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  • Demolyser
  • Author
  • Bentski
  • Description
  • The public version of Bentski's Demo Analysis Tool

    Features (Compared to Fps-Death):

    • Improved Program Performance
    • New and Improved Interface
    • Faster Demo Loading
    • The ability to open a demo from any location.
    • Built-in Update Checker
    • Error Check
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  • no image available
  • Filesize
  • 319.67 kB
  • Date
  • 12/12/07 - 18:18:54
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  • 4165
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  •  9.3 - 35 votes 


  • Country: United States JM on 27/12/07 - 17:03:49     Comments: 9     Reply to this    
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  • is it this they use to make demos?

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  • but how to convert demos !!plz telme if u kno!!

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  • :))

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  • with fraps tool, you should open your demo in HL then run fraps and start recording (a program which allows you to record your screen in games) and also this question should have already been answered in forums and you should have already been looked there ,havent you ?

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  • when i press "load" the program quits :|

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  • how can i get demo form this web???T_T
    pm YM -email-

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  • when i press "load" the program quits :| , i have that problem too , i use agnitum outpost as firewall and antispyware , i think thats the reason why :).

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  • Virus.

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  • Got a trojan using this

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  • Can you make it to work and for NON-LAN ? :(

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  • for lan ;) !! the perfect demolyser !!

  • FireWolf-.- on 01/12/10 - 07:24:56     Guest     Reply to this    
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  • good job it will be heplful

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  • i have a demo with 254 block on lan but he said non lan server :(

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