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21/07/20 - 21:39:57

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

It's time for the second edition of LJ updates for this year. This one comes along with a few old names many of you might regocnize. Some of these were recorded as early as 2012, but we're happy to see them uploaded now that the tops are extended. This update comes before the technique extension of the LJ tops that surely brings in a lot of new and interesting jumps to watch. Also a reminder to anyone who still has possible LJ top demos saved, you must upload them again in order to get them accepted and added. To all the mappers patiently waiting for a map release, we say your wait will soon be over.

Since the new technique update will bring along another form of bhop longjumps, please remember to rename your demo to bj or sbj according to the technique used. We also request to name your mcj demo accordingly, if 3 or more ducks were used to perform the jump. For example:


Thank you for your patience with the LJ updates and congratulations to all new entries!

New entries:

#6 257 units by Country: Kuwait staNioN` LJ Recordholder (Distance: 257.495 / Prestrafe: 274.644 / Topspeed: 341.520)

#10 257 units by Country: China L377 LJ Recordholder (Distance: 257.340 / Prestrafe: 275.480 / Topspeed: 343.087)

#7 269 units by Country: Bulgaria anyThlNG LJ Recordholder (Distance: 269.261 / Prestrafe: 293.422 / Topspeed: 356.254)

#8 268 units by Country: Russian Federation torrenz LJ Recordholder (Distance: 269.379 / Prestrafe: 292.293 / Topspeed: 357.060)

#9 268 units by Country: Russian Federation inspare LJ Recordholder (Distance: 269.250 / Prestrafe: 293.502 / Topspeed: 357.060)

#10 268 units by Country: Latvia random LJ Recordholder (Distance: 269.212 / Prestrafe: 293.816 / Topspeed: 359.659)

274 units by Country: Ukraine Desu LJ Recordholder (Distance: 274.258 / Prestrafe: 299.691 / Topspeed: 366.243)

#5 273 units by Country: Russian Federation inspare LJ Recordholder (Distance: 274.252 / Prestrafe: 299.338 / Topspeed: 360.069)

#8 273 units by Country: Argentina z0r CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder (Distance: 273.870 / Prestrafe: 299.854 / Topspeed: 361.239)

#8 244 units by Country: Poland fsrx LJ Recordholder (Distance: 256.482 / Prestrafe: 275.095 / Topspeed: 337.463)

#9 243 units by Country: Hong Kong OK LJ Recordholder (Distance: 256.474 / Prestrafe: 273.641 / Topspeed: 339.060)

#10 243 units by Country: Russian Federation inspare LJ Recordholder (Distance: 253.013 / Prestrafe: 272.568 / Topspeed: 338.964)

#5 248 units by Country: Korea, Republic of rusans LJ Recordholder (Distance: 248.211 / Prestrafe: 299.497 / Topspeed: 352.698)

#10 247 units by Country: Korea, Republic of Seoul LJ Recordholder (Distance: 247.972 / Prestrafe: 299.771 / Topspeed: 351.974)

Thanks to Country: Kazakhstan mls Mapper Moviemaker for editing this movie featuring all the new entries, enjoy!

Read the extended newspost to see demos that didn't quite make it.

Best regards,
XJ Staff

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  • Good job everyone.
    anything WTF MAN! The legend himself!

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  • is anything = round? thats how he listed in cj top

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  • Fixed.

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  • big congratulations to Desu. Amazing

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  • GJ z0r!

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    Desu, I'm really impressed. Hard work pays off. You deserved this man! Welcome in da 274 club!

    Good job to the rest!

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  • z0r! <3

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  • desu jesus, nice!

    gj every1

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  • y si gj zAr

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  • gj pospa

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  • NICE!

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  • z0r =w=

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  • Z0R

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  • gj hungarianqoneyow0w

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  • GJ to holders.

    For responsible admins, I propose the following discussion:
    Since the general definition of multi is more than one, will dcj be renamed as well in the next release? Why renaming just triplecj, quadruplecj, and so on? The jump technique, height, limit is the same for all mentioned techniques, so it would make a lot of sense to unite them.

    I admit that vast majority of us are not native English speakers and the translation as well as word definition might (or does it) differ across the board. Let's stick to the definition of existing words :)

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  • It would make sense to rename everything more than 1 duck to multicj, but it also doesn't make sense to rename dcj after all these years. So much content exists with that abbreviation.

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  • GJ everyone!
    i may comeback in a week :)

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  • gj!

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  • gj desu, I was expecting it :)

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  • Is there going to be another release of records in any upcoming month?

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  • Not in the next few months at least.

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  • Strange to see someone trying to do blocks in 2020.

    Gj guys.

    P.S. maybe will meet in 2021 ;)

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  • Country: Serbia FLP on 23/07/20 - 02:06:40     Comments: 366     Reply to this    
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  • Congrats anyThlNG,first special and 2dex and now you,nice to see some fammiliar names from kz balkan times :)

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  • gj everyone involved, pushing them limits !

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  • gj desu, stanion! LJ top makes me proud for the guys, who would think that so many people would hit 257 block

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  • GJ desu, torenz !

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