News: Looking for 2 new demoadmins

12/09/19 - 13:56:25

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community!

I've been running the demo section of this community alone for a while now. However I believe demochecking should always be done with a team. That was one of the things I requested when I first took this position. I believe multiple pairs of eyes and different points of view are always welcome when it comes to demochecking. So now we're opening up 2 positions for new demoadmins for XJ.


- Years of playing the game to know how things work
- Experience with at least the demo tools available for everyone
- You must be active, logging in on Steam once a week isn't enough for this
- Able to communicate in English
- Unbiased point of view towards all players
- Legal copy of CS on Steam

You don't have to be an expert at everything related to the game, demochecking is a continuous learning process for everyone.

Anyone willing to step up for this position can contact me on Steam. You can also find me on the XJ Steam group admins. Start by adding me or telling me why you want this position and why you would be good at it.



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  • GL to everyone

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  • monkaS

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  • "Unbiased point of view towards all players"

    Oh shit

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  • isnt this supossed to be obvious? why is it a requirement? xd

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  • It's 2019 what did you expect new eDark? :D

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  • well i am out: - Legal copy of CS on Steam
    so my cyber cafe account doesnt count :)

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  • Hardest spots to fill...

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  • You’re doing an awesome job man, keep it up !

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  • gll

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  • Vote for dEmolite!

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  • Make sure to be experts..VNS is example why. Find Russian guys

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  • like leggie =DD

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