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20/12/04 - 12:58:39

Written by: steve

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Hi Guys

There is 1 new kz map out in easy and hard version...

... kz_man_nasa and kz_man_eznasa

This map is based on low gravity and some vehicles.

You can play the easy map on our Easy to Average Server

Hf with this new shit

Download @ -link-


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  • I dont like the map its not really a climb map

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  • yeah its fucked up , i dont like the map too. I think thats not good with low gravity and so many stones....

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  • but nice bhops...

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  • guys, are you kidding, nice map btw :)

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  • lol

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  • omg

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  • Oh, kz_man_nasa is this old - faisdasifd! dsafdsghj

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  • Your comment now is old

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  • yours now too brat =D

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