News: WR Release #773 - 18 New World Records

03/01/21 - 20:13:54

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

cz shooting-star

ak_rh_warehouse_ns done in 05:27.59 ( 05:32.83 fi Flibo )
kz_adv_underground done in 05:56.74 ( 06:05.41 ru Toffifee )
kz_man_riverside done in 04:50.59 ( 04:52.37 tn HaMMa )
kz_man_streetclimb done in 02:55.78 ( 03:00.12 lv akkord )

rs LLazar

ccn_make done in 04:48.45 ( 05:09.04 by throttle )

cn IemGn1Q

chk_agony done in 02:47.79 ( 06:16.40 ru DeathClaw )
chk_dopamin done in 05:12.33 ( 10:30.26 sk DinGo )

tn HaMMa

chk_psyche done in 01:51.64 ( 01:54.82 cn 657 )
kz_airmountain done in 02:51.89 ( 02:55.16 rs voX )
kz_climbersxp_b03[easy] done in 08:53.31 ( 08:59.21 se kayne )
nobkz_mst_honduras done in 12:06.96 ( 12:27.90 rs voX )

rs voX

chk_serotonin done in 01:38.68 ( 01:39.28 ru flores )
kz_sola[-md] done in 01:54.37 ( 01:59.90 ro NeW )
kzro_mountainsein done in 05:47.95 ( 05:50.17 cz fykseN )

se zyllEE

kz_kzsca_heaven3 done in 02:36.81 ( 02:38.22 se sitka )

fi Flibo

qcg_slabs done in 06:59.33 ( 07:42.01 ru sekai )

ru RoN`

slD_bside_winter[full] done in 01:52.12 ( 01:54.31 ro xdrive )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • zen!!! :)

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  • Gj all esp llazar, hamma and flibo. SS is back?

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  • :o well done everyone.

    RIP akkord, legend

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  • zenkz demo will be removed due to illegal +use bind, sorry for the mistake.

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  • FeelsBadMan

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  • streetclimb... nice :)
    gj HaMMa

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  • gj LLazar!

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  • gj llazar go for more!
    gj everyone!

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  • @shooting-star using cps is good solution for your fear :D

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  • Gj contenders

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  • gj all
    Hamma RoN voX :)

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  • gg ss

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  • gj all esp HaMMa !

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  • Waiting Flibo, to strike again. Warehouse ain't home atm

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  • SS - insane,that fail on underground must be hurt but gj bro
    airmountain, mountainsein = sick

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  • gj voX, zyllEE, Flibo, LLazar

    shooting-star beating four WRs while finishing his morning coffee is my top3 highlight of 2020

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 03/01/21 - 23:19:56     Comments: 366     Reply to this    
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  • Flibo we are waiting for 10th run on warehouse :D
    With 13 years 8 months 15 days between your first and last wr you are officially the longest active record holder.
    But don't retire just yet, emmalahana is less then one month younger then you :D
    If I didn't forget someone Bunkka is third with 12 years and 5 months.

    SS you ruthless mofo, leave a man his map if he menages to beat it for 10th time :)

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  • No way, if he success to make more than 3 usefull jb's, Flibo is down

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  • that map is so much fun :D I am ready to land 6 or 7 jbs every run, but it never works

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  • RoN is recording since 2007 and is also in this release

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 03/01/21 - 23:54:38     Comments: 366     Reply to this    
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  • LLazar congrats on your first wr,beeting throttle on any map,esp hard ones is accomplishment itself :)
    I'm still waiting for voX after 31 different maps he recorded on,to record just one map older then 12 years which I consider worthy of beeing called a wr :D
    Come on Vox I know that you are skilled enough,grow some balls and do a real wr before this cosy climbing era on xj begun :P

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  • gjj

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  • LLazar’s run on ccn_make is eye watering !!! Amazing stuff rly, seems almost 2 ez 4 him !?

    Gj everyone esp SS

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  • Still waiting for fu_extreme Shoot

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  • Flibo HaMMa LLazar zyllEE !

    Sick demos from SS as always.

    Gj to everyone!

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  • Streetclimb gg zyllEE Flibo Hamma

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  • zyllee demo ahahha the ending priceless

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  • Thank you everyone, I really appreciate your appreciation. I didn't have much time recently, but when the game time comes, I am ready to roll. Shoutout to akkord, nice to see zyllEE recording and congratz others for results.

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  • what a legend ending - zyllEE

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  • im free

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  • Can't believe shooting star took out flibo there :D

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  • Ah the jumpbugs... Little bit sad that the map has gone there.

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  • @zyllEE nice to see you again bro !

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    ???¶?????µ?????????µ?????????? ?‚???? ???µ?»?????????…???·???????‚???µ?????????? ?????????·?????????‚???°???°?? ?????±?‹???°?µ?‚???? ???°?‚???‡?????µ ?????»???‡???? ???‡?µ?»?????»???‡???°?? ?„?µ?????° ?µ?????????‹?‚?°?±?»???†?° ???µ?»?????????µ ?…???·???????‚???? ???‚???°?? ?µ?????????‹

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