News: XJ Premiere: Sead The Minimovie by 2S!3K-Sead

02/02/21 - 21:03:51

Written by: blackelf

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Hi everyone,

Today we’d like to present you a short but very enjoyable movie by Country: China 2S!3K-Sead Moviemaker.
There are some elements you definitely don’t see in most movies, and it’s obvious a lot of effort went into this project. You can notice Country: China 2S!3K-Sead Moviemaker used some 3D tools to achieve some great looks, and it really makes the movie enjoyable.
The sound design works really well with the visuals, and brings a calm atmosphere that is immediately destroyed by short distractions. I personally really enjoyed this detail about the movie, and definitely got inspired.

Anyways, feel free to enjoy the movie, and before jumping straight to it, here is a short quote from the moviemaker himself:

Country: China 2S!3K-Sead Moviemaker: “Whatever I will, I will it in such a way that I will its eternal return.

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Sincerely yours,


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  • Gj Sead

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  • hoping to see 2k 60fps as a standard soon.

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  • maper gj! movie +3 sorry

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  • Especially i like de_train combined detali effets, overall movie is great, thanks sead.

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  • nice tjs

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  • i like movies

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  • nice

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  • Well-edited, pristine.

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  • Cool stuff!

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  • that first jump edit almost made me want to go back to kz edits.. damn, i felt that one. As for the rest, i feel like you got potential but your lazyness is stopping you :(

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  • Wow. Love the colors and the map choice. Especially hns_oldtown, just used to love this map! Gz!

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