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06/06/19 - 23:42:13

Written by: Nubz

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Late evening XJ,

It is time to go back in time to a tragedy we all got announced one month ago. The loss of Country: Ukraine FAME touched the whole community and now it is time to sit back and take a few minutes of time to honor his memory.

The idea of a tribute longjump show was proposed by many in the chatbox and gladly Country: United Kingdom JmPix^ came up and announced that he had a massive collection of Country: Ukraine FAME's longjump demos so I started working with them right away to leave a mark for such a figure as he was for Xtreme-Jumps.

The editing part didn't take me as long as it has been since the tragedy but unfortunately I couldn't work on it constantly so it got delayed for some weeks. The movie itself shows you the best of Country: Ukraine FAME's longjump demos and tells you a bit of backround from his journey. I hope as many of you as possible could take a part and drop a comment in the YouTube comment section for him. Thank you.

Rest in peace, Denis Petrenko.

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  • in peace denis

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  • <3

    gj nubz, thanks for the movie

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  • really nice way to remember him. great video . rest in peace !

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  • Amazing video, I was really hoping for something like this. Probably one of the bests longjumper that we ever had, his amazing style will be always remembered as one of the bests.

    Glad to see this in the frontpage, thanks Nubz :)

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  • Beautiful atmosphere. Thanks Nubz.

  • Country: Argentina D2B on 07/06/19 - 05:51:40     Comments: 296     Reply to this    
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  • S2 S2 S2 S2 S2

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  • legend

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  • RIP fame :,(

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  • Gave me chills and i dropped a tear.

    Isn't it mythical how couple of binary code lines and some pixels can affect our essence in such a powerful way? Always been the thing that bothered me. I can clearly say that bigger part of my friends and people i communicate on a daily basis came from this non-physically existing game. I feel like XJ has always been here for me, one way or another. Me having a bad day? Opening XJ to see that imperfectly made web page, favorite orange color, the chatbox filled with people expressing opinions and so on.

    It hurts a lot to see anyone go. Fame's death did hit me hard the first time i found out about it, it hit me the same way while watching this exceptionally well made longjump video.

    Thanks for this: Nubz, JmPix^, anyone else involved.

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  • I'm very touched by your beautiful and sincere words dude! Thank you and greetings!
    Yes it's mythical, and it's very human as well.

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  • this

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  • Thank you for sharing these well-written and sincere words.
    I can understand word by word of it since almost all of my friends are from this virtual heaven too.
    There was a lot of times when I opened my game, Broken and seeking for a remedy, and Kreedz was always there for me.
    It is fascinating how we can communicate with people that we never used to meet, And getting even further, Calling them our friends.
    Every time I hear that one of our fellow kreedzers passed away, It makes me think the shit out of my mind, It would even bother me for weeks.
    I know its too narcissistic to mention, but It makes me sad to think about the fact that there is no guarantee of me not being the next person who leaves the game of life forever.
    And about that last part, Don't even mention that. I did nothing but uploading a file. Nubz should take all the credit for this.

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  • Well done Nubz!

  • Country: Romania McL on 07/06/19 - 14:34:00     Comments: 349     Reply to this    
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  • rip FAME , rip Justin aka dr0psys god bless

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  • Nubs,well done mate.The whole video is so touching,the beginning is just unseen and powerful.Thank you for the thrill and i hope that kind of news will never happen again to us in this comunnity.RIP agan FAME and you will never been forgotten!!!

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  • Is he dead for real? Anyone has concrete proof? From what I read in that chat snapshots on discord I can't say for sure he's gone...

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  • "he was cremated and his ash was scattered" is not enough for some people...

    it certainly was enough for me when I got the message from Oleh

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  • Oh, don't remember reading this on discord, it was just a vague discussion...

    Rip FAME

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  • Well thanks for posting it, I only knew about that discussion with blackelf...

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  • no problem

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  • Beautiful piece of work, Nubz! Your edits never disappoint.
    Respectful way to appreciate FAME.

    I bet he's smiling :}

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  • Great clip mate.

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  • Music and edit are wicked.
    Sadly it's for a posthumous clip, which makes it ”special”...

    I wish you the best FAME, RIP man

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  • awesome! thank you

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  • can't believe you really went ahead and put that cam there (00:26) holy fckn shit

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  • insane bro insane

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  • xd

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  • rip legend

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  • great video nubz, rip fame

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  • What a talented guy he was...
    Good job Nubz (:

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  • ripp

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  • Well done, Nubz.
    I liked that dark ambiance, and your music selection was corresponding with that theme.
    Maybe some of you find this style overly edited but In my opinion, it was necessary in this case.
    I'm exhilarated that I've had his demos (Which he shared around 2016) saved at my Hard disk, Please be aware that most of his demos are from the 2011ish era and sadly that is all are able to reach and grab by our bare hands from his treasure of world-class records since he never shared anything of his newer stuff.
    By statistics, He made 256 block at least 15 times, And he managed to hit a significant distance of 256+ for at least 165 times, But sadly none of those were landed.
    Each member of this community acknowledges that he was a real master at CJ technique. He cleared 269 block at least seven times, which is impressive. And he also succeeded to land 272 block with DCJ. He was able to hit 266 with four strafes, Which shows his level of dedication and skill when it comes to CJ.
    Needless to say, He was such a mentor to every member of the community, And his valuable works in grounds of demochecking shall never be forgotten.
    It took ages for another FAME to arise, His vast knowledge about goldsrc engine, His impressive skill at Longjumping, and His pleasant personality was something tough to reach.
    I, as a small part of this community, Genuinely offer my condolences to his family, closer friends, and every person who is involved with him.
    Rest in peace, Denis.

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  • To be honest was hoping for a different song, but this one fits aswell.

    No one could have done better.


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  • rest in peace FAME respect.

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