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  • Imagine a simple program, that you can check your demos before you submit them? A program that checks every important command of your demo and tells you about it?
    Well it's finally here.


    § Check your demos for having the right settings
    § Open multiple demos at the same time
    § Watch movement playback in realtime
    § Change the colors of the graphs
    § Open Sourced under GPL v2
    § More features planned in the future with automatic updating you can toggle off

    * Be sure to go to Settings->Preferences to change your default directories
    * It only works on demos recorded in listens currently
    * Requries java 1.6 installed, if you don't have it the installer should install it
    * It does eat up a good chunk of CPU/Memory
    * File bug reports if you encounter something and include the log file it tells you to

    All this in one complete program for personal use, and the code is free too, enjoy.
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  • 08/08/09 - 22:31:28
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  • usefu!

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  • nice ^_^

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  • awesome

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  • really nice and useful :)

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  • not bad.. was thinking about something like this

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  • nice!

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  • ubernice!
    really good job

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  • omg, ye, fucken nice, gj

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  • nnnaaaaaiiiiijjjzzzzz!:D

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  • ubah

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  • nice :)

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  • nice lol

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  • lol nice

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  • nice:D

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  • People outstanding ^^

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  • this is realy cool :- )

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  • lol nice 5/5

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  • nice :D :D :D

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  • i cant download this tool.. can someone reupload this on another site.. Thanks

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