:38.07 ( 03:40.01 pl neXt. )
risk_ministry done in 00:59.96 ( 01:00.75 ro Klefer )

se QuaD

kz_kzro_winter done in 08:59.79 ( 10:42.62 ru jocelynflores )

fr g-Lp

kz_man_chessclimb done in 05:55.74 ( 05:56.84 fi ajuhhhhh )

br surRendi

kz_man_deathhill done in 01:46.58 ( 02:11.58 cn rOboTaa )

cn Fafnir

kz_underblock done in 09:14.04 ( 09:29.97 cz PU9maker )

bg Axerial

kzcn_mahjong done in 07:19.51 ( 07:29.79 fi KeltA )

ar ruperto

muj_to_qui done in 03:51.16 ( 04:03.72 se nike )

ru GoDfreee

nobkz_mst_honduras_h done in 46:54.31 ( 49:17.30 se lrs )

hk colcolx

rnr_speedcrag done in 00:40.34 ( 00:40.42 ar Mrjuice )

ar rawe

rush_tower done in 01:36.36 ( 01:38.80 ru round )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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Default XJ Avatar
  • Big gj to ShNz! and Gj to Commandeer who checked most of the records because i'm lazy (joke we both are too busy irl)

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  • Mamma mia! My deepest respect, shNz!
    This is way too hardcore...

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  • ez shInz best player ever to play kz.

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  • omg what can i say ! :D
    good job shNz beast <3

User Avatar
  • fucking awesome...

    people still think theres other one better kreedzer than shnz, rofl

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  • Holy shit shNZ, for fuck's sake, RESPECT

    and well done fykseN, surRendi and Fafnir, sick maps!

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  • :O shnz nike fyksen kappa gj!

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  • GoDfreee, Axerial, surRendi, colcol, Dolphin, promax, ChiChiN, Aguslash <3
    welcome back Fafnir :)
    g-Lp with the best map!

    holy s*it, I can't believe I will watch honduras_h and chessclimb in the same release, made my day

    big out to shNz, the climb map choice is surprising and fresh
    we always talked about 1.25.X goldbhop in the past, it's going to happen one way or another

    big love to Commy and Fiveshot, they're working hard

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  • No words for shNz, the number 1

    Argentina <3

User Avatar
  • rip kelta

Default XJ Avatar
  • Nice to see so many people active, gj everyone (+ demoadmins)

    Big applause to shnz, insane stuff dude !

    Shootout to the KZRA Squad, all demos are wicked !

User Avatar
  • GJ guys

User Avatar
  • shNz monkaW beating goldbhop again
    glad to see someone finishing chk_neutral
    gj everybody

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  • Imagine sitting with two wires, you stick them together, there are sparks but still no electricity... That's my brain right now. Jaw dropping release. s0liD (huehue) map choice by shNz, amazing records from everybody, gj to demo checkers

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  • Holy shit, shNz, ChiChiN and promax o.O

User Avatar
  • Holy shit, shNz, ChiChiN and promax :o
    Welcome back Fafnir dude :D

User Avatar
  • HOLY FUCKING SHNZ, YOURE THE BEAST! I thought you were preparing 20, but this is better! Amazing my friend!

    AXERIAL YOU DID MAHJONG MAN, YOU'RE INSANE! That map is a giant challenge, glad to see you surprised us with that! Astonishing!

    ruperto, Aguslash, marc0z, surRendi, FYKSEN, g-Lp, everyone!

    Welcome voX and kappA <3

Default XJ Avatar
  • Im happy i was here to witness this beast of a release.
    Gj shnz your honestly a actual beast, who will most likely be the no 1. bhopper for ever.

    And good job nike, chichin, fyksen, kappa, promax, vox, surrendi, fafnir, g-lp, colcol
    Seems like kz will live on for another few years when we got so many players coming back to play.

Default XJ Avatar
  • GJ fyksen - great that you didnt go completely offline after reaching top 1, shnz pretty decent bhops, and gg Kappa finally you recorded the map.
    muj_to_qui good time, gj ruperto
    So many names, so many records. Commenting on every player here would be an essay, so gj to all.

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  • shNz is GOAT wo any doubt! You are the reason why I'm still scrolling XJ, stunning demos, esp summercliff and goldbhop

User Avatar
  • Please shnz don't stop surprising us. You're awesome
    Finally someone dared to beat mahjong. Good job axerial (and rip kelta :D)
    GJ to my argentinian mates, always making our presence felt every release ;)
    GJ ALL. Nice improvement @ real islands fyksen :)

User Avatar
  • Massive release! Gj all

User Avatar
  • :o
    gj all

Default XJ Avatar
  • GJ all esp voX,promax an ofc shNz

User Avatar
  • shNz the legend bro. :)) GoDfreee GoodJob

Default XJ Avatar
  • shNz you are a monster my friend :d

User Avatar
  • Lykka is back!

User Avatar
  • He's been recording some demos on Cosy!

Default XJ Avatar
  • quad and shnz!!!!

User Avatar
  • gj QuaD very good run even with the small fails :P

    GJ kzra!

    too many to comment on everyone!
    GJ to all, every record here is impressive af !

Default XJ Avatar
  • big rel

Default XJ Avatar
  • So many big wrs on this release, holy shet

Default XJ Avatar
  • congo for rotw

    and not because it's the best run, but because it's the most stylish <3

    I'd like to see it edited.

User Avatar
  • Indeed! This or Summer Cliff Ez

User Avatar
  • glp and surrendi, wp dudes!

    gg shnz

User Avatar
  • Big respect for shnz, Argentina for loving kreedz like no other country and kzra family for sick demos.

    g-lp and promax!

Default XJ Avatar
  • damn super nice release... shnz taking back bkz gold lol epic

Default XJ Avatar
  • shNz I love you, no homo. brickjump =D

Default XJ Avatar
  • Watched every run and have to say that this season has been really good, gj writers and all the jumpers.

Default XJ Avatar
  • shnz is a fucking beast, it seems to go with the hand brake put as soon as it hits the accelerator ... boooooommmm

User Avatar
  • GJ everyone. Very nice voX! Impressive!

Default XJ Avatar
  • KZ legend shNz ????

Default XJ Avatar
  • Shnz amazing brooh :))

Default XJ Avatar
  • gj everyone especially shNz and g-Lp

Default XJ Avatar
  • bhoptoon next shnz

Default XJ Avatar
  • shNz the goat!

    Axerial ripped KeltA :( gj

    QuaD boss

    gj all :-)

Default XJ Avatar
  • OMFG

User Avatar
  • I still can not deal with bunnyheaven's... Insane

Default XJ Avatar
  • just wow.

Default XJ Avatar
  • good troll colcol

User Avatar
  • shnz, next steps:


User Avatar
  • shNz always a legend :o

Default XJ Avatar

User Avatar
  • xj alive 2019

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  • When will people understand, that there are some maps, who belongs to a certain players. For Example:
    patchouli on kzno_xtremeblock
    LEWLY on kz_cg_extreme
    shNz on bkz_goldbhop :)

    GJ to all

Default XJ Avatar
  • Damn straight!

    Inb4 next release ^^

Default XJ Avatar
  • gj ruperta, raweng, agulá y el markitos!

Default XJ Avatar
  • BIG GJ


    just wow shNz! HOLY crap, one of the best bhop releases by 1 guy ever. IMO. That is like 60 % most wanted bhop maps.

Default XJ Avatar
  • Very juice , Ruperto super run

User Avatar
  • Lil shNz X just reaped the all old towns roads, gj man

User Avatar
  • ezbrickjump is way too epic for mere mortals like us.

Default XJ Avatar
  • quality release
    lots of classical maps were seen and recalls my old memories
    gj all!

User Avatar

Default XJ Avatar
  • Great job lads, thanks Kpoluk for upload!
    Bravo Vox, promax!

  • Country: Argentina D2B on 26/05/19 - 00:17:07     Comments: 304     Reply to this    
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  • Gj ruperto and marc0zz!! gg ARG S2

Default XJ Avatar
  • Gj all. Shnz killing again

Default XJ Avatar
  • some nice maps got beaten, gj all jumpers !

User Avatar
  • You kept your promise, gj shNz!

Default XJ Avatar
  • kz_xj_ezbrickjump is now unbeatable !

Default XJ Avatar
  • Damn i love this kind of releases with different players . Whatever i say about shNz will not be enough. Gj to all !

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