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05/12/19 - 22:59:22

Written by: fykseN

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Good evening XJ!

Finally I had the honor with legendary Country: Brazil aloprando CS 1.6 Recordholder himself. He uncovered some things you could miss and we also took a small trip down the memory lane. Full interview in extended newspost.

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  • Great interview, aloprando has always been a kind person

    That kz_kzse_towerbock_h demo is so funny!

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  • Happy Bday aloprando, thank you for your contribution and good talks!

    Good job fyksen.

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  • Nice to see an interview with such a legend! Makes me nostalgic, also the question about Towerblock H was 10/10, really needed to appear in the interview. Sadly I feel it was too short, I really enjoy reading these, I hate when it ends :(

    Great job fykseN!

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  • Happy birthday eleprende!

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  • Super enjoyable, happy birthday and I just feel a bit sad over surrendi being forgotten in these lists :(

    Great job

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  • nice interview

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  • That was a good read, I've always known aloprando is a great guy. I miss the times of kz with you buddy, thanks for the shout-out and take care!

    And a very well made interview fyks, that's a really nice thing you brought back to the attention with the interviews, keep it rocking!

    PS Vee aloprando's boss wow. That's a new thing on XJ haha

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  • LUL XD

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  • That was a really good interview, it brought back some cool memories. Thank you guys.

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  • So enjoyable! Happy b-day!
    Very funny demo indeed :D

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  • Happy belated!

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  • alopragamer

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