Would it be interesting, to have mappers reveal secrets / hidden areas etc on their maps as NEWS instead of posting in the forum? (screenshots, descriptions, things of interest...)

  • Yes
  • Votes: 1009 | 71.92%
  • No
  • Votes: 392 | 27.94%


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  • The way you present the question is rather unclear whether you want to do it on a regular basis or just once. I would personally prefer having it on forum since newsposts tend to go down and get lost whilst forum thread will always be up there open for discussion any time. But maybe in the light of current news posting pace it's not a big deal, I don't really understand since when did it become such difficult decision that you have to run a poll for something like this :D

    This might be a fun idea though, let's see what you guys have been holding for us for so long :D

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  • I was thinking the other way around actually, that posts in the forum tend to drown and be forgotten and it would be hard to find info on the maps later on. I wouldn't say regular basis, but once for each map that has secret areas etc I guess.

    I was thinking I finally should document my maps with hidden areas etc, while I still have a chance to remember...and we're not sure if people would find such attempts interesting, or if it just should be done and archived in the forum.

    And there isn't many polls nowadays either...so I thought I would check the waters and not just throw up a boring old map as 'news' =P

    And then I would love to see what other mappers have hid away on their maps...hehe.

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  • Well I get your point SadPuppy. Btw sprite once told me there is an easter egg on goldbhop no one to this day has found :)

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  • lol don't know what u are talking about, don't think it was me

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  • You were drunk that night and also later on I found out that I wasn't meant to have known this info, you probably didn't want me to share my knowledge, so sorry :/

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  • its basicly impossible to hide an easter egg as the engine has noclip as a way to discover everything on a map + if you decompile the map and watch it in hammer, you can inspect everything ... I didnt do this obviously but I bet there were some guys trying something similar years ago

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  • i think its better to be posted as News, cuz i think that main page lacks of interesting things nowadays

    while we cant have XJ Weekly or similar , maybe this can replace it xP

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  • voted yes

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  • Totally in favor of this.
    You guys should do it, many players don't even know if there's a secret area or not, this would totally evoke interest.
    The newspost section has been dying too, this would give some new materials to post about.

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  • Not at all. They care more about jumping, not mapping.

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  • Well then don't call them secrets anymore since then they arent secrets anymore...

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  • porn on the front page? count me in!!

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  • why would you intentionally create a separate newspost just to reveal places which are not meant to be revealed? this makes no sense to me. just leave it be.

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  • A secret area is always meant to be revealed, otherwise it wouldn't be there in the first place.

    There are forum posts about not only secret areas, but secret doors and their codes. I remember when Omilo wrote a post about some of the secrets on Corruo and Godspeed. I didn't like it, but someone will do it sooner or later. If it has to be done I would prefer it is done right.
    Omilo back in 2007

    Sometimes there is a story behind the map or behind certain things which are interesting to some players. Someone loves to search for things and explore everything. Someone presses /start immediately and hardly even looks at the surroundings. Someone doesn't have the time to look around much but would love to know more about stuff. We are all different. I myself love details and secrets, and would want to know everything about maps (especially those I like), but I know not everyone are as curious as I am.

    After a certain amount of time, before I totally forget, I feel I want to once and for all document my maps and what I remember about them.
    The question for me isn't if it should be done at all any longer but if it should be placed in the forum only, or as a newspost since there aren't much news nowadays.

    I think that most of it should be hidden under an extended newspost though (if on first page) so as to not force it all on someone who may not want the information for whatever reason.

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  • of course

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  • @Cobrex

    If you can decompile the map you likely can find all secrets, at least if you have an idea where to look. But, in-game using noclip you can't. I tried to block a secret in my latest map Hollywood from people using noclip and you won't gain access using noclip.

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  • Yas.

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  • srsly, did this poll had any role in the development of this "community"?
    5 months for this einstein-level difficulty question, yet no change after the majority has already decided eons ago...(what are you waiting for? 2027?)
    Is it such a difficult decision to either "reveal secrets" or "hidden areas" of newly submitted maps(if there are still any) that you had to make a poll of this??
    FFS, stop taking all the little things so seriously.. and release those frekin maps already without too much hassle. New generation mappers doesn't give a sh*t about kz_ tag(especially after that crap map - xj_ap_hollywood got that so-precious KZ_ tag) and if their maps gets rejected here they will have their spot on cosy-climbing; guess who the f*ck wins here?
    Get over with! This is NOT a professional community!

    Suggestion: A more important question for the next year poll(because you only bother to make 1 or 2 a year): should we choose a new "CEO"?

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  • I cant believe this poll is still here :D as we’re slowly approaching 2018 :D
    Might become a legend one day :D

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  • Exactly what I was thinking

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  • Hahaha....the poll was just a quick way to check if there was interest to read about secrets etc if there were no other news in dry spells.

    I guess noone has had the idea for a poll ever since....so why don't you suggest a poll? =)

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