News: WR Release #750 - 12 New World Records

31/12/19 - 17:08:46

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Here’s a toast to the future, a toast to the past, and a toast to our friends, far and near.
Along with this release, XJ staff would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!

ru topoviygus

bkm_problock done in 02:26.90 ( 02:28.23 ar Memories )
fu_xtremeblock done in 29:35.54 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_kzus_evagria done in 08:37.53 ( 09:10.66 se lrs )

fr g-Lp

kz_arcdetriomphe done in 03:34.16 ( 03:35.29 cz shooting-star )
kz_cg_gloomy done in 04:20.37 ( 04:21.67 ru Toffifee )
kz_dirtblock done in 06:58.27 ( 07:05.49 ru GoDfreee )

cz fykseN

kz_ins_industryrun done in 02:41.10 ( 02:42.75 cn rOboTaa )

cn BloLy

kz_northpole_b01 done in 01:52.84 ( 01:53.94 br surRendi )

ar rawe

kz_yosemite done in 09:27.62 ( 09:33.59 ru GoDfreee )
ri_spacecliff done in 06:18.63 ( 06:23.01 cz fykseN )

rs voX

kzra_undercastle done in 12:43.95 ( 12:49.97 rs voX )

ru muJik

muj_markule done in 05:40.78 ( 06:21.67 ru topoviygus )


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  • this whole year was crazy, big thanks to Commandeer for all his effort
    a deserved top5 spot for Tobi, congratulations!
    gj rawe and voX
    props to everyone who is still playing and recording

    RIP lrs, NotLikeThis

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  • damn guys some sick demos for end of the eyer, topo insane guy

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  • gg everyone, and happy New Year, all the best!

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  • Great release, good job jumpers and especially Commandeer!
    Happy New Year all!

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  • 3 releases this month, well done Commandeer!

    I started this decade by doing my first world record at the end of 2010, and here I am now, what a weird but wonderful adventure it has been, who knows what will happen in the next 10 years <3

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  • Commandeer the man!

    sick vent bhops fykseN
    gg all

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  • What. A. Demos.

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  • I expected your demo in this release :)

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  • topo is fucking sick. gratz

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  • gj everyone, keep it up

    esp rawe<3

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  • holy shit topoviygus, you did it. that's.. simply unbeliavable. well done, mate. i never thought fu_xtremeblock would be nochecked in practice, and fu_extreme too, but here they are hehe

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  • fu_xtremeblock is some next level, gg

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  • Cg glp

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  • Congratulations g-Lp for Top 5! :D

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  • Ah I'm so sad about the fails in my demos, especially on Yosemite, that was a great run :(

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  • Congrats g-Lp for top5. And good job rawe !

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  • Happy new year, guys! gj muJik for map and run!

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  • how hard is this fu_xtremeblock compared to the one SS beat?

    btw gj glp, you are insane

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  • happy new year guys!

    who is this topo guy wth

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  • also well done BloLy, glad to see you on XJ!

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  • Congratulations muJik good map and run :)

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  • great release!

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  • n1

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  • nice work Bloly! prprprpr

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