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News: XJ Premiere: keg - killing edges gracefully by zythH^

05/07/20 - 15:22:23

Written by: Nubz

Comments: 22

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Hello XJ,

It is the end of the week and we are glad to present you a brand new kreedz movie!
keg - killing edges gracefully created by Country: Portugal zythH^ Moviemaker. The movie is showcasing some stylish edgebug/ledge combos in various kreedz maps done by Country: Bulgaria nobody^. Country: Portugal zythH^ Moviemaker managed to create very catchy atmosphere to a rap song. Not an easy task I must say. Usually I am not a fan of kreedz movies edited to rap songs, unless it's done well and that is what you are about to see. A well done kreedz movie.

The movie is build to a fast paced rhythm yet the flow is chill at the same time making watching it very pleasant. You will see Country: Bulgaria nobody^ floating down various kreedz maps making creative choices for multiple edgebugs.
A way of trickjumping that the legendary Country: China k3G once invented.
Great to see this kind of trickjumps still done with passion!

Now I would like to let Country: Portugal zythH^ Moviemaker himself share a few words about this project and his thoughts on it!

Hello XJ community! It has been a while since my last movie hit the frontpage here, but today I managed to finish a project that required a lot work from me. I would like to share my appreciation to Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker Bronze Donator, Country: Czech Republic blackelf Moviemaker and Country: Bulgaria psh Moviemaker Streamer for the help during the creation of the movie, specially Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker Bronze Donator who helped me a lot, without him this movie wouldn't be what it is right now. And with that being said, this project is pretty much a farewell to two kreedz players and we couldn't be happier with the outcome, we sincerely hope you enjoy it as much as we do. And last but not least, thank you nobody^ for giving me the opportunity and believing in me to edit a trickjump movie for this community and you, it was a pleasure to do it for a friend since 2010. Without further a do, there is a list of names I would like to give a big shoutout: Country: France g-Lp CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder, Country: Lithuania Phinx Mapper Moviemaker, Country: China k3G, Country: Finland jusuuh Moviemaker and the people I have been in touch since I signed here, thank you all.


YouTube Link
Video Link


News: WR Release #762 - 32 New World Records

27/06/20 - 15:42:17

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 48

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

kkz_texture will receive a new [full] route: You're not allowed to do the box jump shortcut, you must visit all windows in the large hall and you're not allowed to perform the drop cj shortcut at the end.

ru topoviygus

8b1_hellinashop done in 02:07.44 ( 02:08.08 ru topoviygus )
bkz_volcanobhop done in 01:34.57 ( 01:35.46 kr LeblE )
fu_insane done in 21:09.95 ( 39:03.78 ru topoviygus )
fu_sane done in 03:36.06 ( 03:53.23 ru topoviygus )
kz_hollywood_x done in 04:15.72 ( 05:23.90 cz shooting-star )
kz_kzru_MIR done in 08:08.84 ( 11:22.99 ar ruperto )
kz_kzse_dustbhop_h done in 01:53.14 ( 01:55.86 ru topoviygus )
kz_midnight done in 00:58.14 ( 00:58.91 cz shooting-star )
kzus_bleu done in 01:02.81 ( 01:03.09 ru topoviygus )
muj_dom done in 11:29.88 ( 13:06.35 ar Mboheio )

ru Dolphin

cg_cbblebhop done in 01:04.80 ( 01:06.04 ru Dolphin )
kz_anubis done in 02:35.35 ( 02:35.68 rs promax )
kz_kzlt_femtobhop done in 01:33.13 ( 01:33.38 sk noxeR )
kz_man_nasa[-md] done in 03:59.58 ( 04:04.08 bg DiDo-G )
kzru_sun5hine done in 01:18.37 ( 01:19.18 kr lambdaaa )
kzsca_snakebhop done in 01:08.45 ( 01:08.59 sk noxeR )

ru Toffifee

cosy_temple done in 08:25.93 ( 08:41.91 cz fykseN )
risk_bhop_bunny done in 01:37.12 ( 01:38.53 ru Toffifee )


fu_devhops done in 02:45.58 ( 02:47.48 ru round )

br wlvz

kkz_texture done in 01:17.33 ( 01:21.05 cz shooting-star )

ro w1zz

kz_2001 done in 02:37.88 ( 02:39.59 kr Poter )
rush_rockwin done in 02:40.36 ( 02:44.02 rs voX )
sx_goldrush done in 03:58.30 ( 04:01.24 cz fykseN )

ru round

kz_ins_ancientgardens done in 06:11.64 ( 06:18.77 pl memek )

br surRendi

kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 01:43.90 ( 01:53.43 cz shooting-star )

cn R300K

kz_ludo_ez done in 16:10.67 ( 17:53.19 ru round )

ar Huevo

kz_man_terablock[hard] done in 03:53.32 ( 03:56.09 cz fykseN )

cz shooting-star

kz_stonehenge done in 02:13.36 ( 02:14.47 ro w1zz )

ru DeathClaw

kzm_fineblock done in 02:19.29 ( 02:27.52 cz shooting-star )

bg special

muj_markule[+msh] done in 06:18.44 ( 06:25.55 at Lesic )

pl memek

prochallenge2_longjump done in 01:57.47 ( 02:00.06 cz fykseN )

fi niukkis

qcg_slabs done in 10:36.03 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

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News: ROTM #4 - Dolphin on kzsca_heaven

23/06/20 - 16:35:20

Written by: Nubz

Comments: 27

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello XJ,

As the COVID-19 has raged all over the world, it had a positive effect on the activity of this community. Lately we have seen many oldschoolers around, new projects started and great demos submitted. Lets keep the activity this way!

One of the names noticed on the frontpage lately is Country: Russian Federation Dolphin CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder. He has shown a new level of his skillset and it just could not be unnoticed. Breaking WR's on many known maps such as kz_megabhop, cg_cbblebhop, kzse_ancienthopez and the list goes on.

A run that we present you today as the Run Of The Month #4 is defenitely special: kzsca_heaven done in 01:54.89. A record that Country: Germany shNz CS 1.6 Recordholder took from Country: Russian Federation Dolphin CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder a year ago. This time Country: Russian Federation Dolphin CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder made sure that beating it again wont be easy. Cutting -1.42 seconds from the previous record! Those ledges in the end were magnificent and made the biggest difference, at least in my eyes. Was the ending luck or skill? - Probably both.

Press play, enter this heavenly atmosphere and witness the greatness of kreedz!

Featuring: Country: Russian Federation Dolphin CS 1.6 Recordholder KZMod Recordholder
Map: kzsca_heaven
Time: 01:54.89 (-00:01.42)
Previous holder: Country: Germany shNz CS 1.6 Recordholder
Moviemaker: Country: Finland Nubz Moviemaker Bronze Donator

YouTube Link
WR Release #761


News: WR Release #761 - 31 New World Records

11/06/20 - 13:45:55

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 58

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ru topoviygus

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:26.44 ( 01:27.07 cn fanzeng )
clintmo_longjumper[x] done in 00:05.44 ( 00:05.46 kr LeblE )
kzray_rocky-bhop done in 01:48.84 ( 01:55.83 cn patchouli )

ru Dolphin

cg_cbblebhop done in 01:06.04 ( 01:06.20 bg shNz )
ckz_corsair done in 03:11.07 ( 03:14.05 cz ChiChiN )
kz_cg_venice done in 01:18.60 ( 01:19.02 bg shNz )
kz_megabhop done in 01:29.18 ( 01:29.67 bg shNz )
kz_synergy done in 02:00.99 ( 02:01.38 cn fanzeng )
kzsca_brickvalley done in 02:00.43 ( 02:01.24 rs promax )
kzsca_heaven done in 01:54.89 ( 01:56.31 bg shNz )
kzse_ancienthopez done in 01:24.46 ( 01:25.25 bg shNz )

rs voX

clr_hb_hopez done in 04:20.11 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
nobkz_mst_honduras done in 12:27.90 ( 12:29.71 cn R300K )

ar rawe

fl_secret_temple done in 02:25.25 ( 02:26.99 ru Toffifee )

bg noobsize`assi

ins_air2 done in 01:09.39 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

rs promax

kz_anubis done in 02:35.68 ( 02:36.12 ru Dolphin )


kz_bye_erarock done in 03:26.24 ( 03:31.46 se kayne )

bg DeeDFTW

kz_hb_elITe done in 10:28.50 ( 10:32.72 rs voX )

cz shooting-star

kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 01:53.43 ( 02:09.33 ru sekai )

sk PeZ0

kz_labyrinth[+spiders] done in 05:45.89 ( 06:14.53 sk PeZ0 )

bg special

kz_labyrinth done in 03:43.86 ( 03:45.54 cn yaya )

ru round

kz_ludo_ez done in 17:53.19 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz_wsp_inferno done in 09:15.54 ( 09:28.87 ar Huevo )

bg DiDo-G

kz_man_alienbase done in 00:11.80 ( 00:11.83 cz Hitlooser )

ro w1zz

kz_stonehenge done in 02:14.47 ( 02:14.76 cz shooting-star )
kzro_raincliff[-md] done in 04:13.02 ( 04:24.78 bg DeeDFTW )

at Lesic

muj_markule[+msh] done in 06:25.55 ( 07:41.14 at Lesic )
muj_markule done in 05:27.19 ( 05:38.94 at Lesic )

ru DeathClaw

rpz_downfall[race] done in 00:35.89 ( 00:36.06 fr g-Lp )

us Pizzookie

trC_climbgarden[full] done in 01:29.31 ( 01:29.55 ar marc0z] )

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News: Map Release: 6 New Maps

01/06/20 - 15:24:29

Written by: Chichin

Comments: 35

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

Hey everyone,

We have another map release for you, this time containing 6 maps. We still have some maps ready to be released soon, including kz_longjumps3 and kz_longjumps3_slides. If everything goes well, we're expecting the longjumps3 release to happen in June.

Download all maps in this release: HERE

The maps are:

ins_air2 by Country: Germany hm^ Mapper Gold Donator
Challenge: Easy-Average
Length: Short
Type: Climb, Bhop
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

You know who this mapper is, an old member of the kz mapping community bringing us a fresh map. A map with a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere. The gorgeous texture work here is amazing, and won't let you down. You could see yourself dettaching from this material world while venturing in this heavenly map and exploring what is possible. Surely a pleasant map that won't let you concentrate much on your surroundings.

kz_kzsca_heaven3 by Country: Germany hm^ Mapper Gold Donator
Challenge: Average
Length: Medium
Type: Climb, Bhop, Slide
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Another map by hm^ with a heavenly theme and more bhops, with a pleasant atmosphere that will make your days a bit better in these dark times. Although the map is easy to average, doing a fast run in this will be quite a challenge due to the nature of the bhops and general structure. Perfect for the fans of balanced maps where you bhop a lot but still have to stop for a bit. Keeping up with your expectations is no easy task when it comes to maps like this one.

kz_ludo_ez by Country: Sweden SadPuppy Mapper
Challenge: Easy
Length: Very Long
Type: Climb
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Our favorite puppy, this time, is bringing us an easier version of his ludo map. It is still a journey through various sections. The challenge here is keeping your blocktime and general speed through the entirety of the map, as it is very long. We know hitting consistency is always a challenge, but keeping it for so long in one map is where it gets really tough, even more in an old style climb. Oh, and the map even has its own song! Why is this puppy sad if he can do that?

qcg_slabs_x by Country: Slovakia Qicg Mapper and Country: Poland Okazys Mapper
Challenge: Extreme-Death
Length: Long
Type: Steepslide
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

New map by qicg with a creative texture work and also with very creative steepslides. This technique has completely bamboozled climbers for quite a while. This is the map to explore what is possible to do with this somewhat elusive technique. A very hardcore challenge made for those willing to go to their absolute limits regarding slides. Play this if you're really willing to know what you are capable of.
This map has been updated since the release. Please, re-download it in order to record on it.

qcg_slabs by Country: Slovakia Qicg Mapper and Country: Poland Okazys Mapper
Challenge: Hard
Length: Long
Type: Steepslide
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

Easier version of a really hardcore challenge, made for those willing for an easier, but still challenging map. Even in this easy version, it is still a very good map to explore this technique and improve the diversity of your skills, along with your general sliding speed. It is also a good map to see how fast you can learn something that is hard and still a bit unexplored, and aprimorate it. In a while, if successful, this map will just be an average test for your patience, trajectory and angle precision.
This map has been updated since the release. Please, re-download it in order to record on it.

clr_hb_hopez by Country: Serbia Luxanity Mapper and Country: Serbia tv!X^^ Mapper
Challenge: Average-Hard
Length: Medium
Type: Climb, Bhop
Screenshots: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

A fast but averagely hard map. This is a short journey through a mysterious place with some challenging route but without giving up on the speed criteria. It's a CLARION community map, which some of us here are familiar with. There is a slightly technical climb section in the first room followed by some distance bhops, where you will have to put your strafes at work. See how much you can variate with such changes, which are subtle, but still noticeable.
This map has been updated since the release. Please, re-download it in order to record on it.

Thanks to Country: Norway Gorbachev_x Mapper Streamer for descriptions and everyone else who helped with this release. If you have any feedback for the map admins or mappers, express your thoughts in the comments.

Go record and have fun!


News: ROTM #3 - topoviygus on cg_strafejumpZ

26/05/20 - 22:37:16

Written by: hoLy

Comments: 20

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hey, XJ!

For the third edition of the "run of the month", we present you a map on which another two kreedz masterminds once met. It became highly recognizable for the battle it hosted in 2015, in which Country: Qatar kzz1lla CS 1.6 Recordholder kept cutting
Country: Germany shNz CS 1.6 Recordholder by 2-3 seconds every time, just about when you think there is not a chance. That was the point when everyone, including kzz1lla's opponent, thought that was the last release the map has seen.

Of course, there are many moments in the history of kreedz like that, they create this viscious tension around the map and the joyful release that follows when someone finally proves us wrong, in a way intriguing us of what's to come.

This time around it's Country: Russian Federation topoviygus CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer. We can draw a parallel between him and the previous holder: both gained wide attention by making very contentious records, in a way putting a question mark on public's idea on the limits of the maps they beat. kzz1lla left shortly, topoviygus continues to please our sense of beauty with new records.

One of the things that makes this one for us is the constant feeling of being on the edge during the prolongued combos, which appear to be the main challenge of the map. That is a good indicator of one's skill capacity.

Thanks to Country: Argentina laark1ng Moviemaker for editing this ROTM, this is his first edit appearing on XJ. He sticks to music choices that were more common in the old times, around 2011. It feels a little old-fashioned, but in a good way!

Featuring: Country: Russian Federation topoviygus CS 1.6 Recordholder Streamer
Map: cg_strafejumpZ
Time: 00:55.47 (-00:00.51)
Previous holder: Country: Qatar kzz1lla CS 1.6 Recordholder
Moviemaker: Country: Argentina laark1ng Moviemaker

YouTube Link
WR Release #759


News: WR Release #760 - 34 New World Records

24/05/20 - 19:47:37

Written by: Commandeer

Comments: 57

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


Starting from now, you're not allowed to block standard sounds from steps, shooting, stabbing or receiving any kind of damage while recording. This includes fall damage. Recording plugins that only display health loss on fall damage must be configured to not block the sounds.

ru DeathClaw

cg_coldbhop done in 00:25.46 ( 00:25.56 ru inspare )

ru round

ckz_sepulcher done in 02:35.24 ( 02:36.64 fr g-Lp )
kz_ytt_ancient done in 03:26.72 ( 03:29.64 br script )

ru topoviygus

clintmo_bhopbarrels done in 00:17.62 ( 00:18.05 ru topoviygus )
gbc_script_mimic_m done in 00:39.56 ( 00:43.26 ru topoviygus )
muj_markule done in 00:05.94 ( 00:16.19 br suaV ) - Illegal route

ar CiNdOR^

clintmo_bhopriver done in 00:14.51 ( 00:16.04 ru topoviygus )

hk colcolx

clintmo_longjumper[e] done in 00:57.78 ( 00:57.84 ar rawe )
kz-endo_carrington[-md] done in 02:20.03 ( 02:24.31 ru Hardbitter )

ar rawe

daza_militarybase done in 02:44.60 ( 02:50.70 cz fykseN )

rs voX

kz_airmountain done in 02:56.04 ( 02:59.28 bg 2Dex )
kz_hb_elITe done in 10:32.72 ( 11:01.10 bg DeeDFTW )
kz_hb_fykseN done in 09:30.20 ( 09:44.07 cn yaya )

ru Dolphin

kz_anubis done in 02:36.12 ( 02:36.89 rs promax )
kz_kzsca_heaven2 done in 02:13.39 ( 02:17.06 ru Dolphin )
kz_megabhop_hard done in 01:30.42 ( 01:30.56 bg shNz )
kz_satomi done in 03:10.90 ( 03:12.09 hk colcolx )
speed_ytt_castle done in 01:24.48 ( 01:25.98 hk colcolx )

cn patchouli

kz_bkz_egyptbhop done in 00:07.71 ( 00:07.73 cn patchouli )

bg rampL

kz_frostbite done in 01:23.60 ( 01:48.11 ru topoviygus )

cn R300K

kz_ins_insilio done in 14:15.45 ( 14:59.16 ar Aguslash )

ar emmalahana

kz_kzfr_bhopdwarf done in 00:12.93 ( 00:13.41 ar emmalahana )
kz_man_bhopforest done in 00:05.55 ( 00:05.59 ar emmalahana )
kzfr_bhop_wood done in 00:31.74 ( 00:31.87 ar emmalahana )

ru sekai

kz_kzsca_desertedlab done in 02:09.33 ( 05:22.17 cz shooting-star )

sk PeZ0

kz_labyrinth[+spiders] done in 06:14.53 ( 10:23.70 bg special )

cn yaya

kz_labyrinth done in 03:45.54 ( 04:21.67 bg special )

cn Cute

kz_ludo done in 24:15.22 ( 24:18.33 cn yaya )
kzfr_wallclimb_race done in 03:44.47 ( 03:45.96 cz fykseN )

bg DiDo-G

kz_man_nasa[-md] done in 04:04.08 ( 04:06.63 ru Dolphin )


kz_xj_caseblock_h done in 02:49.94 ( 02:51.99 cn rOboTaa )

bg DeeDFTW

kzro_raincliff[-md] done in 04:24.78 ( 04:26.73 rs voX )

at Lesic

muj_markule[+msh] done in 07:41.14 ( 09:40.06 ar rawe )
muj_markule done in 05:38.94 ( 05:40.78 ru muJik )

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