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22/05/22 - 21:05:59

Written by: hoLy

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

Time for the second LJ update for 2022 and this one brings with it a new world record. Last time the LJ block record was pushed further was 12 years ago in 2010 by Country: Bulgaria XT| FreestyleR LJ Recordholder. We are sure this is a jump familiar to almost everyone in the world of KZ. The 258 block has been chased by multiple jumpers during all these years but nobody has succeeded until now.

Country: China Lobelia LJ Recordholder recently entered the top 10 with his 257 LJ, which is an impressive show of skill already, considering how competitive the top 10 is. Recently CS:GO jumpers brought into the world of 1.6 a special technique of moving your mouse called mouseslaps. This technique proved to be incredibly powerful in our longjumping, and it has been used for the new world record as well.

Country: Poland CyniuThunder Moviemaker was contacted in hopes of him being able to deliver his unique touch to the edit of this jump, and that he certainly did. You can find his work along with a compilation from Country: Kazakhstan mls Mapper Moviemaker at the bottom of this newspost.

With this update we are also announcing changes in the administration. Country: Russian Federation skArp will be taking over the position of head demo admin on XJ starting from today.

Congratulations to the new world record holder!

New entries:

258 units by Country: China Lobelia LJ Recordholder (Distance: 259.090 / Prestrafe: 273.125 / Topspeed: 344.771)

#10 258 units by Country: Bulgaria RaZzoX LJ Recordholder (Distance: 258.622 / Prestrafe: 282.697 / Topspeed: 340.341)

#10 273 units by Country: Lithuania eMurkt. LJ Recordholder (Distance: 273.627 / Prestrafe: 299.667 / Topspeed: 353.918)

245 units by Country: China QINTK LJ Recordholder (Distance: 245.782 / Prestrafe: 299.004 / Topspeed: 349.708)

245 units by Country: Russian Federation andy LJ Recordholder (Distance: 245.672 / Prestrafe: 299.893 / Topspeed: 356.985)

245 units by Country: Sweden zyllEE CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder (Distance: 245.246 / Prestrafe: 299.685 / Topspeed: 349.929)

#9 243 units by Country: Russian Federation back2basics LJ Recordholder (Distance: 244.736 / Prestrafe: 299.720 / Topspeed: 354.192)

#10 243 units by Country: Romania phayzee LJ Recordholder (Distance: 244.007 / Prestrafe: 299.444 / Topspeed: 351.083)

#6 273 units by Country: United Kingdom karambae LJ Recordholder (Distance: 274.038 / Prestrafe: 299.274 / Topspeed: 362.787)

188 units by Country: China vLy LJ Recordholder (Distance: 188.541 / Prestrafe: 154.267 / Topspeed: 270.867)

#8 186 units by Country: Sweden nemo LJ Recordholder (Distance: 186.298 / Prestrafe: 137.572 / Topspeed: 257.563)

#9 185 units by Country: India ArvInD CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder (Distance: 186.173 / Prestrafe: 149.026 / Topspeed: 252.553)

#5 240 units by Country: China vLy LJ Recordholder (Distance: 242.125 / Prestrafe: 428.132 / Topspeed: 477.136)

Read the extended newspost to see demos that didn't quite make it.

Best regards,
XJ Staff

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  • 259 stats

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  • so no need pre no need extra speed but all gain is in the mouseslap.
    So it should be possible the same way wihtout mouseslap just probably a lof of harder. Or is mouseslap also so hard to master and nobody will take another 258 for long time? is mouseslap possible in dcj? to do 274/5 block?

    Great wr btw

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  • mouseX
    -link- lobelia 259 stat
    -link- assas1n 258.6 6 strafe stat

    lobelia's jump is not slapped, or slapped very badly.

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  • probably the other option -link-

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  • Looks like the biggest csgo juicelord is ass at slapping :D

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  • lobelia mouse slaps well: -link-

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  • Lobelia god! congrats

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  • i already upload the video 2 month if you want see guys

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  • Country: Kazakhstan mls on 22/05/22 - 22:13:00     Comments: 109     Reply to this    
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  • Gratz Lobelia finally 258b! Great movie Thunder<3
    Gj andy & ArvInD
    eMurkt mcj sick

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  • woah gj Lobelia
    good to see eMurkt. here too

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  • GJ on the 258 Lobelia! What a groundbreaking achievement.

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  • ofc it has to be a chinese guy the one who breaks the wr.

    good job for the achievement, just history!

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  • Congratulations! But video editing absolutely horrible.

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  • Not wanting to hate, but I agree with Ggs.

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  • gj all, the opening scene reminds me of the movie Annihilation

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  • Thunder is probably the best user of this style by a good margin. And the fact that he improves from edit to edit is insane and good for him. I am really happy to see this evolution, the edit was spot on, just didnt enjoy the stats but thats personal taste.

    Great to see longjumpers breaking the limit, once again. Good job.

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  • nice

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  • We never learn from history.
    Anyways, gg broder från Pite

  • Country: Serbia FLP on 24/05/22 - 13:34:07     Comments: 386     Reply to this    
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  • Lynnternet lol lynnternet

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  • Good job Juice! Nice to see u at the lj top!
    XJ is great fooled again!<3

  • Country: Romania McL on 26/05/22 - 15:16:30     Comments: 357     Reply to this    
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  • no ty. prefer freestyler

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  • gj emurkt, zyllee, vly, that 259 with 273 like wtf

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  • I was waiting for this moment for a really long time. Everything is possible! Congratulations </3.

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  • But the factual possibility of 259 stats leaves me almost impossible but hope that one day.. one guy.. will put his big dick on the rest of the world, the rest of his life, and make impossible happen...????

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  • "????" supposed to be thinking emoji, sorry.

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  • 259 stats X.X

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  • Holyshit

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