News: XJ Premiere: Anomalous Kreedz by Nubz

19/02/20 - 21:43:07

Written by: Nubz

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Good evening XJ,

Today is the day I have been waiting for a long time. A day that I thought might never even come. The day when I get to release my long lasted project called Anomalous Kreedz that I started editing it back in 2018. At first it was going to include just two parts with around 20 demos, but as I found more and more interesting trickjumps/combos and kept landing these... Well, the project just grew and grew. I had moments when I didn't know what to do next because the original idea had to be changed after doubling the demo count. After countless hours of editing it was finally coming together with my vision.

In the edit itself I tried to find a balance with impressive effects/transitions and still maintain a clear view on the trickjumps which always plays a big role of course. The rhythm of the movie is variable and takes you in it for 8 minutes. Presenting four very different parts but still trying to keep it together with some similarities.

The demos I recorded are from between 2017 and 2019. Those were the years that I practiced kreedz truly and started getting better. Some demos are obviously easier, but I wanted to present the journey as I had already edited those 2017-2018 demos. Last year I landed best trickjumps from this movie. de_chateau's trickjump is probably the hardest!

I really appreciate the few people constantly asking me about the movie. You guys truly motivated me to finish it and today I am able to present it to you all at XJ. I will for sure not quit editing kreedz totally, but most likely this will be my last kreedz movie.

I hope you all enjoy it! -Nubz

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Sincerely yours,


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  • :) pog

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  • Great work nubz! I had totally hyped this while i was waiting for it, and u totally crushed the expectations! Tricks are highlevel and i like the variety of techniques and jumps. Alot of the jumps were new to me too. Edit is looking very cool and felt very chill throughout the movie. You can tell there is alot of work and effort put into this. Top notch!

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  • As I told you, I can't even review this right now as Im left speechless. You blew my fucking mind, gotta collect the pieces together, rewatch it multiple times and I will get back with something more proper than just three sentences. For now - just thank you for this excellent movie <3

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  • I loved the change of pace between parts

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  • good stuff

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  • This is Godly Nubz! The beautiful thing is that the moviemaker and the jumper is the same person, amazing display of skill right there. Really nice atmosphere you've done, I really enjoyed watching it, and the different parts where also a really cool feature, amazing, 10/10!

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  • last part the best

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  • Awesome stuff. Thanks nubz!

    On a side note, fykseN had a great idea that we should present this on website, so I did. We don't have much traffic these days so it won't make it any more popular, but still - it is there. -link-

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  • Thanks, appreciated :)

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  • I will be honest:

    First of all I am annoyed I waited so long for a project I knew since late 2018 but it was worth the wait.

    Secondly, it is not your god tier but I can somehow understand why, I believe this was a representation of your journey as player and moviemaker, the pace and rhythm of the movie explained the process of your evolution. The last part was obviously the peak of the movie and felt as the best of you. Personally the start was my favourite part, just because I always loved the chilled style from you because it really fits you.

    Last but not least, a name to be remembered in history of XJ, Nubz. For his work, dedication, effort both in trickjumping and moviemaking, for sure a legend to be remembered of.

    I am glad I was part of that legend.

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  • Soundtrack of the decade?

    Full self-made project with original ideas, atmosphere and nostalgia. I don't mind the tricks difficulty at all, because this movie is about a journey. I respect Nubz for that. Exceptional moviemaking piece.

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  • This was an interstellar experience, all it took was 8 minutes to time travel back in early 2010s. Truly an amazing and astonishing experience. Everything was on point. Masterpiece from the beginning to the end. Bravo! This one goes out in the books.

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  • Wow, this is something!

    First of, I'd like to express gratitude for the hard work you put in both demos and editing, it really brought me joy. This is what XJ was lacking lately, a touch of style and self-expression.

    What a perfect demo pack! The balance between bhop combos, tricks on default maps and edgebugs was on point.

    Speaking of balance, the combination of smoothness/chill and dynamism was off the charts, I loved it. I was fully entertained.
    Loving the diversity that flows throughout the four parts. The fourth was my favourite.

    Never paid too much attention on outros tbh but I have to say it, really great vibes on this one. Thanks for the shoutouts.

    The creator of Cloudy Night and Oteofof surely did not disappoint. ;)

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  • If you watched this video on youtube, it's like not watching it at all! Please download it and watch in highest quality.

    Nubz, this was amazing. Soundtrack with Seba and Bonobo, that's my wettest dreams. You did it bro!

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  • thanks for the awesome feedback everybody! feels rewarding

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  • and memek is right :D download for true experience!

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  • Finally got time to experience it to fullest. Downloaded it on my pc, made myself comfortable and watched till the end. What can I say... Thank you Nubz, I loved it, for me everything was in good balance, music, colors, energy, jumps, campaths, transitions, like everything. Great work, it made me feel something, made me want to open cs and record something, some old memories floated in from the past...
    Thanks and hopefully we'll see more from you and maybe others in collaboration with you. Good luck!

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  • Newcomers these days don't know it since trickjumping became irelevant in last years, but decade ago trickjumping was almost as important and respected as beating world records...
    Having your trickjump movie beeing worthy of beeing posted on a front page was big achievement.
    Not gonna sugar it but this movie and this trickjumps were worthy of beeing posted on a front page of those times,and it's been a fucking years since I saw movie with trickjumps worthy of beeing posted on front page.
    Congrats Nubz really nice tricks worthy of beeing praised not just in 2020 but in 2010-2012 times too.Since you were a man of that time you know what kind of praise I'm giving you ;)
    For me It would be even better and more remarkable if you sticked with the best tricks even if that would make movie itself twice shorter.
    If you are still playing pls surprise us with another tj movie,don't waiste your time on old tricks try to find something new even if it's not so hard to do it :)
    Who knows maybe some of the new recordholders discover how much fun it is and decides to have his own tj movie in his legacy :)

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  • I already dropped a comment on YouTube, but once again congratulations for the awesome work on this video and the effort you put in this community.

    On a side note, I just downloaded your HQ render and I think moviemakers that still work in 720p should upscale their render (for instance in 1440p) before uploading to YouTube. Same thing for 1080p into 4K. Strafing is pretty much the worst thing for compression and the video will be much more enjoyable. Unless you're going for that nostalgic vibe... :P

    I still enjoyed your video 100%, but I feel like the process I explain isn't that troublesome and the result is worth it.

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  • i kinda expected not to like it due to your last 3 works that seemed not "you", but surprisingly i did enjoy it a lot. Fantastic work! Its hard to say which is my favorite, "Cloudy night" or this..! The only minor-bad things were some transitions or camera angles that may have been remade to polish it more but thats it.. Very good structure, loved how songs were building up for the "technology" finale, jumps were fire esp that chateau. I wish quality could be better, i would render it for 1440 even if its upscale and not the actual resolution. And if possible 30fps, watched your movie twice once with 1080/60fps and then 480p which made it look even better if disregarding the quality/bitrate drop.
    seeing my name in the credits made me smile, thank you for all the years Nubz and being a great inspiration for editing <3

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  • good job, really cool movie nubz

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  • I got no idea you became so good, loved your style and creativity in these demos, great jumps. Got me the feeling I should also turn on the game and play a bit from time to time

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  • About time to run your cs :)

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  • Awesome!
    I had not enjoyed a trickjump video for a very long time :-)

    (Thanks for the shoutout!)

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  • This is an exceptional masterpiece.

    I'll make sure to make myself comfortable and watch it in the intended quality on my PC. Should have done it right away.

    Nubz <3

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  • gjj

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  • Breathtaking movie, Nubz !! Congratulations both editor and jumper. Pushing masterpieces to people again!

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