News: WR Release #784 - 30 New World Records + Routes

22/08/21 - 15:37:20

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community!

New routes:
If there is any confusion about how the routes work, please ask before recording. XJ has the right to modify new routes if new shortcuts are found that completely nullify the purpose of the route. If you know more routes that you feel should be added, send your ideas directly to me. All route rules can be found here.

kz_halicarnassus[full] - You are not allowed to perform these shortcuts: 1 / 2
kz_xj_rockblock[-md] - You are not allowed to perform this shortcut.


abu_hb_MishaVision done in 09:19.56 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
abu_hb_dropzone done in 50:17.11 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

us zza

bkz_cityblock done in 02:24.89 ( 02:27.46 cz fykseN )
bkz_forestrace done in 02:09.76 ( 02:10.88 ar Chasquido )
kz_excavation done in 03:05.30 ( 03:09.23 bg shNz )
kz_greenplanet done in 03:05.87 ( 03:09.63 ru Toffifee )
kz_kzdk_tropicisland done in 01:53.95 ( 01:54.52 ar Chasquido )
kz_kzse_towerblock_h done in 02:24.21 ( 02:25.91 br aloprando )
mto_lightblock done in 02:11.29 ( 02:13.18 cz shooting-star )
rd_city_jump done in 03:30.04 ( 03:30.90 cz fykseN )
skitz_box_silo done in 02:20.85 ( 02:23.73 ru Toffifee )

cz fykseN

cg_brick done in 02:26.87 ( 02:32.19 ru topoviygus )
kz_darkness done in 01:47.31 ( 01:48.50 bg shNz )
kz_ea_templeblocks done in 03:47.18 ( 03:48.20 ru Bibika )
kzlt_village done in 01:53.12 ( 01:54.69 ar Chasquido )
kzro_darkfury done in 03:02.23 ( 03:14.35 cz shooting-star )

ru topoviygus

kt_aztecclimb done in 00:55.49 ( 00:57.93 ru topoviygus )

bg rampL

kz_frostbite done in 01:22.85 ( 01:23.60 bg rampL )

bg Xsi

kz_kzfr_tibet done in 06:36.96 ( 06:46.95 cz shooting-star )

ar marc0z]

kz_labyrinth[+spiders] done in 05:40.43 ( 05:45.89 sk PeZ0 )

cn Aurora

kz_labyrinth done in 03:20.26 ( 03:30.60 ro Crazy )
kz_pegasus done in 09:36.43 ( 12:28.00 sk PeZ0 )
kz_pegasus_ez done in 08:44.63 ( 09:35.74 ar jnx_^ )
rush_jeronimo done in 05:49.52 ( 05:53.42 ru GoDfreee )
xj_ap_labyrinth done in 03:47.91 ( 03:54.08 uk pepi )

cn Hinata

kz_man_eztemple done in 05:07.68 ( 05:09.41 ru Toffifee )

ar rawe

kz_minimountain done in 01:12.58 ( 01:12.87 cn patchouli )
rnr_speedcrag done in 00:39.63 ( 00:39.67 ru topoviygus )

cn R300K

kzra_undercastle done in 12:42.57 ( 12:43.95 rs voX )

hk colcolx

ytt_wow_mix done in 03:39.00 ( 03:41.35 cz fykseN )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...


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  • pizza is back :o gj all

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  • <3 gj marcos y rawe <3

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  • Tibet and darkfury!!! Sick release y'all

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  • Gj everyone, esp KZRA !

    Derek killing it, wp bro

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  • fuksen taking best maps EleGiggle

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  • god meel,well done

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  • pizza

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  • why meel though, i thought abu maps disgust you.

  • Country: Kazakhstan mls on 22/08/21 - 17:45:25     Comments: 108     Reply to this    
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  • gg all
    Esp admin team

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  • Darkfury :) GG fykseN

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  • Pizza 100% american muscle!
    Xsi best long map player

    Hinata.... U break my labyrinth wr? If only u knew the hell I will bring you, maybe you wouldnt have touched the map. btw I also done a 3:40 ))

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  • fukk i mean aurora, sorry hinata no hell will be brought on u <33

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  • ( ´? ??`)

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  • Thx for pizza delivery, sir

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  • gj all! crazy rawe:)

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  • gj all nice demos.
    box_silo i thought i was watching topo for a moment :D gj pizza)
    rawe going for hard picks very strong!
    Aurora <3

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  • <3

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  • Sick release

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  • amazing release, gj all
    esp admin team


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  • xcavation darkfury WOWWWWWWWWWWWW

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  • nice comeback pizza
    Xsi long maps conqueror :D
    gj all

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  • Good job all! MEEL, fykseN, pizza, marc0z, topo, amazing demos!

    And I'm actually very proud, because when I started playing I'd never had expected to beat, in my opinion, two of the most skilled players to ever touch the game, in one release, hope there's more to come! :)

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  • your skill is amazing and i think u can beat more of hard wrs same as topo beat them before. Nice to see people records and wish more old players had passion and time to come back to show skill.

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  • Very impressive

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  • Thank you both!

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  • did you beat china pub servers though?!

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 24/08/21 - 15:02:10     Comments: 384     Reply to this    
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  • Congrats man,beating patchouli's record is a fucking accomplishment in 2021!

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  • Great demos everyone. rawe insane minimountain, gj man.

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  • zza ! fykseN ! nice bro

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  • you alive! come back and record some

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  • cg brick

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  • Sick release, gj everyone

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  • I had some nice memories while i was watching some of your records @pizza , happy to see you around here mate!

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  • BIG!!!

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  • MEEL, gj!!!

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 24/08/21 - 15:07:12     Comments: 384     Reply to this    
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  • Awesome release, I feel like Pizza never got respect he deserves.
    Fyksen go for more records from topo ;)

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  • mind blowing cg_brick. literally zero confidence loss by the end of the run even after all these crazy jumps and combos, this is astonishing

    good to see pizza back! in a perfect shape 365 days /year.

    nice minimountain rawe!

    the first time in probably a year i decided to download a demo, nice release

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  • he failed a few runs by the end :D but it was worth it i guess, close to a perfect run

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  • cg_brick is sick!

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  • gj rawe, marc0z

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  • GJ people!
    Damn you are skilled =)

    I especially enjoyed watching the Labyrinth runs.
    Not to mention hunting spiders while doing it...that
    is hard to do fast. Love watching it =)

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  • hahah, it was really fun and tricky tbh

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  • Damn cg_brick is nuts, gz boys!

  • Country: Romania McL on 26/08/21 - 23:46:34     Comments: 357     Reply to this    
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  • pizza king of kings.

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  • Pizza oldsql pwr <3

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  • Well played boys, gj all !!

  • Country: United States zza on 10/09/21 - 22:20:46     Comments: 392     Reply to this    
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  • Late reply and been awhile but good job everyone! Glad to see people still around and keeping XJ alive as always. Great demos from fyksen, rawe, Xsi, and everyone else. Hard to say if there will be more in the future from me but who knows.

    Also don't know if anyone will see this but the demos are still unlisted on YouTube.

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