New website (multiple choice, choose a pair of two)

  • Light theme
  • Votes: 156 | 23.01%
  • Clean/minimalist user interface
  • Votes: 251 | 37.02%
  • Dark theme
  • Votes: 213 | 31.42%
  • Crowded/heavy user interface
  • Votes: 57 | 8.41%


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  • i voted for clean/minimalist user interface and light theme although light or dark theme should be available for the user to change from one to another whenever they want(like on many other gaming sites).
    having a clean interface but very well structured(look at cosy-climbing) would be the best thing; nowadays lots of people visit the website from smartphones, tablets and you'll make the surfing easier for them.
    online streams tab and currently active community activities should be separate from that right column; for example i would add a bubble/square in the top right corner under profile tab containing the number of current comm activities(prochallenge/tournaments/map contest) and the number of currently active streams.
    when you hover your mouse over that square/bubble it will extend with some information about those 2 categories and clicking it will open a page with full details about those 2 or more important events.

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  • I also voted for Clean/minimalist user Interface but cosy-climbing is not a good example. Check out CSGO's House of Climb website design. It is much better in my opinion.

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  • I think kz-baltic website is great example and xj should align to it. Well designed, simple and perfectly functional. :)

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  • Minimalism is my favourite sin

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  • Hello DARKNESS my old friend!

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  • Clean and dark with some resemblance to the old one. :) (Like the color orange)

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  • clean, nothing too much + day/light button feature (like youtube's magic action looks)

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  • How about the ability to have multiple themes ? User will choose on his profile whch one he wants to use.

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  • light!

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  • When will be this new site ready? and how the fuck u need 1 year to create new one? is this a joke?

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  • a PAIR......is TWO.........so this is redundant.

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