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  • Kreedz Climbing 2.0 Greenlight Version
  • Author
  • ObsessionSoft
  • Description
  • Kreedz Climbing (KZMod) is a movement-skilled based game that replicates the physics of Counter-Strike 1.6 in the Source engine. With 100+ maps and 250+ courses, the game is challenging for any avid jumping, bhop, or surf fan.

    Kreedz Climbing is now on Steam Greenlight! This installer is the latest version of the game, and there is no need to use the older KZUpdate style method to update.

    Please visit -link- to view the Greenlight page for the game!

    Note that if you have played KZMod before and have the latest version 2828 (check the Game Build on the main menu at the bottom left), you don't need to download the full version again, you can get this 5mb patch instead.
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  • 1.34 GB
  • Date
  • 02/23/17 - 20:40:23
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  • 1170
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  •  3.6 - 6 votes 

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