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24/12/22 - 18:04:17

Written by: hoLy

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Hello, fellow members,

Two years after their latest appearance on the XJ frontpage with a movie called "SLABS", Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker Streamer and Country: Poland Okazys Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder came back with a new one as a christmas present for the whole KZ community!

Here are a few words from both the moviemaker and the player featured in this movie, explaining what it is about and what effort went into it:

Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker Streamer: Hi Xtreme-Jumps,

Today I would like to present a movie about what I believe to be one of the greatest achievements in KZ history. The last unbeaten Country: Russian Federation .qui Mapper's map, qsk_ease, has fallen.
In this movie, you will see a cut version of how it happened.

Unfortunately, I really struggled with technical issues that I still haven’t resolved, therefore I couldn’t bring what I envisioned into existence.

In the end I couldn’t even produce more footage at all, but even with the limited material and after all the frustration, I think the final product is definitely worth seeing.
Country: Poland Okazys Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder: Hi,

Originally, I was a little bit concerned about the appeal of my snail-like pace in the run, but I think Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker Streamer made up for it with his amazing moviemaking skills, despite all the problems that he has faced in the production process.

After nocp-ing fu_insane at the kz-rush servers on 01/01/2021, I started looking at extreme maps differently, considering the possibility of a nocp run on maps that didn't seem possible at first. But even then, I would have never guessed that qsk_ease would get beaten the same year on 31/12/2021 (which I find incredibly satisfying).

qsk_ease has always been one of my favourite technical maps, I think it was even the hardest map that I have finished with checkpoints at some point back in 2017. Now it is without a doubt my greatest accomplishment in the game, much harder than qsk_azure-2 or qsk_aznre-3. Even though it took me about 40 hours of practice/runs, I do consider myself lucky that it didn't take much longer. I was doubting my ability to nocp it even tens of hours into the project so I'm happy that it is done.

I would like to thank Country: Korea, Republic of shooting-star CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer for being a huge inspiration to try and push myself. I hope I can also inspire others to try and get some of the maps done, even if they aren't XJ maps. I don't think it should matter. Would really like to see someone nocp hb_ShoCk and other maps like that... Maybe if Country: Finland mursux CS 1.6 Recordholder LJ Recordholder Streamer gives it a shot or I get better at longjumping.

Despite the map being released at Cosy-Climbing, we thought sharing this at Xtreme-Jumps on Christmas was a good idea. We hope you will like it!

Without further do, here is the content:

YouTube Link
Video Link

Merry Christmas everyone!



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  • xd

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  • Many thoughts on this.

    Inb4 over the next couple of years this map will become a speed map just like azure.

    Is this a new map btw? Never seen it.

    Fantastic classic blackelf montage.

    If Okazys can, then anyone can.

    All you gotta do to make any map look hard is huge block time pauses.

    Guess which points were not being meant seriously.

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  • oh its finally released!
    Greatest music choice and edit overall, really liked the atmosphere.
    I hope okazys wil learn to strafe someday and destroy every possible x-d map out there

    merry xmas!

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  • I join this commentator.

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  • this will be kz in 2014

    jokes aside amazing job from both okazys and blackelf
    kzre <3

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  • I join this commentator

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  • great movie and well done okazys and best is the end text :D

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  • Next level editing, blackelf. Darkfury ROTW is still on top in my opinion, but this is amazing too. #totijebe #napana

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  • amazing, thank you

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  • ahhh great enhancement for holidays!
    Okazys just being the usual crazy monster he usually is, doing things that normies like me wouldn't be able to replicate in a lifetime, GJ!
    Blackelf, good to see your edits as always! One suggestion tho - please consider lowering the volume of usp shots, the one at 1:31 scared the shit out of me like it was a damn jumpscare :D I was really immersed (no wonder why, great job on that, I really enjoyed the atmosphere) and that shot was way too loud - unless you planned a jumpscare, then GJ I guess, it worked on me :D
    Jokes aside, great job guys! Im already downloading the full quality version!
    Happy holidays!

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  • Santa Godkazys, great movie, merry christmas!

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  • well done blackelf and okazys

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  • when lineups doing whole work for player.
    gj okazi

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  • idi domoi edzika

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  • Gj both, lovely effort

    Will the map be added in the xj's maplist? fu_extreme has been the only extremely challenging map in the list for too long :)

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  • pegasus_d? hfr_unshape?

  • Country: Kazakhstan mls on 25/12/22 - 09:15:20     Comments: 112     Reply to this    
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  • very nice, congratulations to all

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  • KZRE ON TOP !!!!
    I, as Allah, will bless you two

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  • Wow!!!! Merry Christmas

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  • wow. huh. glad to be so thoroughly beaten (:
    didn’t think that one was realistic (even with sc). players’ skills have improved quite a bit over 10 years.

    cheers to Okazys and blackelf. gotta check the band now.

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  • amazing record and edit, gj!

    the quote "simply because we are retarded" is so retarded but so powerful.

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  • GJ Okazys and Blackelf!

  • Country: Argentina afu on 26/12/22 - 15:20:41     Comments: 283     Reply to this    
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  • gj okazys and Blackelf!! Pleasure to watch. Merry christmas

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  • What an achievement! I watched with great pleasure. Good job both of you! Awesome run and cool edit

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  • Wow, lovely watch!

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  • Amazing run Okazys! Always pushing the boundaries of movement in this game.

    Now do it backwards

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  • sick edit kemko

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