News: #xTj-Radio is online ! :)

15/12/04 - 09:11:21

Written by: xeRox

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ

U want to listen to good music ?
U love to climb kz maps ?

Hmmmm... I think...
U need our radio :)

Music... results of jumpcups... and many more :)

The #Xtreme-Jumps Radio is online.

Mods are :


Have fun and stay with us @ #xTj-Radio

Listen to #xTj-Radio

#xTj-Radio is presented and sponsored by the admins of #Xtreme-Jumps


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  • jaha das endlich unser radio aber das heisst tournaments :o

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  • kannste doch alles editieren :)

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  • hab ich auch gemacht :o

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  • Sad that this radio is off :D

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  • lol

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  • damn it's old

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  • yea it is :D

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  • I'd pay for this radio to show up again.

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  • great music

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  • good music here

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