News: WR Release #797 - 16 New World Records

24/04/22 - 13:10:18

Written by: Commandeer

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

bg Hawaiicho

bkz_abstract done in 01:33.43 ( 01:33.80 hk colcolx )

ar rawe

clintmo_bhopbarrels done in 00:12.34 ( 00:17.62 ru topoviygus )
kz_beachmountain[-md] done in 04:45.52 ( 08:42.23 uk pepi ) (2016)
kz_ea_harbor done in 02:36.53 ( 02:37.08 cz shooting-star )
kz_space2[-md] done in 00:49.20 ( 01:01.62 ar rawe )
vee_nintendo done in 03:31.27 ( 03:32.75 uk pepi )

cz fykseN

clintmo_pentablock done in 03:34.77 ( 03:44.83 uk pepi )
kz_sola done in 01:19.43 ( 01:19.53 ru topoviygus )
prochallenge2_speed_hard done in 04:39.36 ( 04:49.14 cz shooting-star )

ro NeW

kz_a2_bhop_corruo_h done in 06:35.22 ( 06:41.67 ru DeathClaw )

hk Yukari

kz_curiosity done in 24:12.19 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

kr Aye

kzblt_dx_mercy done in 18:59.96 ( 67:17.32 cz shooting-star )

ar Matelala

kzsca_watertemple2 done in 03:26.24 ( 03:29.84 cz fykseN )

tw Juby

nobkz_warehousehop_new done in 09:07.83 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )


qcg_hb_tuf done in 05:55.35 ( 06:26.55 ar marc0z] )

in ArvInD

rush_tausamal2 done in 07:30.28 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • Aye :o

Default XJ Avatar
  • rauuuul, the best a man can get

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  • cg fyksen on sola, wp all

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  • fyksen sola god damn :O

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  • What the hell rawe

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  • GG everyone
    Rip longest XJ demo ever?

    Welcome to the TOP4 RAWE! Nice records.

    You guys better prepare (mentally) for the pepi revenge, he's gonna take all your wrs. I can give you my therapist's number if you need.

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  • gg fykseN

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  • insane wrs grat to all. Nice to see Aye his skill is lookin good hope to see more

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  • gj all esp rawe, fyksen beasts!

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  • sola

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  • sola and juice

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  • gj Hawaii for first (xj)wr if i am not mistaken
    nice sola fykseN and gj for top4 rawe
    gj to all

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  • Pretty cool release, gj everyone
    rawe pushing the limits on bhopbarrel, nice

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  • Holy shit Aye, good job!

    Well done Matelala, Hawaii for first WR, fyks :)

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  • gg NeW, u can be better mb :D

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  • wp juice

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  • ))

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  • I'm glad these guys are fighting back against the biggest threat of their legacy since the dawn of their careers. unlucky tho fellas, I'm here to kick ass and beat WR's, and I'm all out of asses to kick.

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  • you lost to 2016 rawe

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  • (best rawe)

    pepi's demo was troll af tho

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  • Gj all loled at barrels

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  • sola!!!

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  • Rawe and fyksen holy smoke!!!!

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  • gj rawe lets go!!!!!!!!! beast

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  • gg rawe

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  • damn gj fykseN and rawe. great recs on sola and harbor
    NeW killed it with his "corruo" rec
    and wow Aye with some great hardcore stuff bro. gratz for the wr
    It's always nice to see Matelala record stuff for xj too
    great release overall
    gj all <3

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  • sum sharp bhops from Hawaii too

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  • Gj fyksen rawe and everyone
    Hawai :@....

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  • Gj rawe, matelala (:

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  • raweGOD gj bro

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  • Aye

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  • Love your style rawe :)

    FykseN top2!

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  • bien rawe !!!!!!!!!

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  • Congratz Aye. Didnt think i will see the day that someone else will take on mercy,asides shooting-star. But you made it look so easy. Thanks for keeping my map alive.

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  • good work

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  • n1 rawe

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  • gj ano krystofsen raul a pepa

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  • bro...

    gj kzarg btw n fyksen

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