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  • RInput - Win Vista/7 Mousefix
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  • This will help all Windows7 users which expire random mouse acceleration problems whilst playing CS 1.6.

    How to use it:
    Enter "hl.exe" before you launch CS. The program will execute upon Counter-Strike launch. You can use it once the game is running, too, but that might cause some problems with the ingame menus.
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  • 01/27/12 - 19:56:21
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  • useful program, though it didn't help me. In case this doesn't work for someone use this - -link-

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  • Be sure to run it as Admin

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  • good that its legal to use :) wasnt sure it was :D

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  • Should be in front page ! :)

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  • Hm, seems to cause really heavy problems with in-game menus however I'm using it :(

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  • rtkesc what problams? i had problams with win7 so i went to xp back. so i would like to install w7 for sure if this one works.
    tell me more please about this . thankyou

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  • pls guys help me..why when I open that it write me Failed to find console?? ..thanx for answer...

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  • how do you install that ? :\

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  • 1-Open cs.
    2-Join any server.
    3-Go to Desktop and run rinput.exe.
    4-Type hl.exe then press Enter.
    5-Go back to cs and Enjoy!! :D.

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  • A way to do this task faster.

    1. Create an new text document, on your Desktop and name it "CS.bat"
    2. Write this lines in it:
    start /d %UserProfile%\Desktop\ RInput.exe hl.exe
    start steam://rungameid/10

    Note: You must have RImput.exe and Rimput.dll on your Desktop, and Steam in the above example.

    Save it and enter the game using CS.bat

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  • nice.
    work for me

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  • nice thank.s bro

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  • nice thank.s bro

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  • Works on Windows 8 also.

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  • Thx! Very helpful! =)

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  • Sheyt, theres a problem runnin it both with myAC anticheat. Daym thats sad. Does anyone know how to solve this nonsense?

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