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20/02/23 - 19:47:19

Written by: Hardbitter 3's

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community!

After assessing the general situation inside the community, we decided that it was time to expand our administrative staff in certain areas - therefore, we are forced to seek the help of the community. All applications will be considered without exception, but keep in mind that the number of positions is limited, which means not all of them will necessary make their way. Please take this into consideration with respect! It is also very important that before applying, you give a fair assessment of your time and dedication for the upcoming work to keep it quality in a long run, because we do not want one-day admins in the team. Thanks for your attention! You can see the vacancies down below.

• Writers: Being writer suggests your English knowledge to be at least average (intermediate). It is a person with good knowledge of kz world, its history, goings-on outside of XJ and what's around.

• Cups and tournaments: Holding competitions at game servers. Organizational works are also welcome.

• Maps: Checking maps for quality. At least basic understanding of VHE. Capability to recognize such things as lightbugs, misaligned textures, leaks etc...

• Movies: Editing kz runs. Being able to create an actual movie content. Provide us with some of your works.

• Graphic Designer: Working with dev team. Knowledge of Photoshop, Illustrator or similar designing tools. Continue an already existing design.

• Other: If you feel like you can be helpful with anything else, we are always open for suggestions.

To submit an application please use a special Applications form at the top of the site (inside the black bar), choose the category, fill in all the fields and press "Submit". The approximate deadline for your applications is by the end of this week.

Thanks for your attention,


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  • cool, I applied! hopefully many other people will too :)

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  • Applied too. I hope this will bring more activity to the community at least. Btw, I'm missing too all kind of movies (rotws, tj's, lj fails, documentary etc). Looking forward for moviemakers coming back :)

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  • one suggestion to remove the freeze rule after time in cups its outdated thanks :) or adjust it somehow

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  • Try using the ticket system in discord

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  • colcol go you are best

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