News: WR Release #743 - 32 New World Records

25/06/19 - 23:19:22

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


We are currently using the same route rules as kz-rush to avoid confusion when recording for multiple communities. These rules were going to be added on XJ a while ago but that work unfortunately came to a halt. Until we have a route section of our own, you can check the route rules from the kz-rush article found here. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused. Big thank you to kz-rush for writing such a detailed guide for each map.

Our own demo rules section has also gotten updated, removing irrelevant information and hopefully simplifying things. You can check it out here.

The following maps have received new routes:

kz_kzsca_cavemine[-md] - using the big bhop shortcut is not allowed
kzro_raincliff[-md] - using the shortcut from the wooden handrail is not allowed
cg_d2block_ez[-boost] - using any of the ladders for boosting is not allowed


cz fykseN

8b1_hellinashop done in 02:10.41 ( 02:10.95 cz fykseN )
kz_cg_nightcastle done in 05:12.66 ( 05:18.47 bg shNz )

bg shNz

bkz_junglebhop done in 01:37.03 ( 01:37.37 rs promax )
cg_coldbhop_v2 done in 00:52.90 ( 00:52.91 pl neXt. )
j2s_autumn done in 04:51.92 ( 05:09.45 cz shooting-star )
klz_sherbrooke done in 02:34.10 ( 02:42.39 cn DiLo )
kz_cfl_olympe done in 03:52.25 ( 03:52.44 cz shooting-star )
kz_cg_venice done in 01:19.02 ( 01:19.84 ru Dolphin )
kz_concise[hard] done in 02:53.34 ( 02:54.75 cn fanzeng )
kz_man_australia done in 03:28.82 ( 03:29.48 ru Toffifee )
kz_megabhop_hard done in 01:30.56 ( 01:30.63 ru Dolphin )
kz_plop done in 05:57.70 ( 06:00.99 cz shooting-star )
kzru_pharaonrun done in 01:36.84 ( 01:37.52 rs promax )
prochallenge_bhop done in 01:42.49 ( 01:43.61 ar Chasquido )

ru GoDfreee

ccn_abysm2 done in 02:38.18 ( 02:52.91 ar Aguslash )
nobkz_mst_honduras_h done in 43:05.38 ( 46:54.31 ru GoDfreee )

fi Johnny

chk_neutral done in 07:04.98 ( 10:50.40 se nike )
rush_brirom done in 04:49.99 ( 05:29.13 ru GoDfreee )

se QuaD

kz_abstract_plane done in 08:01.86 ( 08:16.12 cz ChiChiN )

ru round

kz_beyond done in 03:37.11 ( 03:42.88 cz shooting-star )

ro Spider1

kz_cosy_communityblock done in 10:30.06 ( 10:32.12 ro Spider1 )

ru nep4uk

kz_gigablockier_pub done in 43:45.99 ( 43:53.27 ar bowaNS )

rs voX

kz_gigacave done in 05:19.96 ( 05:34.02 rs voX )
kz_hollywood_ez done in 02:31.77 ( 02:43.44 rs voX )
kz_man_alienbase[-md] done in 05:04.41 ( 06:02.95 ru jigsaw )

bg hr1sch0

kz_man_congo_b01[+carpets] done in 00:33.59 ( 00:33.67 hu Skizo_ )

br surRendi

kz_man_deathhill done in 01:43.87 ( 01:46.58 br surRendi )
kz_man_madness[easy] done in 01:34.12 ( 01:39.36 br aloprando )
kz_man_madness[hard] done in 01:43.61 ( 01:48.62 br aloprando )

ar afu

kzpl_christmasmission done in 00:41.09 ( 00:41.85 fr g-Lp )

bg DarkstyleR

kzra_rocky done in 19:22.24 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar Mrjuice

rnr_speedcrag done in 00:39.89 ( 00:40.34 hk colcolx )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...


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  • surRendi, Johnny and GoDfreee!
    gj round, shNz, Spider1, QuaD

    probably last release before the big storm named shooting-star, brace yourselves

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  • ?

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  • hhahhahahahahahaahhahaahahhaha

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  • shnzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz <333333

    fyks, johnny, afu, surrendi, mojojojoGOD

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  • niceee shnz :D

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  • wow shnz <3
    gj jugo & el gordios afu

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  • I want to see in my future shnz beat femtobhop, and Godfree trying to beat the career of jhonny in rush_brirom to see if he can with so much fire.

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  • amazing release, gj all esp arg crew n surrendi

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  • gjjjjjj???

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  • baguette rekt

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  • Love you

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  • Johnny,QuaD,hr1sch0 and shnz <3

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  • hr1sch0 :O

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  • shNz the boss
    also my boys QuaD, Johnny & round gj!!

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  • sick release once again, Shnz keeps pushing those thight wrs!

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  • shNz the best !!!! noone else !!!!!

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  • no ccn wr WeirdChamp

    gj all

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  • 2 more releases and we got new top1, shNz XD
    Promax brother, come back with ur wrs pls :D

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  • gjj

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  • QuaD!

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  • impressive shnz, doing records with big improvements in 2019 is such an incredible achievement

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  • This shNz guy is pretty good.

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  • love seeing classic overgeeked maps still beaten ... gj, and fyksen you're a crazy mofo :D

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  • Great job ya'll!
    shNz pushing the limits
    Respect Johnny

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  • mister jugo

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  • gg DarkstyleR , the map is risky, one fail and you go all the way down!

    GJ fykseN as always !The best \o/

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  • good work from everyone

    shNz is an obdolute monster

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  • Still speechless for shNz.

    Fyksen definitely reached the top...
    GZ also Spider1 and Godfree.
    Respect for my boluditos from arg.

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  • hrischo, first and foremost. then shnz
    congrats guys

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  • Well done boys, great demos.

    SurRendi's time are bonkers, gj bro !

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  • gj shnz and vox, both my favorite

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  • shNz king is back!

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  • surrendi meu mano! :)

    gj round shnz

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  • Gj fyksen

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  • Good job everyone! I saw everything and I don't regret.

    KZRA is a synonym for quality, great demos as usual.
    Good job shnz for developing blocktime skills, it will be hard to compete you at climb from now on. Hope for more demos from you, buddy!

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  • Pog release
    Impressive demos

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  • j2s_autumn very good run!!!

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  • sHnz still best, crazy runs

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  • thanks for these demo shnz, i'm happy when i look at it <3

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  • Nice find hr1sch0!

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