News: XJ Premiere: keg - killing edges gracefully by zythH^

05/07/20 - 14:22:23

Written by: Nubz

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Hello XJ,

It is the end of the week and we are glad to present you a brand new kreedz movie!
keg - killing edges gracefully created by Country: Portugal zythH^ Moviemaker. The movie is showcasing some stylish edgebug/ledge combos in various kreedz maps done by Country: Bulgaria nobody^. Country: Portugal zythH^ Moviemaker managed to create very catchy atmosphere to a rap song. Not an easy task I must say. Usually I am not a fan of kreedz movies edited to rap songs, unless it's done well and that is what you are about to see. A well done kreedz movie.

The movie is build to a fast paced rhythm yet the flow is chill at the same time making watching it very pleasant. You will see Country: Bulgaria nobody^ floating down various kreedz maps making creative choices for multiple edgebugs.
A way of trickjumping that the legendary Country: China k3G once invented.
Great to see this kind of trickjumps still done with passion!

Now I would like to let Country: Portugal zythH^ Moviemaker himself share a few words about this project and his thoughts on it!

Hello XJ community! It has been a while since my last movie hit the frontpage here, but today I managed to finish a project that required a lot work from me. I would like to share my appreciation to Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker, Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker and Country: Bulgaria psh Moviemaker Streamer for the help during the creation of the movie, specially Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker who helped me a lot, without him this movie wouldn't be what it is right now. And with that being said, this project is pretty much a farewell to two kreedz players and we couldn't be happier with the outcome, we sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And last but not least, thank you nobody^ for giving me the opportunity and believing in me to edit a trickjump movie for this community and you, it was a pleasure to do it for a friend since 2010. Without further a do, there is a list of names I would like to give a big shoutout: Country: France g-Lp CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder, Country: Lithuania Phinx Mapper Moviemaker, Country: China k3G, Country: Finland jusuuh Moviemaker and the people I have been in touch since I signed here, thank you all.


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  • Nicely done!

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  • Very good but not a fan of this type of music for movies unless it's all instrumental. But yeah, the edgebugs are on point. Imagine the possibilities on some unofficial big maps.

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  • Awesome colors, music and edit

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  • smooth

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  • What an amazing atmosphere I just watched.

    Zyth meu irmão, what a beautiful piece with an awesome track. Personally, I love j cole. Colors and slows are very well fitted. GZ

    nobody^ your style is really something else, gz dude.

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  • very nice!

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  • great edit man, i like this music

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  • A truly great edit but the music really throws the whole movie for me.

    Still, you need to appreciate the editors' work.

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  • Edit is insane, nicely done man.
    Hate the music.

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  • really nice, good job both of you

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  • Wow very enjoyable campaths and colours, well done zythH^ :-)

  • Country: China k3G on 06/07/20 - 16:48:23     Comments: 361     Reply to this    
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  • really cool !
    gj guys !

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  • Thank you for the great newspost, Nubz!
    Once again, appreciation to you, zythH for taking the time to create this :))
    hi k3G senpai

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  • Nice one!

    You can see the actual quality in every little fraction of this piece of art made by zythH^. I also love the laid back genre this video is made. I sum it up in 10/10.

    PS the curch jump clearly stood out of the rest as for me.

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  • No offence, but holy shit how bad the music can be?
    It does not fit the edit at all. Couldn't force myself to watch it till the very end.
    Anyway, mediocre jumps with the same edit that we have seen for plenty of times. No hard feelings, but in my humble opinion, this does not deserve the front page.

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  • "Deserve the frontpage" - something I haven't heard in a while :D

    Well it's no longer movie era when we were able to actually "choose".

    Back in the day moviemaking was, at some point, part of competition. If you have world record, you are pro. If you've had a movie on the frontpage, you were "pro moviemaker". It used to work like this because we were able to afford something like this. Now, my friend, thigs work differently and you know this. If we were back to early 2010's, your point could've probably had validation, but now it just looks so out of place as for me, imo this movie could've had chance even in early 2010's.

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  • I think you're right. I kinda rushed with that. But still, guess it's an old time feeling when something is posted on the front page and you expect it to be absolutely groundbreaking, or at least close to it. But yeah, that ship has sailed long time ago.

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  • <3

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  • I respect every opinion, but don't you think it was completely rude?
    It looks like you are devaluing the whole movie, jumper and editor.

    Take it easier.

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  • Thank you everyone, for those who didn't enjoy the music a lot, I had to try it with J Cole.

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  • gj,love it

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  • nobody^, k3G and zythH^ into one movie, that's vintage, well done

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  • k3g is a legend

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  • gj

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