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  • eDark
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  • DemoChecker is a simple but powerful tool that allows you to check your demos for real time (support for decimal records and milliseconds) and legit settings.

    Basically it will check all the basic information given in the demo file and indicate if the demo is ok to submit, so you wont have to run other analyzing programs anymore. Furthermore it will get the real time in demos for all official maps except for 4 maps that couldn't be implemented. For additional information check the feature list.


    - Autoupdate
    - RecData.dat will be updated automatically (after map releases) as well
    - Basic informations about demo, name, map, real time, world record information, FPS, SteamID -> Friends page (via link) and legit settings.
    - Checking protocol 47 demos is possible, but the SteamID can't be displayed of course.
    - Checking demos for real time on all official maps
    - Checking demos in rar files.

    Credits: eDark

    Note: A x64 version is available as well! If you are not sure which one to download just use the x86 version and if you have a 64-bit system demochecker will know and automatically download the right version.
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  • 03/08/10 - 17:57:17
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  • uber, finally it's here

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  • lolll nice work you there....
    I like it ...its lovely fast and simple..

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  • It's very fast.

  • Country: Argentina D2B on 16/03/10 - 23:33:58     Comments: 304     Reply to this    
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  • nice work eDark

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  • hey, kz_pit and kz_ancientmemories dont show me the real time with this program..

    why? :P

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  • Would be cool if you add an ability to check for custom sounds/models/sprites, because usually while checking demos, demoadmins already have some custom models and they actually don't even notice that some demos require custom stuff.

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  • i love that it can open .rars!

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  • but it could be better if it only would need 1 file to open it, instead of3, because i want to keep it on my desktop.

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  • what s wrong with a shortcut? you don t have other progs installed on your desktop so why should this one be different?

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  • oh sorry, i forgot about the shortcut making thing.

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  • It would be nice if could check the demo from the command line. So it would be faster and easier to check the demo from other program.
    Also a good idea to check the updated program in another thread, because to check the update takes a long time.

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  • Hunter, dont you think it's fast enough already? It's pretty much 3 clicks and you got your demo checked. I think it's awesome.

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  • no he means to check from another program and getting the result in that program also. I absolutely see your point but atm i don t see how this should look like.
    We already have a command line version for demo admins but the result is very specialized so that you wouldn't be able to do much with it ...

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  • eDark
    In example, there is a other program which manipulated with demos-files. It would be easier to click in it "Check this demo" than to find a demo in the file manager and open demo in it.

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  • so you mean that DemoChecker can start with checking a demo directly when you write it in the cmd-line?

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  • Thanks, powerful tool, just perfect.

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  • awesome

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  • Can you make another version for non-official maps?

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  • It said new version avalibale
    But it always update failed

    Only me had that problem?

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