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News: WR Release #733 - 14 New World Records

21/10/18 - 17:55:25

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 28

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ru GoDfreee

ccn_abysm2 done in 03:22.74 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_kzsk_forsaken done in 04:35.48 ( 04:50.51 cz shooting-star )

ar afu

clintmo_bhoptoon done in 00:33.40 ( 00:33.41 bg shNz )
kzro_bhopymag done in 03:28.55 ( 03:51.88 ru Toffifee )

ru Lolwhat

cnd_overblock done in 03:51.94 ( 04:09.73 ar tr33p^.- )

ar rawe

ins_air done in 01:11.71 ( 01:12.24 br R4D14710N )

cn fanzeng

kz_concise[easy] done in 02:41.84 ( 02:42.76 cz fykseN )
kz_concise[hard] done in 02:54.75 ( 02:55.31 cz shooting-star )
kz_kzsca_oasis done in 03:02.35 ( 03:03.03 cn rOboTaa )
kzse_bhopblock[full] done in 01:58.02 ( 02:00.36 pl memek )

ru jocelynflores

kz_kzro_winter done in 10:42.62 ( 13:29.59 ar PepoMerca )

cz fykseN

kzro_darkfury done in 03:19.81 ( 03:26.94 ru DeathClaw )
prochallenge_longjump done in 01:34.04 ( 01:34.53 ru DeathClaw )

bg KOlombus

qcg_ragequit done in 56:30.38 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

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News: XJ Highlight: propane vs. 257

16/09/18 - 16:21:38

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 22

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hello XJ!

I know we're a bit late with this highlight, but I believe such achievements truly deserve more attention than just a simple mention on a LJ update. At the time of writing this newspost the demos themselves are almost 2 years old. Now that we finally got a LJ update out, the jumps are official. Country: Sweden propane pushed the limits of backwards longjumps by landing a 257. Not only that, he also landed the same block with a normal LJ. This gave him a #2 position on the LJ records list.

Country: Sweden propane is not the only player who has landed some serious jumps backwards. Players like Country: Czech Republic max3semne Country: Ukraine Beterok Country: Russian Federation DeathClaw CS 1.6 Recordholder have also pushed limits in the past and gone over 255. There is a great thread on the XJ forums set up by Country: Russian Federation jigsaw CS 1.6 Recordholder about backwards and sideways LJ records, definitely worth checking out.

For this highlight I've asked Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker to showcase the jump. He was able to bring the demo to life with a smooth oldschool flow just as I expected. I also want to highlight some of the other edits that have been done on these demos in case you've missed some of them. It's always interesting to see it through multiple editors eyes, hopefully everyone also gets to see something they enjoy! So thank you Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker and the other editors for your work, and one more time congratulations to Country: Sweden propane for these incredible jumps.

257 Longjump propane (Backwards) by Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker

News: WR Release #732 - 10 New World Records

09/09/18 - 10:30:39

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 31

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ar rawe

ckz_sepulcher done in 02:58.64 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_space2[-md] done in 01:05.70 ( 01:16.46 kr krbunny )
mls_tabyn done in 02:14.24 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )


gbc_pacific_afternoon_rmk done in 05:35.61 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru AeonFlux

kz_j2s_darktower[full] done in 02:06.53 ( 02:13.51 cz shooting-star )

cz fykseN

kz_kzsca_fjellheimen done in 05:02.55 ( 05:07.13 cn rOboTaa )
kzcn_ruins_1956 done in 11:09.23 ( 11:39.90 ru DeathClaw )

ar marc0z]

kz_xj_communitybhop done in 05:47.58 ( 05:48.31 ua sick_ )

ru def1ance

rush_adventure done in 01:46.49 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru MEfro

rush_tower done in 01:39.50 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

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News: Special Map Release - a Kreedz map!

01/09/18 - 17:39:44

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 20

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

My fellow Country: Canada Kreedz Mapper fans,

We appreciate the mostly positive feedback the community has shown toward the state of the current map release system, and today we hope to add to that claim by producing another fun and interesting map.

Just like the waves of players who come into our community and then leave after some years, there have also been generations in our maps as well. As the years go on, it gets easier to forget the roots of our game. A man named Country: Canada Kreedz Mapper and his original creations pioneered the scene and set the standard for what values we still uphold to this day. Although the new maps being released these days don't much resemble the maps which were coming out 15 years ago, that doesn't mean we can't have a [new] map released today with similar climbing structures to this early style!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are here today to shock the world. A true lost piece of art, finished by yours truly, Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper. That's right; A map which was started by Country: Canada Kreedz Mapper himself more than 13 years ago (just before he left the scene) has now just been completed by myself in 2018. We hope the community is able to revel and bask in the glory of days past.

Looking back on yesteryear always makes us reminisce, and this map should evoke some type of nostalgia, especially for older players who have been in the scene a long time. Even if you have not played this map before, it will feel familiar due to the trademark cliff-style cave-climb that Country: Canada Kreedz Mapper was so known for in the youth of our e-sport.

Be careful, as typical with the genre, most falls are fatal, and usually end in a ruined run. Do you have what it takes, to explore this old cave?

Have Fun & Good Luck, on behalf of Country: Canada Kreedz Mapper and Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper!

kz_gigacave by Country: Canada Kreedz Mapper and Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper

Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb

This map has 32 spawns.

News: Group Interview: For those about to climb...

26/08/18 - 13:44:36

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 21

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

...we salute you!

It's time for another interview, this time with multiple players instead of just one. I tried to gather players who make difficult maps look easy. I've personally always hated geeking difficult jumps, so I wanted to have a little look inside the methods these players have for such jumps and maps. It is nearly impossible to gather all these players for a live interview because of the time zones, so instead this was done more as an offline interview. Also due to some heavy language barriers, some of these answers have been modified a little to make them understandable. I found their answers to be a very interesting read, hopefully you will enjoy this too.

Interviewer: Country: Finland Commandeer Mapper
Interviewees: Country: Japan patchouli CS 1.6 Recordholder Country: Russian Federation GoDfreee CS 1.6 Recordholder Country: Belarus throttle CS 1.6 Recordholder Country: Brazil .script Mapper

Click below and get reading!

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News: Map release: 8 new maps

21/08/18 - 02:55:31

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 52

Xtreme-Jumps Maps


Welcome to a new release!


There was an old rule stating that maps should have at least 32 spawns. Since 3 maps this release had less than 32 we started to discuss this old rule. It is no longer needed, but to be on the safe side and allow for servers to play without plugins or a few people testing locally without plugins etc we decided to lower the requirement to 8 spawns. This will be a nice resource saver for mappers, only needing 8 slots instead of 32. Having said that, any map with less than 8 spawns will be rejected. It is the responsibility of the mapper to make sure s/he includes 8+ spawns. Since I don't check the number of spawns for each map before I prepare for the release, this means that if you don't include 8+ spawns it is likely your map won't make that release. You have been warned!

DON'T UPLOAD OTHER PEOPLE'S MAPS! We don't accept old (existing) maps. The mapper needs to upload his own maps. However, if an old map is being updated or fixed, it can be submitted (by its mapper).

Include a demo recording in the rar archive of someone jumping the entire map, even if the map is considered easy. If you ignore that, I will ask for a demo. If you still ignore it, map will not be released until you give me a demo. You are allowed to use (some) checkpoints since I want to see you being able to complete each jump, but don't overdo. Using hundreds of checks and dying doesn't really impress, and you may be forced to do a more reasonable demo.

Also, please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map!
If you don't, I will ask you for one.

Time for some new maps!

ccn_abysm2 by Country: Czech Republic ChiChiN Mapper
Challenge: Average / Hard
Type: Climb
Abysm 2 Screenshot 1
Abysm 2 Screenshot 2
Abysm 2 Screenshot 3
Abysm 2 Screenshot 4
Abysm 2 Screenshot 5

As a sequel to ccn_abysm, this map is meant to be a fair challenge for average players, but relatively easy for extreme map climbers. You start next to a lava lake in a deep abyss. As you climb up you will encounter some tricky jumps that might take some time to figure out.

ckz_sepulcher by Country: Finland Commandeer Mapper
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb / Bhop
Sepulcher Screenshot 1
Sepulcher Screenshot 2
Sepulcher Screenshot 3
Sepulcher Screenshot 4
Sepulcher Screenshot 5

Old school kind of sahara, dust map themed with huge open map view where you can enjoy the bhop and climb ride with its great details of the map and mixtures of jump parts. Map's ending rooms are going darker and deeper.. where your opportunity of doing combos is open! Have fun bhopping!

kz_hollywood_ez by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb / Bhop
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 1
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 2
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 3
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 4
Hollywood_ez Screenshot 5

As someone once said... "one of the western hemisphere's most iconic symbols of pop culture is now climbable. Expect to see some classic Kreedz featured in each of the giant letters on this segmented cliff-style climb map." ..This is the easy version. After climbing the first part you enter a mysterious bhop cave...

kz_hollywood_x by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper
Challenge: Extreme
Type: Climb / Bhop
Hollywood_x Screenshot 1
Hollywood_x Screenshot 2
Hollywood_x Screenshot 3
Hollywood_x Screenshot 4
Hollywood_x Screenshot 5

Bring on the pain! Now the iconic symbol will make you sweat and work for your sanity. If you don't fall down, you get a handful of bats in your face arriving in the cave for the second half. The beautiful cave appears tranquil and peaceful, but appearance can be deceiving and you will have to stay focused not to fall into the water on your way to safety.

kzra_coast by Country: Czech Republic fykseN Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder and Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder
Challenge: Average / Hard
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Coast Screenshot 1
Coast Screenshot 2
Coast Screenshot 3
Coast Screenshot 4
Coast Screenshot 5

Another great map by Spider1 who along with fykseN have made a colorful fresh canyon map with cool bhops. The normal jumps you will enjoy climbing and start experimenting with, to find the fastest way to the end. Enjoy experimenting!

mls_tabyn by Country: Kazakhstan malaysia_007 Mapper Moviemaker
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
Tabyn Screenshot 1
Tabyn Screenshot 2
Tabyn Screenshot 3
Tabyn Screenshot 4
Tabyn Screenshot 5

A Speedrun short map with simple gray theme and nicely put jumps making the climb experience cool and entertaining to play. Run, run, run...and have fun with all the little things!

rush_adventure by Country: Russian Federation Jeronimo Mapper and Country: Russian Federation Counterparts Mapper
Challenge: Average
Type: Bhop / Slide
Adventure Screenshot 1
Adventure Screenshot 2
Adventure Screenshot 3
Adventure Screenshot 4
Adventure Screenshot 5

An adventure map by Jeronimo and Counterparts, where you can rush all the way from the start and combo till the end. Great details and design map theme! Some things might confuse you so pay attention to all the details. Have a great journey!

rush_tower by Country: Russian Federation Jeronimo Mapper and Country: Russian Federation Counterparts Mapper
Challenge: Easy / Average
Type: Climb
Tower Screenshot 1
Tower Screenshot 2
Tower Screenshot 3
Tower Screenshot 4
Tower Screenshot 5

A big tower, created by Jeronimo and Counterparts. With its indoor cosy and very nice jump parts, that fit nicely into the map's design. Can you climb all the way up to the top? Enjoy the details on the way while you can! :)

Finally, some packs to download if you want everything:

All the Screenshots..

All the Maps!

Big thanks to Country: Germany KarLi and some mappers for the map descriptions!


XJ Mapcheck team

News: LJ Update 2018

17/08/18 - 17:52:13

Written by: FAME

Comments: 43

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

You have been waiting for this for a long time and now it is time to present you LJ release with demos submitted during the last couple of years.

New entries:

257 units by Country: Sweden propane (Distance: 257.766 / Jumpoff: 0.320 / Landing: 0.446)

273 units by Country: Korea, Republic of Seoul (Distance: 274.300 / Jumpoff: 0.938 / Landing: 0.362)

Worth mentioning: (demos that are not good enough for top5)

247 bhop by Country: Korea, Republic of Seoul (Distance: 247.972 / Jumpoff: 0.508 / Landing: 0.464)
257 lj by Country: China vLy (Distance: 257.370 / Jumpoff: 0.000 / Landing: 0.370)
257 lj by Country: United States staNioN` (Distance: 257.495 / Jumpoff: 0.438 / Landing: 0.057)
257 ljbw by Country: Sweden propane (Distance: 257.620 / Jumpoff: 0.313 / Landing: 0.307)

You can download all demos in a single archive by clicking here

Best regards,
XJ Staff

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