News: ROTM #1 - patchouli on kz_synergy_x

13/02/20 - 20:55:10

Written by: Nubz

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Good evening XJ,

As you might already notice from the title, we are starting a new series called Run Of The Month (ROTM).
Run Of The Week series will be forgotten for now, atleast in the form as it used to be.
The reason behind this is that we (the staff) could not provide these as frequent as they should have been and therefore we decided to start this new series. To be honest, nothing else changes than the title and the expectations of the community as we couldn't provide ROTW series weekly with now more often WR releases. Apologies for that.

But this is a new page for a new series and I must say, we are proud to present the first edition of ROTM.
Some crazy records we have seen lately, but one standed out clearly from the others. Country: China patchouli CS 1.6 Recordholder dropped a few demos after quite a long time. Seeing a 03:20.90 time on kz_synergy_x makes me wanna call it Run Of The Year! Rumours say that patchouli even claims it could be humanly improved by another 10 seconds...
That sounds crazy but time will tell I guess.

Now lets review the clip itself a little bit! What an interesting comeback from the golden years of moviemaking.
Country: France WqkO Moviemaker who is well known as the creator of the Failicious series decided to bless us with his work after such a long time. He used an outstanding soundtrack on this one that creates remarkable atmosphere for this specific run. I must say that the soundtrack is one of the best I have heard in a while... Country: France WqkO Moviemaker highlighted it with very deep colorful kind of darkish color set and as you watch that in 4K 60fps stream, you surely won't miss the atmosphere! Hope to see more of you in the future ;)

Make sure your internet runs fast, set the video on 4K 60fps and get into this progressive atmosphere of synergy!

Featuring: Country: China patchouli CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: kz_synergy_x
Time: 03:20.90 (-00:22.82)
Previous holder: Country: China patchouli CS 1.6 Recordholder
Moviemaker: Country: France WqkO Moviemaker

YouTube Link
WR Release #752

Deeply yours,


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  • Amazing, imagine if nerves didn't exist, we would have patchouli, kz_synergy_x done in 03:05 right now!

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  • No words. Just WOW. Insane run, great job!

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  • Woow, what's uppp WqkO, my dudeee <3
    Lovely as always.

    P.S.: Failicous 4 whennn? :(

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  • GJ

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  • I remember when pro challenge #1 came out (prolly in '08) and prochallenge_bhop came ppl (read pro's) were submitting 5/6/7/8 mins of timing, Brian did 2.xx and community burst apart. We thought this is the end game, this is the deal. Bhop maps can't get harder than this.

    12-13 years later, we have synergy_x, and we have someone who's bhopping all the way up w'out skipping a heartbeat, without making intermittent pauses too, and making it in 3.20.

    How far KZ have come, thanx to all of you for keeping this great community alive and intact.

    Great video, amazing indepth transitions and smoothness, perfectly in synced with a matching background score.

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  • Oh wow, prad you brought back so many memories to me.

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  • Run was too good.
    Enjoyable edit.

    Perfectly written, prad.

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  • great!!

  • MaMbonen on 14/02/20 - 18:26:40     Guest     Reply to this    
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  • One of the best hard maps climber :)

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  • Good thing you switched to MOTW, ROTW didn't make sense anymore, and great run obv

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  • I kinda dislike the change of it, kinda turns down the long run after so many years of ROTWs to start a new run, however it fits better the situation. Well, do what works best I guess.

    Nice to see you back, wako.

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  • great job

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  • Hi guys, thanks for the kind words :)

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 15/02/20 - 15:08:02     Comments: 356     Reply to this    
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  • This is one of the best and most unbeatable runs this community ever saw,and tbh with this one Patchouli got me thinking is shNz undoubtly the best bhoper ever?
    This run deserved some heavy rock or dnb, this kind of music is more suitable for longer/fail runs.
    Would like to see korban giving his touch on this run ,patchouli deserves It!

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  • As much as I think shnz is one of the greatest of all time, however I wouldn't say he is by far the best bhopper. He is obviously among the best but there are so many excellent bhoppers and people that do more with less effort, it is known that shnz does too much fancy stuff and even he admitted he does it just because it looks good in runs, you have guys like toff, napz, lewly (back in the days), g-lp and others who own an amazing bhop. The thing with shnz is just his runs are beautiful to watch and super fast as well, he can simply do both things at its best, aesthetic and fast bhop. With this being said, no hate on shnz by any means, he is one of my favourite players all time but I don't think we can consider someone #1 on something at this point, we had too many eras and players to consider. Is just like comparing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to Michael Jordan to LeBron James to Stephen Curry. These 4 players are goats however can't be compared by any means because their playstyle and job isn't the same, however all of them are amazing point scorers.

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 15/02/20 - 22:01:01     Comments: 356     Reply to this    
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  • You can't compare Jabbar with Jordan and James because they played very different positions,but if you compare Jabbar or Wilt with todays best Centers they would be much better even if they played decades ago.Basketball is sport of it own,Pele or Maradona are goats of they're time but if we put them with they're skill in todays football they would be knowhere near the likes of Ronaldo and Zidane...
    As for bhop,the only one from older players I'm sure that would be a real threat for todays best is Stormz,I have a feeling that he was way in front of his competition when he was active,and if he had more competition he could reach times we are watching today even 10 years ago...
    Just to be clear for me bhoping on bhop maps is bhoping,bhoping on climbing maps is climbing and for that I can never put Lewly,Toff,glp(so far but he can still change that) in the sentence for best bhoper.
    As I see it after shNz and patchouli closest ones to their level of bhoping are imo Stormz,Napz,26,heL,Chasquido...

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  • For me bhopping is bhopping and it doesn't matter wether the map is bhop or kz, in fact when shnz does maps like kz_sola 80%+ bhopping everyone goes wild, so I would say what matters is your bhop skill and not where its used.
    About basketball, what I tried to explain is: both James, Curry, Jabbar, Jordan, Kobe and so on, they are excellent scorers even all of them play in different positions but the main goal is the same, pretty much as kreedz, the WR is the goal, for example players like shooting star who are hella fast but most of all precise and efficient and then you have guys like shnz who combos everything with dds and stuff for the beauty of the run, both can get the WR but with different playstyles. That was my point.

    About stormz, 100% agree, my all time favourite bhopper and still my favourite volcanobhop run to this day. Yet I do agree with the names you mentioned, chasco, 26, hel and so on, and obviously as I said, shnz is also one of my favourite players of all time and obviously is on the goat league but I couldn't say there is a #1 for bhop or #1 for climbing because there are so many factors and one of them is: the amount of tryhard and geek the player puts in.

    BTW: Pele is no near goat or even Maradona, Pele played vs builders, painters and farmers, Maradona played in europe, don't mix it up :P Maradona would still own today, Pele wouldn't.

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  • Just to be clear for me bhoping on bhop maps is bhoping,bhoping on climbing maps is climbing and for that I can never put Lewly,Toff,glp(so far but he can still change that) in the sentence for best bhoper.

    Do you want to exclude Toffifee from the list because he also does climb? Or is there a measurement for labeling players? Stats wise, Toffifee is the best bhoper on XJ, period. According to your standards, bkz_goldbhop is a climb map because there is a climb part? Nothing against shNz, but there are better bhopers who also prefer to have faster demos over flashy stuff that gets beaten next release.

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 17/02/20 - 00:14:03     Comments: 356     Reply to this    
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  • Let me put it this way,Toffife so far didn't have enough records on most wanted bhop maps to be considered better bhoper than the likes of shNz,Napz,patchouli.
    But If I had to choose better player between him and shNz I would choose him because he is better all around player.

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  • PATCHOULY !!! MONSTEROUS bhoper,capable to beat anything anywhere and anyone !!! I dont think synergy_x battle has ended yet... the battle for minutes has,but its time do cut some seconds,then miliseconds... i believe this is the new goldbhop !

    shNz iz one of a kind... ive been in the same server with him quite a few times,and he just goes of world when timer starts. claiming anyone being N1 is stupid thou... anyone ever been in top 5 could be called n1,its subjective. To me personaly,shnz's demos are always something special

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  • I can't remember a bigger record ever than this one on synergy.

    Been so many years I've forgotten all the big ones on xtremeblock, sandblock, gigablock and so fourth. But this one, without a skip, is the GOAT record imo.

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 15/02/20 - 22:19:03     Comments: 356     Reply to this    
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  • cg_strafejumpZ is for me the only current record comparable to this :)
    Before these my money for best runs were on spr1ns wigblock and LEWLEY's cellblock.

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  • Amazing work WqkO , unbelievable run patchouli

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  • gj byud

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  • never thought we'd see it get this fast. good job :)

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  • pLANE himself :O

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