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30/07/20 - 15:44:29

Written by: p0ker

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Buenas noches everyone,

The long-awaited results of the LJ poll are finally here! All the necessary preparations for the LJ section update have been completed and we are excited to see demos of the new techniques being pushed to their limits.
So, without further ado, let us turn to the matter in hand.

Longjump Poll Results:

WeirdJump [WJ] - 88.9%
LadderJump [LDJ] - 85.3%
StandUp CountJump [SCJ] - 67.8%
4. Slide LongJump [SLJ] - 61.9%
5. BhopJump [BJ] - 61.6%

These are the five new techniques that will be supported from now on in the longjump section.

On the other hand, here are the rest of the results of the techniques that did not quite make it:

6. WallSlide LongJump [WSLJ] - 37.8%
7. DuckBhop Jump [DBJ] - 36.8%
8. AfterJump [AJ] - 34.5%
9. StandUp AfterJump [SAJ] - 25.4%

Incidentally, it is possible that this is not the be all and end all for the latter part of these techniques, since the way the new LJ maps have been constructed would allow to demo record all of them. There are even a few more that aren't listed here. This means that all of them could be added within the LJ section one day. However, this is just a possibility so it is not guaranteed that it will happen, but stay tuned if you are interested to find out!

Important: In order to properly perform the techniques, the LJ rules section had to be updated with the following rules: (Make sure to read the rest of the LJ records rules here)

The following maps are accepted for official LJ records:

NEW: kz_longjumps3
NEW: kz_longjumps3_slides

The demo must be compressed with WinRAR. The .rar package must be named "block_technique_playername", using the following abbreviations:

Standup Countjump - scj
Bhopjump - bj
Weirdjump - wj
Ladderjump - ldj
Slide Longjump - slj

You are allowed to submit old wj demos from kzlt_weirdjumps. However, all new wj demos must be recorded on kz_longjumps3. Additionally, ladderjumps and slide longjumps are only allowed on the new maps.

The standard longjump prestrafe is the only allowed prestrafe technique for slide longjumps of any kind. Use of bhops or ducks in order to boost your prestrafe is not allowed.

At a later point, once "kz_longjumparena" by Country: Czech Republic Roadrunner Mapper is finished (you can find it here), it will be also accepted for recording longjumps officially. This is the only exception we are willing to make given the results of said thread.

You can download the new LJ maps for the accepted techniques from the links down below:


kz_longjumps3 by Country: Czech Republic Chichin Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer
kz_longjumps3_slides by Country: Slovakia Qicg Mapper

Use the regular demo submission section to upload demos with the new LJ techniques. Also, make sure to pick the correct type of demo which is a "Longjump Record".

Have fun recording,


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  • Wallslide didn't make it Sad face

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  • cool! good to see some changes

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  • Wallslide, i'm about to cry

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  • As you see, it wasn't even close. :D

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  • PepeHands

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  • :(

  • Country: Sweden JM on 30/07/20 - 21:49:38     Comments: 9     Reply to this    
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  • New lj map after 12 years :o

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  • omg, gg guys!

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  • nice

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  • first it was rip longjumps and now its rip longjumps2, see you in maps heaven :(

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  • What do you mean? :D According to the rules, you can still use kz_longjumps2 for the original 5 techniques. We can see one day a 258 lj block on kz_ljs2.

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  • well when longjumps2 came out, it was the standard even when the rules allowed it to record on longjumps. it was vastly forgotten and every entry was recorded on longjumps2.

    this will happen with longjumps2 too sooner or later.

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  • Well at least the rules won't change anytime soon, even if people's tendencies might.

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  • Excited to see more limits pushedinterms of longjumping

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  • Well gj, I would only suggest to add kzlt_weirdjumps map, just because people used that to make wj records.

    #1 Propane

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  • Actually, I thought about this as well. We will discuss it with demo admins.

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  • The newspost is going to be updated today.

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  • Good, Thank you, I'm sure this is right desicion

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  • Im glad to see Roadrunner's map will be official too. He did an amazing job!

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  • good job, amazing work done!

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  • Love it! Well done CCN and BIG Q <3

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  • Yay, fresh stuff
    Looking forward for ljarena, too.

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  • also gj mappers and admins :p

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  • lj2 looks better , but okey

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  • I LUL'd, ngl

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  • :DD
    What know? kz_longjumps > kz_longjumps3 lul

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  • Hi everyone! Little bit of a noob here and still learning. I was just wondering if someone would be able to elaborate on how each of the jump techniques is actually performed. For example I'm not sure what the difference between CJ and scj is. If anyone could explain each of the jumps I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • All the information you need is the original LJ poll post:


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  • n1

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  • Cool :)

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