News: WR Release #771 - 13 New World Records + Routes

26/11/20 - 23:09:18

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hey XJ!

Along with this release we are bringing you some fresh new routes to record. If there is any confusion about how the routes work, please ask before recording. If you know more routes that you feel should be added, send your ideas to us. All route rules can be found here.

New routes:

kzro_smalltemple[-md] - You must jump to the ground here.
kz_1man_understock[full] - You are not allowed to use the boost to skip jumps or do this ladder shortcut.
kz_ancient_tomb[-md] - You must jump into the water here.
kz_giantbean_b15[-md] - You are not allowed to use any teleports.
kz_tbt_nonentity[-md] - You are not allowed to perform this shortcut.
slD_bside_winter[full] - You are not allowed to use any slide shortcuts.

cn puhmx

chk_cotard done in 02:04.94 ( 02:13.97 rs voX )
kz_kzro_roscbhop done in 01:49.57 ( 01:50.94 cn puhmx )

sk DinGo

chk_dopamin done in 10:30.26 ( 27:17.45 pa Hadi )
chk_serotonin done in 01:47.17 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
xj_ap_labyrinth done in 04:07.73 ( 04:26.42 cn TeAAm.D3D )

cn 657

chk_psyche done in 01:57.45 ( 02:13.16 pa Hadi )

tn HaMMa

cosy_dusttown done in 06:22.00 ( 06:24.51 ru GoDfreee )
kz_airmountain done in 02:55.71 ( 02:56.04 rs voX )
kz_man_riverside done in 04:52.37 ( 04:55.14 cz shooting-star )

cz fykseN

kz_kzse_aztectemple done in 02:44.26 ( 02:45.55 se LEWLY )

se QuaD

kzsca_bunratty done in 04:15.44 ( 04:28.48 ar Aguslash )

ru Hardbitter

kzus_desertblock done in 07:18.07 ( 07:21.23 fi ajuhhhhh )

ar Matelala

muj_time done in 03:48.41 ( 03:58.55 ru flores )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • gj n1 pro to everyone

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  • gj everyone!
    QuaD nice run!

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  • gg ShoCk, QuaD, DinGo

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  • psnb

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  • QuaD sick run o_O
    HaMMa going to the top?

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  • fyksen god:O

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  • QuaD and Hamma <3

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  • bunratty is nice great run quad

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  • Dingo pogchamp

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  • ey

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  • hamma matelala

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  • matelala #1

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  • GJ hamma

    and Fyksen aztectemple....... :O

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  • Gj everyone, bunratty ez rotw

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  • RIP ajuhhhhh

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  • Nice one fyksen quad hamma hardbitter

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  • gj

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  • Bunratty is just beautiful.

    GJ fykseN, really impressive bhop right there!


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  • GJ Hardbitter :)

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  • gjj

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