News: WR Release #799 - 30 New World Records

05/06/22 - 20:16:19

Written by: skArp

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

uk pepi

bkz_scheherezade done in 04:23.09 ( 04:33.39 fr g-Lp )
hb_siNtez done in 05:24.55 ( 05:30.66 fr g-Lp )
jro_doom done in 02:37.83 ( 02:39.00 fr g-Lp )
kz_bkz_aztectemple_v2 done in 08:06.05 ( 08:15.57 fr g-Lp )
kz_faw_cathedral_h[-md] done in 03:45.12 ( 03:50.35 fr g-Lp )
kz_kzfr_mariocastle[full] done in 11:12.13 ( 11:33.82 fr g-Lp )
kz_kzfr_mariocastle done in 06:58.32 ( 07:05.45 ar rawe )

ar rawe

cobkz_toonworld done in 02:44.17 ( 02:57.54 ru Dolphin )
kz_frostbite done in 01:22.25 ( 01:22.85 bg rampL )
kz_wsp_arpino done in 02:26.84 ( 02:27.52 cz shooting-star )

fr g-Lp

dg_winterclimb[+caves] done in 03:50.93 ( 03:55.87 ar rawe )
jagkz_breezeclimb done in 01:11.25 ( 01:11.31 ar rawe )
kz_beachmountain[-md] done in 04:09.65 ( 04:45.52 ar rawe )
kzro_smalltemple[-md] done in 01:57.17 ( 01:59.93 ar rawe )
mls_tabyn done in 01:57.95 ( 01:58.45 ar rawe )
qn_winterhole done in 02:15.86 ( 02:18.65 ar rawe )
ri_spacecliff done in 06:07.30 ( 06:18.63 ar rawe )

pl neXt.

dyd_xmas2022 done in 01:17.39 ( 01:17.40 pl neXt. )
hb_promax done in 00:52.33 ( 00:52.43 lt MEEL )

pl Okazys

gbc_script_nks_steep_h done in 01:10.27 ( 01:12.32 pl Okazys )
qcg_complex done in 09:16.00 ( 14:40.05 sk TuF )
qsk_over done in 06:55.00 ( 10:51.59 pl Okazys )

cn Hinata

its_mistcavern done in 01:58.07 ( 01:58.55 ar Aguslash )

ee caffemocker

kt_ezybhop_redesign done in 01:09.49 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

cz fykseN

kz_cliffez done in 01:24.34 ( 01:24.67 ru Toffifee )
mto_desolate2 done in 01:52.28 ( 01:55.94 bg shNz )

ar seniug

kz_stonehenge done in 02:11.96 ( 02:13.36 cz shooting-star )


kzro_astro done in 03:43.70 ( 03:56.08 cz fykseN )

tw Juby

rush_qubish done in 06:24.60 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru VanyaSly

rush_tausamal done in 03:47.55 ( 04:56.71 uk pepi )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

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  • wel plei

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  • mario and luigi still battling on mariocastle
    gj fyksen for cliffez. g-Lp for ri spacecliff, seniug nice boost on stonehenge lol

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  • :) went flying xD

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  • nice sly

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  • rawe god!
    fyksen congrats on cliffez I once saw you on stream teying it!:)

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  • thanks, good work on stonehenge

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  • cliffez insane
    rawe casually hitting 270 shortcut
    hinata ending the battle between hrznnn and Aguslash
    pepi showing some resistance)
    next, meel

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  • kz_kzfr_mariocastle_g-Lp_0705.41.rar


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  • you don't have this wr anymore either, who are you laughing at :D

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  • Actually landed in 3 runs, but don't ask me to land 272 DCJ block lulw

  • Country: Kazakhstan mls on 05/06/22 - 22:03:57     Comments: 109     Reply to this    
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  • gj all

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  • Wow, you both gave me some work to do :Dd

    Happy for fyksen and seniug! Both awesome runs!

    Also, can't believe cliffez has a fail and you still managed to compensate, how sick

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  • Interesting release

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  • Pepi, although your demos are horrible to watch for some reason, I reckon this was a move I did not expect you were capable of. So you have my respect. I am pretty sure they will all be taken back to their rightful owner very soon, though. But, well done!

    Fyksen did a good job aswell for a change. Although he made 2 minor mistakes, he still managed to beat a worthful and reputable map (cliffez).

    But the best demo is Next's for sure (promax).

    Good job all.

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  • At least you can tell he's a legit player by the way he moves

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  • nice demos
    damn fykseN, two great records wp
    gj rawe, g-Lp, Seniug

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  • Gg fyksen

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  • amazing cliffez run <3
    gj all

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  • People not using legendary tree skip on hb_promax smh. A lot of enjoyable runs to watch this release...

  • Country: Kazakhstan mls on 06/06/22 - 08:53:13     Comments: 109     Reply to this    
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  • Can you show skip?

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  • Good release!

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  • Gj everyone, staff & players !

    KZRA squad still kicking it, cliffez so neat, gj bro !

    Pepo is a player, let’s go boys !

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  • a

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  • shut your rot up

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  • @rawe I was and will always be a Chasco fanboy but you have been amazing in every release and proving to everyone that if we have to say who is the argentinian goat, you got the place. You been killing it in every kind of map, great stuff brother.

    g-Lp and fyksen both insane per usual.

    Good job to everyone.

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  • Thank you very much, Zyth! Means a lot <3 but I'm definitely some steps below legends like Chasquido, kunqui or buh haha!

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  • @pepi: I admire your fighting spirit
    @rawe: nice shortcut execution
    @fyksen: bucket list is getting shorter i guess, cg
    @seniug: congratulations, blocktime looks great

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  • thanks<3

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  • pipi scared to fight the real beast

    gj all ^!

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  • Holy shit! What a release. I'm gonna enjoy watching this one. Also, it's the first time in a long time I've seen a demo admin record a run so gj @caffemocker.

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  • cliffez!

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  • g-Lp neXt. rawe pepi hinata fykseN seniug <3 juby amo este release

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  • <3

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  • Love it when it gets personal with the WR's, pleasure to watch :D

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  • big release, gj all

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  • VanyaSly>pepi>glp>rawe LUL

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  • g-Lp, don't let pepi keep that record on my Cathedral :D

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  • cant believe fyksen that crazy son of a gun! Cliffez was one of those records

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  • GJ Okazys nad neXt. !

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  • wow

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  • Pepi is backkk..

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  • There is always something great in those huge releases, I enjoyed in almost every single demo, gj everybody
    fykss ,raul, g-Lp awsome

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  • That is a respectable counter-strke, pepi!
    Poor rawe :(
    Good release

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  • Dedication of Pepi, g-lp, fyksen, Rawe and all the jumpers. Big runs boys

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