News: WR Release #767 - 27 New World Records

22/09/20 - 19:12:50

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 50

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

rs voX

cg_d2block_ez[-boost] done in 06:25.42 ( 06:28.19 cz Chichin )
chk_cotard done in 02:13.97 ( 02:16.35 rs voX )
chk_hb_qcg done in 02:02.47 ( 02:10.67 rs voX )
chk_insomnia done in 02:13.94 ( 02:18.50 rs voX )
gbc_pacific_afternoon_rmk done in 04:02.82 ( 04:05.24 cz ChiChiN )
kz_6fd_volcano[-md] done in 03:11.67 ( 03:13.19 cn R300K )
kz_machupicchu done in 03:34.72 ( 03:35.30 ru Hardbitter )

br script

chk_cursed done in 01:44.10 ( 01:49.33 br script )

ar Mint

clintmo_bhopriver[-boost] done in 00:28.37 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

cz shooting-star

kz_arcdetriomphe done in 03:24.66 ( 03:29.90 fr g-Lp )
kz_canyon[-md] done in 08:24.32 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_cg_wigbl0ck[-md] done in 03:56.21 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_cursed_tomb done in 06:58.50 ( 07:00.83 fr g-Lp )
kz_ep_gigablock_b01[-md] done in 08:40.53 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_exodus_ez done in 02:11.99 ( 02:15.27 ru Toffifee )
kz_exodus_hard done in 02:17.88 ( 02:18.62 rs promax )
kz_fortress done in 10:29.52 ( 10:38.26 ru GoDfreee )
kz_jett_mountain done in 03:40.92 ( 03:46.88 ru Toffifee )
kz_kzsca_cavemine[-md] done in 13:58.69 ( 14:36.23 ar Aguslash )
kz_kzsca_desertedlab[-md] done in 05:22.17 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_kzsk_forsaken done in 04:29.86 ( 04:35.48 ru GoDfreee )
kz_man_everest[-md] done in 07:27.24 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_man_indiana done in 06:01.83 ( 06:15.29 ru Toffifee )
kzro_darkfury done in 03:14.35 ( 03:19.81 cz fykseN )

fi Flibo

kz_kzfr_haunted[-md] done in 06:36.20 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar seniug

kz_monte done in 01:43.01 ( 01:45.48 ar seniug )

us Pizzookie

trC_climbgarden[full] done in 01:23.47 ( 01:28.58 us Pizzookie )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • gj script and all

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  • gz all, ns Flibo :D

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  • LUL Flibo :O

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  • gj Commander,flibo,ss,vox

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  • shooting-star

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  • 16/10/2008

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  • An actual 12 year old demo in a 2020 release.
    Gj all, lovely rls.

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  • gj flibo for 1st wr

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  • gj all!
    ss, script, seniug! :D

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  • gj boomers

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  • @g-Lp & @Evis, which demo?

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  • Of course it is:

    Flibo's kz_kzfr_haunted[-md] done in 06:36.20 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )


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  • Well found. This was the last demo I recorded before k3g told me about the big SC in the beginning. I saw the news on the new routes and thought why the hell not :)

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  • are you a demo historian or something? well found lol

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  • hehe

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  • Gj all. Ss beast!

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  • what a way to ruin darkfury!

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  • it's time to do sub 3 :)

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  • don't send anything worse than you say :D

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  • feels like ss doing these fails on purpose, to bait others start recording

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  • Same thought

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  • Marcoz boludo??????

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  • lol ss fails on darkfury.

    @marc0z] where is the battle you promised?

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  • idk, i dont have time 2 play

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  • holy shit its fleabow!!!!!!

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  • kz_canyon[-md]_marc0z]_0802.16.rar - showpre


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  • Your demo dates to 11/2017, while the showpre rule was added in 7/2017. That's why we couldn't accept it.

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  • Gj all!!

    Amazing how easily Shooting beat this maps, with fails, and showed that they still can be improved...

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  • Darkfury lol

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  • kz_kzfr_haunted[-md] ROTW

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  • Rip Jett_mountain - only sc could helped you :! Saad

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  • You should be sad, the only thing helping you now is your own excuse :(

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  • Hehe u are so right :-)

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  • did flibo upload the 12yo demo manually or retreated

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  • If it was not uploaded, every single one of those maps would have a WR now.

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  • GJ GJ

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  • ss tactic should start working soon :D
    gj everyone

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  • This could be long, apologies.
    But this needed to be said.

    I'm amazed at the saltiness/ expressed by some of our respected old players/pro's/beloved keedzers towards Shooting.

    Yes, we know he's not got the best "style" out there, like our hall of fame, best of the best "eye -candy-best style -smooth-kreedzers":

    g-Lp / ShoCk / lrs/ toffifee / promax / noxeR / Toffifee

    (again, please don't start an argument- oh my mom's 50 yr old sandwich maker has better style than your list - it's a subjective list, these are my personal favorites list, it's totally and absolutely fine if u find a smoother list.

    That's cool, sailor. U win. I lose.

    Wil continue now? Cool, let's do that.

    The point is, and we all know that SS doesn't rank high up there when all the style point is considered. But that's that. It's an entirely different thing.

    He's square and legit beating people.
    Don't spread your glowing aura of hatred just cause you don't like his style.
    Understand. Accept.
    Move on. Grow up.

    Realize how many hours he might hours he might have put across in learning/ discovering / mastering those SC's?
    How many of us are capable of doing that?
    1? 2? max 5? Ok, 10?

    Now get back to the list and see how many of his demo's contains sc's that are prolly worked, discovered, practiced and mastered and executed all while in the same run.

    Ya, ya, ya.. right.
    Juice suggested. X suggsted. y suggsted.
    So what? 100 of us knows sc's. How many of us are able to do it?

    In a TJ movie? Yes sure.
    In a run, executing it all the way to convert it into a wr run?
    How many?

    Not even 10, I am sure.

    How many of us can even do proper JB's?
    In a TJ movie? Yes fine, a lot.
    In a run? Not even 10.
    Doing in a run, holding your nerves and converting that in a WR demo? Not even 5, I guess.

    Now go back and see how many of his runs contain near perfected jb's executed to absolute perfection.

    How many of us are still doing back-forum admin job? Not many, I guess.
    How many of us are doing all that, and still somehow still taking out time to record dems, and giving us a chance to keep us entertained to this community, upon which we all have given back hope years back?
    Not even 1 except him, I guess.

    And no Sir, I am not anybody's fanboi, if that's what you're thinking .. I prolly still enjoy seeing dems of zhady or akkord or chrizZo.
    But that doesn't mean I keep my eyes shut towards the present sporadic hatred I'm sometimes seeing against Shooting.

    Peace out.

    // this is not directed towards you if it's not meant to be. //

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  • Good job commandeer for the release, others for effort in demo recording.

    @players: Did the "old" maps loose all popularity? voX, you definitely got skills to take one of the big ones!

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  • everything is fine but the star surprised!!!! best

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  • GG shooting!

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  • Good Job to everyone. voX great job, keep recording, and mby just mby we see you in the monster top 5 section

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  • Thanks :D. When are we going to see GaZda back in action?

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  • The only action you will see me again is destroying few crates of beer :)

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  • how kz_exodus_hard by shooting-star is a world record? lol. shooting-star, you amaze me;) sooo strange

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  • shortcut on start that skips like 10s

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