Should XJ extend LJ records to top10?

  • Yes
  • Votes: 103 | 77.44%
  • No
  • Votes: 30 | 22.56%


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  • really? who cares who jumped which units? or does somebody remember olympic longjumpers without a wr?

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  • I mean why not but at the end of the day it's just more work for demo admins. and I don't really care what the 9th best bhop rec is, especially when they will eventually all be on the same block. that's pretty useless i think

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  • Hell yeah, this will raise the LJ recording activity by a lot. Also, some people will have the chance to appear on the biggest official Kreedz site with their lj records :)

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  • the way I see it is that only the very elite has been able to be on the LJ section for all those years and that is the way it should be.. :-)

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  • interesting if you like to watch diferent styles, but not really importante how many units did u jump...

    i would also add other information like who jumped XXX block first, date and demo ofc, instead of top10.

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  • I think it not necessary. I understand people who want to be in top10 and be famous in some way but we will have for long time lj update threads like: VanCohen beat propane 257 lj record by 0.1 units or less and retake his 3rd or 9th place, whatever. You can extend LJ section by WeirdJump and LadderJump techiques :)

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  • Pros: We can see ivansky in lj release

    Cons: Since most of ppl capable of such records already did them.
    1 Many of submitted demos might be old (uq-kz community)
    2 Many of submitted demos won't be elite (not interesting to see 255 block demos)
    3 Some of submitted demos might be cheated
    4 More work for demo admin.
    5 Xj have to extend lj release with few months in order to sort at once all uploaded demos.

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  • Definitely should be extended! Limits been pushed, there are a lot of people who deserves recognition for jumping 257 block but they're not there :(

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  • i agree...extending the list will make more productivity for longjumpers in my opinion

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  • @dEmolite If you want to keep uploaded only the world records, then xj just has to keep the best demo and delete the following four ones that are not "world record" in fact.
    @finzer If it's accepted there would be 25 additional demos, less than any of the last map releases, so I don't think It's an extraordinary work to be taken by the admins
    @sajkee It doesn't mean that there will be a new release as soon as a new demo is recorded
    1. What's wrong with that? Actually there's a target's 2006 demo alive :D
    2. I'm pretty sure that there are too many excellent demos around the scene. For ex. only in kz-arg there are 10 256lj block demos so there won't be a huge difference between the world record and the last places
    3. Yes, the risk of a cheated demo is always present, also in kz demos... what's the point?
    5. So it means more activity?

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  • What’s wrong with old demos? Well they are old.. who give a shit about old released demos and what’s the point to see some of them here?
    About possible cheated demos. Well in some terms demochecking process over lj demos is different than regular kz demos.
    Overall the idea isn’t that bad if it follows some additional rules imo.

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  • pros: extra incentive for longjumpers to try hard
    cons: none

    result: yes

    There's probably gonna be a short time flood of submissions so whoever's gonna check them all has to be ready for this on quite a few notes, starting it off from time dedication and ending with deep knowledge in demo checking procedure in longjumping specifically.

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  • I say yes because it's been requested like 50 times over the last 10 years.

    After extending to top10, I'd like to see kz_longjumps3 and add new categories: ladder lj, wallstrafe/kkz jump... I realise that this will come with a burst of demos, but it will be worth in longterm.

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  • About kz_longjumps3, there was an idea that was going to be released couple of years back at cosy-climbing, i actually started mapping the "kz_longjumps3", well actually it was "cosy_longjumps". It featured all of the official LJ techniques + WJ and ladder. I dropped that map project because things went complicated at that site and i just quitted the administration and never looked back actually. I think i got the map file somewhere @ my dropbox or gdrive, not sure tho.

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  • yess

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  • It used to be top15 or so in the past, decision was taken to reduce it to 5 because it's very hard and time consuming to check lj demos. It doesn't make any sense to revert that decision, it would also be a proof that demo checking skills got probably worse, especially since fame isn't here anymore to do the job.

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  • Seems like a good idea

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  • yes, ty.

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