KZMod Frequently Asked Questions

    A jump can be any gap between platforms in a KZMod map that needs traversing by the traditional means. Jump from here, land over there. In essence, the concept is simple and works the same in any FPS game.
    If a player is talking about a particularly hard jump, something is making it difficult to get from point A to point B. Whether its the sheer distance or if there are obstacles blocking the way, it's still a jump.

    Longjumps (LJ's):
    Longjumps are a more advanced jumping technique in KZMod. The furthest distance any climber can jump straight ahead, without any extra assistance, is 216 units. However, by adding strafes in the middle of your jump, it's possible to increase the total distance you can jump, making it possible to reach over 250 units.
    Special jumps that require this skill are called longjumps. Longjumps can usually be recognized by a lack of other obstacles, a clear approach, and often have a number posted informing climbers of their length. With larger gaps, you may need multiple strafes to achieve the distance required.

    Strafejumps (strafe):
    Strafejumps are the bread and butter of any KZMod jumping map. If you need to reach that next platform, but it's around a corner, you'll need to add strafes to your jump. Strafejumping is just what it sounds like a combination of a jump and a strafe. First, move toward the edge of the platform you are on. Once you leave the ground, stop pressing forward and press the strafe key in the direction of the curve, while steering with the mouse. Changing directions in mid-air you can increase your speed making you fly a bit further. More difficult jumps may require strafing back and forth to make your way past obstacles between you and your goal..
    Remember, if you hold forward in the air, your ability to maneuver will be drastically reduced.
    To learn how to perform a strafejump in KZMod, visit the tutorial on the main menu, or load the kz_tutorial map with the Create Game dialog from KZMod's main menu.

    90° Strafe:
    An L shaped strafejump, making a right or left turn in the air from platform A to platform B at a 90 angle.

    180° Strafe:
    A U shaped strafejump that requires jumping all the way around an obstacle or wall to your target platform.

    DoubleStrafe, TripleStrafe or simply 'Multi-Strafing':
    This is simply doing 2 or more strafes in the air during a single jump. (left-right, right-left, left-right-left, etc.)
    Note: To do this properly you need to move your mouse according to what direction you strafe. Remember to do it slowly once you're learning it. Accuracy is more important than speed when considering the timing required to synchronize your A and D strafe button presses in relation to your mouses left and right movement.

    Bunnyhops (bhop)
    An avoidance and speed-increasing trick that originated in deathmatch games, Bunnyhops are a more advanced technique that's particularly hard to master due to its off-rythmic nature between your hands. If you don't know how to do this, the next time you log in just ask an experienced bhopper to show you how.
    Some maps are made specifically for bunnyhoppers complete with altered physics routines, and usually begin with the title kz_bhop_mapname.
    There are presently 3 total modes of Bhopping. 1. 1.6 style bhopping where you have to bhop quite perfectly to avoid the stop-land penalty and no special Air Acceleration adjustments. (10AA)
    2. Bhop Mode, which applies an air acceleration adjustment of 50AA and removes the stopping penalty. This particular mode allows you to gain incredible speeds and is a good way for beginners to get use to the typical bhop rythym.
    3. The last way you may get to bhop in the game is with Surf Mode and Bhop Modes on, giving you an AA setting of 100 and removing the stopping penalty.
    Principally, the bunnyhop is a jump with a hard strafe in it, or even 2, jumping again as soon as you touch the ground, so as to never actually stop on the ground. It looks like someone waving left and right through the air going BOING BOING BOING....without the funny sound of that!

    Surfing is another discipline in a KZMod map that's been popular in CS and CSS maps for many years.
    By strafing against a steep incline and steering with the mouse, experienced surfers can reach awesome speeds and clear incredibly long gaps.
    'Surf' is also a term describing any inclined surface suitable for surfing.
    Surf courses contain many surfs strung together, requiring precision control to clear the gap from one surf to another. They key to Surfing correctly is never to hold Duck or the forwardsbackwards keys, but rather only left and right strafe.
    For instructions on how to Surf, see the new Basic Surf tutorial.

    Bungee (bun, rope)
    Not to be confused with CS 1.6's hookmod, the 'elastic' Bungee is a challenging discipline in KZMod.
    On Bungee maps, playerss attach a 'Limited' Bungee to a specified target (usually a pole), then use momentum, bounce, slackspeed and control over the Bungee's length to launch yourself over large distances, or to also simply swing from target to target like TarzanSpiderman would.
    In addition, a 'Free' Bungee that can attach to any surface (including the sky) is rewarded to players who complete the main course on most KZMod maps.
    For instructions on how to use the Bungee, see the new Bungee tutorial.

    Powerjump (pj)
    Powerjumping is a special KZMod discipline where you load up power and then release it to make a HUGE jump. Powerjump is usually given to you with a sort of fake set of boots hovering over a small pedestal as seen in kz_powerjump, which is a map to play where you can learn how to get accurate with this ability. The powerjump has a very special attribute in that you can actually powerjump off walls and even ceilings, allowing you climb up the side of a Skyscraper!

    Checkpoint (cp) and Teleport (tp) and Stuck
    Checkpoints are a feature of KZMod designed to make the game more accessible to new climbers and assist in reducing the frustration during the learning how to process.
    By simply pressing a button, climbers can set a checkpoint to which they can teleport in case they miss the next jump for another attempt.
    Some KZMod servers may limit the number of checkpoints or teleports used, or remove the option altogether.
    The current maximum limit for number of teleportscheckpoints is 10,000. The default is 1,000.
    The stuck command allows a Climber who falsely set checkpoint, to revert to his previous one. This will not do anything unless you have saved at least 2 checkpoints. The game always saves your present and last checkpoints whether you teleported to them or not.

    A Raceway is what CSS players call a Sliderace. Since we also have Slidemaps, which is a slight diversion to classical Surf maps, we decided to rename this map concept to avoid confusion by similarity.
    Basically, you are literally pushed at high speeds through a given course and have to avoid various forms of hinderances to complete them using the WASD keys. Strafing does not work at all in a Raceway, an example map of this is kz_sliderace_city.

    Bhop Raceway
    The same concept as a Raceway with the exception that you are simply bunnyhopping like normal and are also being pushed to gain high speeds.
    Strafing is absolutely necessary in this mode of play and the push entity is very low over the ground which means that with each contact you make with the ground, you are being additionally pushed allowing you gain incredible speeds.

    Dance is a slang-term for any area of a kz map that has an array of platforms that appear and disappear randomly, usually with some warning sign that the change is about to occur.
    Navigating a dance area requires both skill and luck, since it's easy to find oneself marooned on a disappearing platform. The point of a dance is to stay on it as long as you can. The longer your time was on a dance, the better you were. This is the only discipline in the game that relies on a higher-time-is-better feature. Sometimes you will also encounter a Dance in the middle of a course, which means you just have to reach the other side as fast as you can to continue as seen on kz_quadrathon.

    Obviously, dance-style jumping areas are a particular demon, especially for anyone trying to speedrun a map.

    To nocheck a map is to complete it without setting a single checkpoint.
    This is the real deal for any player. More skilled players will compete to see who can nocheck a map course in the shortest amount of time. Those who use checkpoints to complete a map course are called Checkpointers.

    Elite Status
    Generally, the main course in a map will be selected as the Elite giving course. This is however not always true and is completely up to the map designer whether heshe gives the Elite status. In mix maps or maps with many mini-maps you may notice that Elite status can be given on multiple or even all courses.
    To achieve Elite status on and Elite giving course, you must complete it without teleporting to any set checkpoints. You will know you have this when your name in the scoreboard turns blue, you receive a Platinum Medal or Gold Medal or you notice that as you move, a trail of blue Elite-Sprites follows you. These Elite-Sprites can be removed by unchecking their option in the Advanced Options menu.

    Legbreak and Death Traps
    Legbreak is the short term for a special KZMod-only entity called trigger_legbreak. Since there is no way to die in KZMod, we had to create an entity to simulate death for courses with Deathtraps. They work very similar to a trigger_teleport but have special customm messages, can spawn a ragdoll and simply send you back to a specified destination after a short death animation.
    Currently, legbreak entities may or may not remove the climbers checkpoints, depending on the map designers preference. Most legbreak entities are either traps, such as buzzsaws or smashing pillars, or the bottom of a pit below a surf or precarious set of jumps.
    Side Note Legbreak entities do not kill players, but simply act as a setback or a 'hospitalization', in keeping with KZMod's non-violent premise. If you wish to avoid the death animation you can simply press FIRE (+attack1) to respawn immediately.

    In some maps you will encounter floating icons as you would commonly see in Tag Arena map.
    Picking these up will give you special abilities like Boots of Speed or Anti-Gravity for example.
    To activate them you have to press 1. If you have a powerup active, you can pick up a second, however, it is impossible to use 2 powerups at once. At specific points these powerups may be suddenly stripped from you, so pay attention to the display of them at the bottom center of your screen.

    Mix maps
    A Mix is a type of map that has one of the following attributes:
    1. It is a map with a single course where the player is required to show prowess in multiple disciplines to reach the end. Any combination of disciplines is possible. Example a course with surf,bhop,jump,dance,bungee.
    2. It is a map with a ton of courses involving a multitude of single courses using different disciplines.
    A perfect example of this is kz_mix_journeys, which has a bungee course, 2 jump courses, a ladder course, a 2-man course as a mix (flare targets, jump, bungee), a Powerjump course, 2 styles of Bhop Raceways and a Surf course! Finally, the map also has a Mixed course with maze, jump, bhop, surf and bungee.

    Demos are recordings of players attempting to set World Records for the fastest speedrun through a course.
    Demos are also recorded to show off trickjumps and are used by movie makers to create skill movies.

    To upload a World Record, you can use the Submit Demo page.

    Tag Arena
    Tag Arena is a Multiplayer Deathmatch style gameplay mode that was introduced in KZMod 1.0.
    This mode is started automatically by loading specific maps that carry the kztag_mapname tag.
    In this mode its Runners trying to escape Seekers in a Hide and Seek type of gameplay that includes a large amount of special abilites for both sides that can be obtained by moving over a pickuppowerup, which can be found spread out around those maps. The server Toplist keeps statistics of your skills in Tag Arena and can be found by searching the pulldown menus when viewing a specific player or other statistics when viewing the maps themselves.

    Where can I get the download for KZMod
    You can download the KZMod installer from this page.

    Do I need to buy something to be able to play KZMod?
    You do NOT need to buy anything. just download, install and play.

    What do I need to be able to play Kreedz Climbing/KZMod?
    You will need to download and install Steam.
    Steam has a Games Library and in that section you can select Tools.
    From the Tools menu you will need to install the Source SDK Base 2013 Multiplayer, those are the base engine files that the game runs on.
    After that you can simply install Kreedz Climbing 2.0 and play without ever needing to buy a Valve game!

    To install KZMod properly, we suggest that you read the KZMod installation guide

    If you are still unable to play the game after installing it please have a look at the installation troubleshooting thread

    What does the 'Update Kreedz Climbing' icon do on my desktop?
    Clicking that icon updates the Kreedz Climbing game files.
    We have automated the process of updating so you dont have to download each update seperately.
    Just double click it and let it run. If you just installed the game we suggest that you do this before playing because we have released many updates.

    Do I have to use the 'Update Kreedz Climbing' everytime before I open KZMod?
    NO, when there is an update, it will let you know with an in-game message that the game needs to be updated.

    I want to start mapping, but I can't get Hammer configured for KZMod.
    When you installed KZMod 2.0 there was a Launch KZ Map Editor icon on your desktop.
    If it is no longer there, navigate to your kreedzclimbing main folder and find that icon there.
    Double dlicking that will set up a base configuration for the game.

    Now I know where I can start mapping, but how do I even begin with it?
    You can start by using KZMod Mapping Tutorial.
    Here you will find a few starters, the rest is up to you!

    For more information or help you can always ask in the KZMod Level Design Forums

    Can I simply add my custom map files to that new readonlycontent folder?
    No that will actually break the KZUpdater so don't even touch it!
    The reason for that folder is not only for the SVN to update easily, but it also will help keep your installation clean, separating custom files from real game installation files.
    Do not put anything in the readonlycontent folder if you make or add custom maps. Use the regular folder for that.

    Where can I change my binds to the keys?
    When you open the Kreedz Climbing 2.0 you will see'Options' in the menu, for these settings:
    - Keyboard
    - Mouse
    - Audio
    - Video
    - Voice
    - Multiplayer

    So if we have the 'Options' menu, why is there an advanced options?
    The advanced options are completely for things that happen inside the actual game (like selecting model sets) turning various in-game things on or off.
    If something in the game seems irritating to you, most likely it can be turned off in the advanced options.

    Can I change the tickrate?
    No, those commands have been removed from the game.

    How many 'disciplines' are there in KZMod?
    1. Normal jumping (classic kz)
    2. Bhop (classic 1.6 style
    3. Bhop Mode (feels like the AXN plugin in 1.6)
    4. Surf
    5. Slide
    6. Long jumps
    7. Power jum
    8. Bungee
    9. Dance
    10. Raceway (also called sliderace in CSS)
    11. Bhop Raceway
    12. Deathtraps
    13. Mixed course (any combination of the aboive in one course)

    You can also see how it's done in the KZMod Gameplay Tutorials section.

    I'm new to the game. What are some good maps for beginners?
    First, make sure you've played through the tutorial.
    The instructions there are vital for the skills you'll have to hone in other KZMod maps.

    Once you've done the tutorial, some good maps to begin with are kz_ghosttown_ez, kz_cliffhanger, kz_crate_delight, and kz_caulis. kz_cathedral, kz_cookbook, kz_fortress, kz_moria, kz_refinery_east and kz_silo all have easy routes along side of the main route. You simply have to choose the EZ timer.

    Why would I want to record a Demo for the World Records list?
    If you think you have the skills on any course to beat the present World Record, or set one on a new course, you can record your best run and submit this. If it is accepted you will be a World Record holder.

    Being a world recordholder sounds awesome! How do I record a demo to become one?
    First of all, please read the KZMod Rules page before demo recording.
    The rules are very important for a successfull submission of your world record, otherwise it will be denied.

    Secondly, start your own LAN server by starting the Kreedz Climbing 2.0 game and pressing 'create server', this option will lead you to some general info about the server, fill in and create the server.

    Thirdly, you record and stop your recording by these commands:
    - record         This is for starting your demo, give it any name you want because you have to rename it afterwards anyway (example: record mybestrun01)
    - stop            This is for stopping your demo, you can find the demo in your Kreedz Climbing 2.0 folder

    You first want to see what time you have to beat or you recorded a demo and want to see if the time is improved?
    You can find a list of the current world records and world recordholders on those maps in the KZMod Records List section.

    I have beaten a current world record holder and my demo is renamed to the right extension, NOW WHAT!?
    Well, you simply upload it to our KZMod Records Submit Demo page, then the demo admins can review your submission and either accept or deny it.

    So my demo got accepted and I have a world record? Now what changed?
    You are a KZMod World Record Holder, congratulations!
    You will get the KZMod World Recordholder icon next to your name, and will also receive special privileges and be added to the Demo's Ranking

    Will my demos still work after 2.0 if you update the game?
    Yes. since the 2.0 release that is no longer a problem.
    This issue was fixed by Valve in the 2013 multiplayer engine we are now using with 2.0.