News: LJ Update #3 2021

09/11/21 - 10:01:44

Written by: hoLy

Comments: 19

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello everyone,

It is time for the third LJ update of the year!

You can check the current tops here: -link-

New entries:

#5 257 units by Country: China Lobelia LJ Recordholder (Distance: 257.670 / Prestrafe: 274.774 / Topspeed: 343.660)

#6 258 units by Country: China vespeR LJ Recordholder (Distance: 259.426 / Prestrafe: 280.672 / Topspeed: 335.417)

#7 258 units by Country: Georgia PersiiiK =) LJ Recordholder (Distance: 258.408 / Prestrafe: 280.383 / Topspeed: 336.445)

244 units by Country: India ArvInD CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder (Distance: 244.801 / Prestrafe: 299.502 / Topspeed: 351.158)

244 units by Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina kennynext LJ Recordholder (Distance: 244.620 / Prestrafe: 299.780 / Topspeed: 354.446)

#5 242 units by Country: Argentina Adoptado LJ Recordholder (Distance: 243.516 / Prestrafe: 298.983 / Topspeed: 342.470)

#8 242 units by Country: China MaoMiHuhu520 LJ Recordholder (Distance: 242.672 / Prestrafe: 299.258 / Topspeed: 339.101)

188 units by Country: Russian Federation topoviygus CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder Streamer (Distance: 189.206 / Prestrafe: 135.599 / Topspeed: 270.236)

187 units by Country: China ethylene LJ Recordholder (Distance: 187.828 / Prestrafe: 145.817 / Topspeed: 257.562)

#4 186 units by Country: Russian Federation Dolphin CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder KZMod Recordholder (Distance: 186.363 / Prestrafe: 155.519 / Topspeed: 264.895)

#6 183 units by Country: China Sh0rtcut LJ Recordholder (Distance: 184.785 / Prestrafe: 147.650 / Topspeed: 247.699)

#7 183 units by Country: Argentina rawe CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder KZMod Recordholder Streamer (Distance: 183.845 / Prestrafe: 143.519 / Topspeed: 257.941)

#9 230 units by Country: China Un1Moon LJ Recordholder (Distance: 232.141 / Prestrafe: 454.039 / Topspeed: 489.252)

Thanks to Country: Kazakhstan mls Mapper Moviemaker who edited this compilation!

Read the extended newspost to see demos that didn't quite make it.

Best regards,
XJ Staff

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  • Dx

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  • Many new names gj all

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  • damn I miss kenneth

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  • well done lj geeks

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  • kzre ontop @ArvInD

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  • rip popz

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  • f

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  • Lobelia

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  • Where is me? :-|
    Sent my demos 7 days ago :-}

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  • I just answered you in the chatbox few days ago? Your demos were moved to the next LJ update to allow proper checking, because you uploaded them when this update was almost finished already.

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  • GJ Everyone ^^

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  • I don't get it? Why there is a discrepancy in stats of everyone?

    #5 257 units by Lobelia (Distance: 257.670 / Prestrafe: 274.774 / Topspeed: 343.660)

    Demo stats: 257.735

    #6 258 units by PersiiiK =) (Distance: 259.426 / Prestrafe: 280.672 / Topspeed: 335.417)

    Demo stats: 259.390

    In vespeR's demo he jumped 259.486, 0.096 more units than PersiiiK, but he is on 7th place, istead of 6th?

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  • It's because of landing. Sometimes the players jump diagonally which reduces the landing.

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  • Thanks for pointing out the mistake with vespeR and PersiiiK, they were correctly added to the LJ tops but some mistakes on the newspost. LJ updates are completely manual work so mistakes are bound to happen.

    XJ measures distances by an axis nowadays, because it displays better how good your jump actually is. Your raw distance is almost always a bit higher than your effective distance. If you want to know more feel free to contact me directly.

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  • krasavchik kenny <3

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  • Arvin crazy, kzre

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  • gj Adoptado and rawe! s2

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