News: XJ Premiere: k3g & nobody^ - Fooling Death II

03/07/19 - 20:50:12

Written by: Nubz

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Wonderful wednesday, dear XJ community!

As you might guess when you see me on the frontpage... It is something related to kreedz movies. Yes!

Today we are blessed with another fresh kz movie. This time by Country: Bulgaria ivansky LJ Recordholder who is mostly known for his longjumps but not so much for his moviemaking. I must say I was surprised when I heard about this project but even more when I saw the actual movie! It is so well put with amazing chilled atmosphere starring who? The two oldschoolers Country: China k3G and Country: Bulgaria nobody^! A year or two back you wouldn't probably even hope to ever see these guys again... Well I guess you and I were wrong.

Fooling Death II is a sequel for the first episode originally made by Country: Norway zuveeh Moviemaker. The sequel follows the concept just perfectly. It is full of creative edgebugs in different environments. You will see edgebugs made backwards, spinning (a few in a row), edgebugs on invisible and moving elements, ledges involved... And the list goes on... Impressive to say the least!

This year has been great for moviemaking. This specific form of art that was almost completely gone has now reborn by many great movies and clips lately. Awesome! And from what I know, the rest of the year is going to be at least as epic as it has been so far.

So... Sit back, grab a beer with you or whatever it takes to get you chilled and enjoy this awesome movie for almost 8 minutes!

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  • backwards spiral was tight

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  • Such a chill movie and yet intense, the tricks were really creative and unique, I enjoyed the 8 minutes so much, well done!

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  • Still to this day k3g is the number 1 edgebugger ever... and nobody is now keeping up, two of the most kind and good people around my steam friends, sick stuff.

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  • I would like to have a few words.

    First of all, i'd like to thank everyone who was involved into making this clip a reality: the jumpers - k3G and nobody^ for hitting me with such amazing EB tricks, CyniuThunder for giving me tips and motivation for this montage, Nubz and hoLy for making this a XJ Premiere!

    The original idea behind this whole project was to make a clip as oldschool as it can get, while still giving it a newschool twist, hence the two styles of jumping. At first, it was planned to be a solo movie for nobody^ , but one day he hits me up with message that k3G was online and had many unseen EB demos. This immediately grabbed my attention, made the project even bigger, a bigger challenge for myself. Took the chance with no hesitation.

    It started roughly 3.5/4 months ago, was supposed to be done way earlier, but... there were some ups and downs in my life and i didn't have any motivation to work on it whatsoever. That's where nobody^ himself and CyniuThunder came into key role. They literally picked me up from the hole i was in and just made me realize that life is not that worthless, no matter the fuck is happening. I became very chilled after having conversations with them, also other people like hoLy, who also is a great friend of mine and always seems to make the worse me - a better me.

    I know the movie is not perfect, but... what is perfect really? I also know this isn't even as remotely close to being as good as the first part. Matter of fact, after watching the first part of Fooling Death i was astonished by how well made it was and... I decided to stick to my roots and edited it in oldschool oriented matter, simplistic and clean, exactly how i like every KreedZ movie (or map also) to be.

    I hope you guys enjoyed watching as much as we enjoyed working on this. One love <3

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  • <3

  • Country: Argentina mao on 03/07/19 - 23:41:41     Comments: 109     Reply to this    
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  • amazing stuff and very enjoyable, great job :D

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  • +rep

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  • hotta than hot

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  • gooood

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  • Chill edit and there were some spectacular demos as well, good job everyone involved!

    - fooling death with godmode is lame - please use more hp while recording demos...
    - expected some fresh shortcuts and my expectations were cut short

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  • i love k3g

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  • Very cool movie and nice jumps! Enjoyed the chilly mood, nicely done:)

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  • Firstly, I'd like to thank ivansky for willing to do such a long project. I appreciate your hard work and admire the outcome.
    Sending my love to k3G for being such a good friend of mine ever since we started trickjumping back in 2012. His ways of doing the jumps truly define him as a pro trickjumper.

    The main idea of the movie was to bring back some memories from those past, golden years and to have some fun, of course.

    Thank you, Nubz, for the great article. Hope you guys enjoy the movie.


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  • k3g still kicking it!
    And that's a cool trick on canals nobody, gonna try it myself.
    And for the wonderful edgebug show, as gangien raps it: "my edgebug ,f*cks you up; your edgebug, two girls one cup :D

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  • quoting the real classic, +1

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  • Really cool

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  • You nailed it Ivane!

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  • Hey k3g mate nice to see you are still playing.. Never forgetting how you were the edgebug king back then haha.

    Nice movie also ????

  • Country: China k3G on 07/07/19 - 10:00:51     Comments: 359     Reply to this    
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  • hi old man

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  • Gj k3g and nobody^ :)

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  • This is truly awesome. GJ!

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  • gjjj

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