News: ROTM #7 - topoviygus on kzsca_broken

14/02/21 - 22:09:24

Written by: hoLy

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello everyone,

Today, with the addition of Country: Latvia zmokiE Moviemaker in the administration as a movie admin, we present you the seventh run of the month featuring Country: Russian Federation topoviygus CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer. We believe that his run on kzsca_broken (amongst multiple lately but as always, we had to choose) deserved to be edited as he is shining at the moment anyway.
Country: Russian Federation topoviygus CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer managed to break Country: Italy Gene Gold Donator's 8 years straight dominance by 34 seconds ahead.

Country: Latvia zmokiE Moviemaker tried to create some dynamic atmosphere and chose a proggressive drum'n'bass song that fits the entirety of the run. He had in mind to make it look pleasant and enjoyable to watch. We hope you will like this edit!

Featuring: Country: Russian Federation topoviygus CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer
Map: kzsca_broken
Time: 03:24.75 (-00:33.26)
Previous holder: Country: Italy Gene Gold Donator
Moviemaker: Country: Latvia zmokiE Moviemaker

YouTube Link
WR Release #774



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  • nice one zmokiE

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  • small size weapons <3 glad im not the only one using them these days.

    great job.

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  • im using it already 28 years

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  • Do you happen to have a link to those models?

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  • I think he's jsut using s different view model ?

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  • Its not a models, its camerafov. Too get that ingame you should remodule weapon fov in model editor that's only way i think.

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  • mirv_cameraofs_cs 1 1 -4

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  • Piece of cake for topo, amazing both !!

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 14/02/21 - 23:15:42     Comments: 370     Reply to this    
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  • Beat kz_synergy_x,kzno_xtremeblock,kzm_fineblock, delete cs after it, and retire like a fucking god amongst man.

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  • how does one even execute such movements...
    missed the dnb edits <3

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  • sick

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  • GJ BOTH!

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  • gj for edit!

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  • 2 ez 4 him they say

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  • Nice run and edit!

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  • gjj

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  • yyy where can i find a shoutbox message? / sells

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