KZMod Rules

KZMod World Record Recording Rules
These rules are subject to change at anytime.

Things to know before even thinking about it...

The 5 Step Recording Procedure

1. Click "Create Server", select your map from the games main menu.
2. Go to the start of your chosen course (Maps have multiple timer sets!) and use "record chosen_demoname" in the console to begin recording.
3. Turn cheats off and then press the start button and manage the course with 0 Teleports (there is no problem with setting checkpoints but teleporting to any of them is not allowed).
4. Stop recording clearly after the stop button so we can see your time properly. Command: stop
5. Compress the .dem with winrar, and submit your demo.

kz_minimania This map has many courses from their actual main maps. Use the course in the main map instead.
Kz_coop_minis - This map has copies of 2man rooftops from kz_caverns_deep and 2manjourney from kz_ mix_journeys. Do not record those 2 courses from kz_coop_minis.
The other 2 courses on kz_coop_minis are legal because they are not found in any other map (3man legacy and hansolo).

We accept world records for multi-player (2man, 3man etc) courses, but both/all players must submit their demo together for the run to be accepted. These demos must be recorded on a Listen Server (NOT a dedicated one) or it will not be accepted. These demos need to be submitted together in one .rar file.

General Rules and Settings

1. sv_cheats 0 is an absolute must setting.
2. The demo must be recorded in First Person View.
3. The kz_pause function is not allowed in your demos.
4. Any kinds of jump scripts (autobhopscript, etc) are strictly forbidden. The only command that your jump key is allowed to be bound to is "+jump" and you may not install plugins that effect the jump command or any of the air movements, the gravity, view angle (or depth) or any of the special kz_ convars pertaining to friction or timing. In short, you must have the default settings for both your client and your (listen)server to be considered for the demo World Records list.
5. Do not alter ANY configs in the CFG folder, that includes all the map specific configurations. If surf/bhop mode is called from a config, then surf/bhop settings are valid, even if you are doing a jump route in the surf/bhop map.
6. You are not allowed to use ANY type of entity spawning that will change your movement (speedmod).
7. You are not allowed to use ANY type of Turbo joystick hardware or software that presses the jump button superfast automatically.
8. You are not allowed to use ANY type of plugins or commands that would give you an advantage over other jumpers in any way shape or form.
9. Check your demo(s) and make sure that it plays correctly, and that all settings are correct before you submit it to us. Cheating will not be tolerated.
10. "Fakedemos" are strictly forbidden. Nobody is allowed to record any demos with a friends nickname or another username. In the case of any abuse, both involved players will get a lifetime ban from the whole KZMod community for fraudulent behavior. Steam_id...
11. The behavioral rules for this website apply to the behavior in each demo. Read them to know how not to act in your demo. Flaming, etc. will not be tolerated. The same will apply to pornographic, or otherwise offending spraylogos or Art Tool drawings or writings. The Admin has the right to disallow such a demo if he/she feels there is something in your demo that breaks these rules.
12. You are not allowed to gain movement mode changes or movement attributes given by certain other courses in your present course. Each course has its own parameters. You must stick to that courses own parameters.
13. You are not allowed to use suicide to respawn in order to gain any sort of advantage. If you "die" during the run, it is not valid. An exception is a legbreak of a mistake that teleports you backwards to a previous given position before the fall as seen in Deathtrap maps or kz_afterdark as a few examples.

KZMod Special Course Rules

1. On Derby or Target Races, camping while shooting flares for points is not allowed. You must genuinely be trying to get your fastest time while you also shooting down your mechanical opponents along the way.
2. Bungee specific: 2 bounces per target are allowed, at the second bounce you must go for the next target: attach-bounce-float*-bounce-float+cut-next target attach.
3. You cannot use a starting point that required sv_cheats 1, noclip, the Hook, the limited Bungee or any award to get to prior to starting your timer. At the same time you are not allowed to use sv_cheats 1 to alter the position of any physics objects in a map to later be used as a shortcut prior to starting your timer.
4. Maps that contain Award pick-ups: You are not allowed to get the Award pick-ups prior to starting your timer. This includes retrieving a Limited Bungee (example: kz_invasion) or the Boots of the Seeker which are both not classified as an Award pickup.
5. Shooting timers with the pistol is not allowed.
6. Make sure your player name in your demo matches your XJ username!
7. For 2+man demos your usernames need to be seperated by a comma. (kz_caverns_deep_2manrooftops_pizzah,NeeliM_maptime.rar for example)

* = with the bungee still attached or not

Note 1: Breakables may be broken before actually recording the demo. This descision is only for comfortable or easy demo recording only, which may of course, require MANY tries. Otherwise you would have to reload the map after every attempt.
Note 2: You may turn on cheats to noclip to a mini-map/course. Rule number 4 applies to your stating point in that mini map. Just make sure sv_cheats 0 is given before recording.

Demo and RAR naming

It has been decided to keep the full map names written as the bsp: kz_mix_journeys
It has been decided to surround the coursenames with brackets: kz_mix_journeys[bhop_raceway_blue]
It has been decided that the full coursename should be used. Do not shorten any coursenames like "bhrwblue".

The whole demoname should be written in lower case! Upper case or spaces will not get accepted.
The name should be exactly as in the records list: kz_bhop_goldhop_yourname_yourtime.dem (.rar).
In case of a separate course in a map it will look like: kz_bhop_goldhop[faster]_yourname_yourtime.dem (.rar)

Time will be written like in CS 1.6

The final product of a map with multiple courses that you submit is supposed to look like:
kz_mix_journeys[bhopracewayred]_SoUlFaThEr_0532.86.dem will NOT be valid

A regular 1 course map will look like:

The ObsessionSoft Team thanks you for your support and cooperation with these rules and wishes you all the best fair gameplay you can get.