News: ROTW #222 - round on kz_stb_mystic

03/11/19 - 13:21:48

Written by: fykseN

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Dear XJ,

It's our pleasure to introduce a new clip with a sweet number #222, this time starring none other than the russian powerhouse Country: Russian Federation round CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder Streamer. Tracking back to the start of this decade, he was always fusing his ability to play hard climb with a rather strong bunny hop. That might come in handy on maps like kz_stb_mystic, which is a test for all aspects of your gameplay.
The record was pushed with a confidence, and deserves to be presented once more in a clip.

I would like to take one moment to appreciate an atmosphere that is so typical and leading on maps done by
Country: Bulgaria st@mbeto. Mapper. Details like these are giving moviemakers much more space to work with. The following video was edited by Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker who certainly took the opportunity and built up on the foggy enviroment of lonely ruins. It's not for a first time an ambient music was used in a ROTW this year, but it never fitted this well before. Enjoy!

Featuring: Country: Russian Federation round CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder Streamer
Map: kz_stb_mystic
Time: 02:46.14 (-00:04.29)
Previous holder: Country: Russian Federation GoDfreee CS 1.6 Recordholder
Moviemaker: Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker


Xtreme-Jumps moviemaking team is looking for new editors. If you'd like to cooperate as a movie admin, please use the application form. You will be contacted in a short notice.

YouTube Link
WR Release #746



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  • Vacant really adds to the atmosphere and smoothness of both run and edit, gj round and blackelf <3

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  • good job blackelf

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  • gj both

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  • ggoood

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  • good job both :) Hope to see more from you, round!

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  • Nice run.edit quite meh.

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  • nice movement

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  • definitely ROTW should change its name to ROTMonth :D

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  • just become a movie maker and make movies every week, lol

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  • Well, it would be helpful

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  • Gj both ! Keep giving boys

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  • Gj both!

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  • smooth bhops

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