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15/09/20 - 00:20:48

Written by: Nubz

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Good evening XJ,

Yes, as the title says we have a brand new kreedz movie to present for you guys! Most of you have probably seen the multiplayer movie called ARISE and today we are showcasing you the sequel:
ARISE 2 by Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker.

It is starring 18 different players from the community and in total of 57 demos! That's big. You will see various different trickjump techniques used throughout the movie and as a little spoiler: the legendary Country: Bulgaria IceVip can be seen in this masterpiece. Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker managed to keep the theme of the first episode and improving it to the next level with the additions of creative choices in VFX editing. The movie is separated into three different parts: MELANCHOLY, TRIP and DARKNESS edited to great dynamic drum and bass tunes. Separated parts builds up the mood perfectly and the mixing of those three parts is done in a way that your heart rate will stay up for 9 minutes!

Now I would like to let Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker himself share some backstory behind the scenes:

Howdy everybody! It’s been a while since the first ARISE. A lot of things happened during that time, from burning down my graphics card after the render of ROTW #218, waiting long months for new CPU to arrive and then jumping into busy season at work. But other than that the sequel was delayed mostly by my procrastination and lazyness, I was just editing from time to time and then delaying it again. However last month was finally productive enough, I was editing almost everyday and the results can be seen below.

Some of the ideas for the sequel appeared in my mind while I was still editing first ARISE and others appeared later on during the whole process. I still have all my notes here and there + my magical excel file where I was tracking and calculating everything. This was also my first attempt to completely change my editing workflow, which was hard to adapt but helped in the long run.

In ARISE 2 I tried to tell the story without actually telling the story, I still wanted all the trickjumps to be the main focus of the movie, while music, edit and especially “part intros” to set the mood. While I’m not sure if I achieved it, I think I am happy with the results. Also for those who have seen the first ARISE, there are some little connections here and there, I tried to insert some little follow-ups throughout the movie.

Massive thanks to anyone who sent the demos, knowing how hard it was to get any demos before, I was actually overwhelmed by amount of demos I received now, thank you!

Also thanks to Country: Bulgaria ivansky LJ Recordholder for the motivation and talks, my brother Country: Poland MatsPL for being my alfa-viewer almost everytime since the day one (even tho he has not seen much of the ARISE 2 until I rendered it) and special thanks goes to Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker: the amount of support I got from you, help with getting more demos, asking people, motivating me and being excited about it – I really appreciate that!

Now hit the play button and enter to the world of trickjumping!

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XJ Staff


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  • Really cool movie, gj Thunder! IceVip's lan legit running on sv_gravity 750, wtf dude.

    Thanks Nubz for giving so much to this community!

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  • nice

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  • very nice :)

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  • wow, that was neat!
    i can't fathom how these jumps are even possible
    174 BPM <3

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  • GJ

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  • Damn Thunder, I think I love you!

    Great mix, it got me hooked throughout the whole movie. Spotlighting less known jumpers and techniques. 10/10 production.

    Made my day, thank you!

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  • lovely tricks

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  • Masterfully done. Always admired your campaths style and overall montage skills. Thanks for putting out 9mins of joy. P.S.: fuzz and Juice - awesome tricks and jumps. Part 2 was the shiiit
    Love ya homie, thanks for finishing this amazing production. <3

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  • beautiful

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  • really enjoyable, worth the wait for sure
    I was fully entertained throughout the whole movie
    gj all invloved

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  • great editor, love it
    thanks all :D

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  • That was refreshing to watch! =]

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  • Gj super movie!!!

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  • Sick jumps, great edit, awesome stuff!

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  • Nicely done!

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  • So nice to see trickjumping alive in 2020, great movie and jumps!

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  • Amazing jumps combined with eye-candy edit and the result is an epic movie! Congrats!

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  • coolcoolcool! wish it was 30fps

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  • A great movie after a long time
    Just wanted to say this, if any mm could consider doing a full reverse tricks movie like we saw in adventures of Ted and Target it would be super cool

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  • It's an awesome movie with a nice concept. Some repetitive jumps and maps though.

    I sent you several demos but you didn't show a single one. The least you could do was to show my original jump on kzsca_oasis or at least give me credit for discovering it you fucking douchebag

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  • malding?

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  • A masterpiece. The wait was worth and I apology for asking for it a few times. Nonetheless, this is amazed me. Good job to everyone involved and Nubz, keep carrying us like you have been doing!


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  • Cool stuff, enjoyed watching it.

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  • Nice movie, really enjoyed this one. I like the idea, and the execution as well.

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  • beautiful stuff, kelta's demos were refreshing to the eyes combined with the edit

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