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  • I decided to create a new texture pack. Inside you will find various textures with different resolution and quality.

    Wads: #7
    Total textures: 7549

    - BMS.wad: This wad contains all the textures from the game Black Mesa Source. All the textures are with high quality, which means that if you have around 15 textures in your map the output size of the bsp will be ~10MB. However this comes with some engine costs like AllocBlock: Full, more BASE PATCHES and other, so use with coution!

    - HL.wad: The standart Half-Life wad which comes with the installation of the game. All the textures are with low quality, tought. You can find the .wad file in my Mapping Pack as well.

    - HL2.wad: It contains all the textures from Half-Life 2. The textures from Episode 1 and 2 are the same so I didn't extract them.

    - MISC#: My old .wad files. Inside you will find textures from many games such as. Call of Duty, CS:S, CS, HL and more.

    - ZHLT.wad: All the textures you will need while you build your map like: sky, clip, origin, hint etc.

    - TIMECOUNTER.wad: All the textures for the lovely KreedZ timer.

    - KZ-SIGNS.wad: A .wad file by Country: Denmark radon containing different signs like units, arrows and logos.

    1. Feel free to use any of the textures without asking me. You can download and modify any of the wads without asking me.

    2. I will keep the wads updated all the time.

    3. If you want me to extract textures from other games, please let me know.
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  • 08/05/13 - 08:01:07
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  • awesome job psyxopat, thanks!

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  • thanks N1

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  • nice

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  • thanks!!!

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