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  • kz_blockrunner_2020
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    You may not believe in aliens. Or the boogey monster. Or John Wick for that matter. But, embarking on this somewhat cold and dark endeavour you probably shouldn't look out the windows when in a small corridor then. I'm not saying that there will be flying saucers circling a huge spaceship or anything. Probably best avoided though. And if you find yourself jumping on tiny UFOs just close your eyes. That way you won't notice the few times they beam you up either. Oh, and the alien that is looking up at you from under the floor probably was an enemy to the other race anyway. Don't worry, but keep running. I'm not sure about John Wick yet, but I'm starting to believe in aliens. Beam me up again please!
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  • 08/11/20 - 15:26:59
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