News: LJ Tops Rework + WR Release #758 - 40 New World Records

26/04/20 - 16:50:15

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 59

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


The distances in the LJ tops have been reworked. This is due to the old calculation methods not taking into consideration certain possibilities we're aware of nowadays. This is a project Country: Ukraine FAME started and we decided to finish it now. All new LJ updates will be following the same distance calculations from now on. There are minor changes in the bhop section, but otherwise the positions stayed the same. If you have any more question about this, feel free to contact me.

cn patchouli

bkm_tbt_LondonStation done in 00:16.94 ( 00:17.13 cn patchouli )

ru inspare

cg_coldbhop done in 00:25.56 ( 00:25.57 bg shNz )
kz_bkz_egyptbhop done in 00:07.87 ( 00:08.23 ru inspare )

fr g-Lp

ckz_sepulcher done in 02:36.64 ( 02:42.08 fr g-Lp )
hama_timberbhop done in 04:08.33 ( 04:17.71 ru topoviygus )
kz_a2_bhop_corruo_ez done in 05:30.37 ( 05:42.64 bg hrznnn )
kz_bridge done in 03:17.54 ( 03:18.32 cz fykseN )
kz_cmp_collage_v2 done in 06:32.97 ( 06:36.99 se kayne )
kz_cosy_communityblock done in 09:43.24 ( 10:22.82 ro Spider1 )
kz_ea_parkblock done in 04:31.14 ( 04:34.41 se LEWLY )
kz_kz-endo_portal done in 01:42.37 ( 01:44.25 cn fanzeng )
kz_kzdk_megablock done in 07:49.34 ( 08:18.40 cz fykseN )
kz_tropiclimb_b01 done in 03:13.58 ( 03:14.88 cz fykseN )
kz_tropiclimb_xp done in 08:28.53 ( 08:32.25 dk Micron )
kzbg_ytt_lavaspeed done in 00:51.50 ( 00:52.48 fr g-Lp )
kzpl_christmasmission done in 00:41.03 ( 00:41.09 ar afu )
kzpl_desert_wellspring done in 01:25.97 ( 01:26.10 de Lykka )
kzro_astro done in 04:08.73 ( 04:14.99 cz fykseN )

ru topoviygus

clintmo_bhopbarrels done in 00:18.05 ( 00:18.14 qa kzz1lla )
cobkz_minecraft done in 00:53.68 ( 00:54.69 cz shooting-star )
fu_extreme done in 37:38.84 ( 54:51.18 cz shooting-star )
fu_replayhop done in 03:32.93 ( 03:33.50 ar Aguslash )
gbc_script_mimic_m done in 00:43.26 ( 00:47.95 cn IemGn1Q )
k_obscurity done in 07:40.82 ( 10:48.95 cz shooting-star )
kz_1man_understock done in 01:02.51 ( 01:04.31 cz shooting-star )
kz_ghat done in 01:03.52 ( 01:04.37 cz shooting-star )
kz_kzse_dustbhop_h done in 01:55.86 ( 01:56.96 bg shNz )
kz_kzse_dustbhop done in 01:39.59 ( 01:40.55 bg shNz )
kzbg_ytt_pyramid done in 01:33.74 ( 01:35.02 fr g-Lp )

ar CiNdOR^

clintmo_bhopriver done in 00:16.09 ( 00:16.37 ru topoviygus )

ru round

fu_devhops done in 02:47.48 ( 02:59.11 ru Creep )
kz_kzro_winter done in 08:35.14 ( 08:36.60 se QuaD )
kzra_blackpearl done in 03:55.47 ( 03:57.00 ru Creep )

ar emmalahana

kz_bhopwarehouse done in 00:07.50 ( 00:07.54 ar emmalahana )

bg rampL

kz_frostbite done in 01:49.47 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

bg DiDo-G

kz_j2s_sandland2 done in 04:59.98 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

bg DeeDFTW

kz_ytt_ancient done in 03:52.43 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzro_raincliff[-md] done in 04:31.35 ( 04:51.48 ru kocmonabt )

rs voX

kzro_mountainsnow done in 08:44.34 ( 08:46.72 ru Hardbitter )

cz Chichin

rush_cheops done in 02:17.50 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • gj geek-Lp, wow

Default XJ Avatar
  • Easy katka for topoviygus

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  • rip shooting-star

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  • GJ!

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  • what a release

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  • glp amazing

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  • welcome back DiDo-G and DeeDFTW, sick records all esp g-Lp and topo

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  • Micron F

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  • waiting for topoviygus on fu_extreme movie

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  • really

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  • h

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  • Rip Micron :( also good job g-lp, DeeDFTW, rampL, Dido-g and Vox

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  • My guy g-Lp

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  • gj gus legend

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  • g-Lp masterclass

    DiDo, rampL and DeeD gj <3

    that Micron map is painful

    calling shNz

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  • omfg its crazy !!!!!

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  • kz_a2_bhop_corruo_ez rotw

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  • gg gus also glp wut

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  • TOPO the greatest

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  • 666 —> glp vs top

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  • holy shit

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  • Micron :(

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  • glp top5 haha
    kz_ghat run of the year

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  • Topo and GLP!!!!

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  • crazy glp

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  • RIP Micron

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  • Didn't I saw bkz_volcanobhop submited? wtf
    Spoiling demos in my opinion but okay :)
    What to say? There isn't any demo that I'm not like, sick release guys
    @g-Lp how did you fail on lavaspeed and still 1 sec faster :D you are insane dude

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  • he used illegal plugin

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  • g-Lp,vox,chinchin <3

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  • Ggs

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  • Round and Inspare gg

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  • huuuuge!

    gj round, still waiting for that synergy_x2 ;)
    g-Lp got quality and quantity
    nice to see bkz boys getting it. rampL nice to see you did those shortcuts in a run
    ccn pretty solid run on a n/a map!

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  • also gj all admins involved, but I would still prefer those smaller more often releases

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  • I only watched a few demos but kz_ghat is a thing of beauty, what a run lol. Wp everyone.

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  • Micron :( g-Lp amazing times and Inspare beating colbhop :O I'm waiting for kzzilla comeback. One of the best releases this year.

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  • Gj all :) bkz boys <3

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  • glp and topo, beasts forgot to add :D !

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  • clintmo_bhopbarrels gg

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  • glp, gus wp!

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  • DeeDFTW rampL Chichin topo legend

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  • Omggg so good

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 27/04/20 - 15:39:24     Comments: 362     Reply to this    
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  • It's hard for me to believe that topoviygus is legit cuz the level he is showing is 5-10 years in front of anybody else.
    There are some people who played this game at the highest level for twice as long as he did and still couldn't reach anywhere near he is now...
    If he was this ahead of anybody else in 2008-2010 it would be somehow possible,but in 2020 it's almost impossible.
    I'm not going to mention proven cheaters but when I think about it the only guy who came out of nowhere and raped everybody else is kzz1lla,and he recorded only like 6 months in 2015 and ran away after that...
    Before anyone squeeze my testicles I've visited this site for 13-15 years and witnessed so many cheaters beeing caught long after they cheated here,so him passing the demo checkers doesn't prove anything to me.
    Don't want to be misunderstood,I have a huge respect for all the demo checkers and their hard work,they are the most credited for kz still beeing alive but there are always somebody smarter.

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  • time will show but someone with first wr in 2019 and now beat fu extreme like nothing....

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  • @Irvin someone with 1st wr in 2019... nice briefing man... also FLP I spectated him on some wrs and its not like u think.. that he got wrs 1st try with some kind of cheat... he actually spends a good amount of time on that maps, also chceck his times on _h an mostly _x maps on rush servers, u can spectate him there too If u have luck and see urself and then tell us what hes using, thx

User Avatar
  • I think there was a rule about not commenting cheating anywhere else besides the forum, but as you have written such a long text I feel like I want to express an opinion as well even though our posts might be deleted. Being around for long, despite my most active period to be like 8-9 years ago (2011-2012) my personal statement about this topic is that as long as nothing is found and shown to the mass public, we cannot judge. Yes, of course we can have opinions, but we still have to respect each others hard work, because demo recording is taking a lot of effort and time. I think that sooner or later, everything will be revealed. Recording for such short period and achieving such performance looks fishy to me too. However we can only wait and hope for justice.

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 27/04/20 - 16:04:01     Comments: 362     Reply to this    
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  • g-Lp ty on Commandeer's behalf for getting That map and sparing him from checking it every release :D
    p.s you are upping that level quickly,once you are ready I want to see new wr's on cellblock,facility and ofc cg_strafejumpZ.
    You can't just get on top without a bang or two :)

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  • wow! kz_kzdk_megablock awesome run! I vote for ROTW!

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  • Ok so did i really land that 248 bhop with 248.052 realdist? Jesus :D

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  • That's a monkaGIGA moment

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  • Your raw distance is 248.128 jumped a bit diagonally, the distance measured along an axis (your effective distance) is 248.052.

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  • gj topoviygus rip shooting-star

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  • acussing sb cheated without proof is not a joke on xj, there are always some players comming out of nowhere showing overwhelming skills over others

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  • gj all bulgarians !!!

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  • 247 units Country: Bulgaria klinch (Distance: 247.872 / Jumpoff: 0.756 / Landing: 0.147) bhop

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  • kz_ea_parkblock rotw!

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