News: We are looking for new developers!

26/08/19 - 00:01:04

Written by: p0ker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello, dear community,

We are in search for new developers that could help us quicken the construction of the new website.
The following admin positions/roles would be needed:

1°) Front-End Developer

- Preferably a designer as well. His role is mainly to improve or modify anything related to the current design for the new website, that has been mostly already done.

2°) Back-End Developers

- It is recommended to have at least 8 hours per week free time. Bear in mind that we already have a main website developer plus a team surrounding him, but we are still in a need for a few more developers that can support the main developer.

Use THIS FORM to apply for the position!
Remember to pick "Development Team" position, regardless of the roles mentioned in this post.

Make sure to mention the spectrum of your language skills. Every applicant will be contacted shortly after. Details surrounding the project will be revealed as well.

We appreciate anyone who desires to help this community!

Sincerely yours,



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  • gl

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  • What's the salary ( ?° ?? ?°)

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  • SameQuestion :)

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  • Pretty sure we would have used "hiring" in the title if we weren't looking for voluntary help. All previous admins/developers recruitment posts were the same, I don't see a reason why this one should be an exception.

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  • Don't act like a cun*.

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  • Which programming languages are desired for backend ? I would need some more informations before i can make a decision. Which infrastructure etc..

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