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News: ROTW #194 - Bibika on kz_j2s_icevalley

15/10/17 - 16:45:59

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 16

Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello XJ,

This map is perhaps one of them eternal maps. It keeps getting beaten. How is that possible? I guess Country: Russia Bibika knows best! Huge thanks also to Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina ~krater~ Moviemaker and congrats for inserting yourself into history!

Featuring: Country: Russia Bibika
Map: kz_j2s_icevalley
Realtime: 02:07.77 (-00:01.02)
Previous holder: Country: Sweden LEWLY
Moviemaker: Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina ~krater~ Moviemaker
Soundtrack: Ofenbach - Be Mine

YouTube Link

This ROTW covers the WR Release #719.

XJ Team

News: XJ Highlights: HiFi by JAIZER

10/10/17 - 12:13:11

Written by: iNsprate

Comments: 16

Xtreme-Jumps Movies

Greetings XJ!

Another worthy piece that quietly fell on chatbox and left unnoticed. This is our attempt to fix that!

There is not much background to this, but apparently two russians made it. JAIZER on the editors table and HiFi as a performer. Oddly enough, I recognize one of them. Jaizer's youtube channel stands since 2011 and he's been through years featured on T3C, MN and others. There lies my first actual memory of him: -link-. Definitely did not expect anything kz related from him.
As for the other one, judging from the jumps, looks like a novice jumper to me. But considering he's been on XJ since '08 its likely he is just a semi-active observer who once in eternity decided to manifest his performance.

The show itself gathers HiFi's attempts at some well known trick-jumps in more of a demoshow form, yet manages to convey a pretty nice tone by inter-jump transitions that doesn't just slip away. The result is a nice watch with a cup of tea. Without further interruption, enjoy the show!

Jumper: Country: Russian Federation HiFi
Moviemaker: Country: Russian Federation jaizer

YouTube Link

News: Map release: 5 new maps

05/10/17 - 05:56:56

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 17

Xtreme-Jumps Maps


how about some new maps?

Just a reminder to mappers first:

We will need a recording of someone jumping the entire map!
Please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map!


kz_ins_2ndbhop by Country: Germany hm^
Challenge: Average (according to mapper)
Type: Bhop
2ndbhop Screenshot 1
2ndbhop Screenshot 2
2ndbhop Screenshot 3
2ndbhop Screenshot 4
2ndbhop Screenshot 5

Let's face it- mpbhops is a terrific plugin and makes life a lot easier for multiple players to co-exist on a public server. But as far as its hindrances go, it definitely has restricted some serious mapper innovation over the years when considering this as a factor toward a map's potential for creativity. That was all thrown out the window here, and the concept of moving blocks to aide map progression finally has a place back in the ranks. Enjoy this slightly-difficult, yet totally-fun adaptation which calls to mind inspiration from other technique maps such as kz_radium and many more.

kz_kzro_mountaineiz by Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
Mountaineiz Screenshot 1
Mountaineiz Screenshot 2
Mountaineiz Screenshot 3
Mountaineiz Screenshot 4
Mountaineiz Screenshot 5

A huge open-world map from Spider1 isn't just unsurprising at this point, its almost completely expected. Two main sections to this map, with the 2nd area being the larger- this map noticeabley has a ton in common with hb_fyksen. A long but fun climb, mostly cliff-style, with a few key risk point's throughout. Best to learn the map with a check-run first.. unless you're feeling daring.

kzro_bhopymag by Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder
Challenge: Easy / Average
Type: Climb / Bhop
Bhopymag Screenshot 1
Bhopymag Screenshot 2
Bhopymag Screenshot 3
Bhopymag Screenshot 4
Bhopymag Screenshot 5

We don't always see Bhop maps from Spider1, but when we do, its an exciting day! A bit on the challenging side here, but still loads of fun nonetheless. Rope ladders, duck-unders, strafe-arounds, you name it. Spider1 kept it interesting, that's for sure- and the environment is rather enjoyable as well. The world appears to be based in some sort of lava-ravine, and you'd imagine escape upwards to the surface would be in your best interest. The nice lighting, colors and textures are enough to keep the jumper engrossed the whole way.

qcg_egyptblock by Country: Slovakia Qicg Mapper
Challenge: Average / Hard (according to mapper)
Type: Slide / Climb / Bhop
Egyptblock Screenshot 1
Egyptblock Screenshot 2
Egyptblock Screenshot 3
Egyptblock Screenshot 4
Egyptblock Screenshot 5

Nothing too exciting in the texture department here. Unfortunately these are some of the more recycled textures in the world of kreedz-based maps, and the lighting is also nothing to write home about. But at least the map brings to the table a sense of individuality when it comes to the jumps within. A touch past the advanced skill level should be required to complete the map- even with checks. Mostly safe, block-like sections, but again another map with high risk points in transitional and connecting areas. Medium in length, it should present a nice challenge for some of our better demo recorders.

qcg_natureclimb by Country: Slovakia Qicg Mapper
Challenge: Average (according to mapper)
Type: Climb / Bhop
Natureclimb Screenshot 1
Natureclimb Screenshot 2
Natureclimb Screenshot 3
Natureclimb Screenshot 4
Natureclimb Screenshot 5

This mapper seems to be evolving in such a short time. Already we are seeing better textures and lighting as well as jump concepts. The jumps are approximately the same difficulty as his last map, but certainly more entertaining and addicting. This is what the XJ Map Team likes to see from a mapper; progression and improvement. Not an extremely long map, but one which will certainly take a few attempts to learn all of the techniques.

Finally, some packs to download if you want everything:

All the Screenshots..

All the Maps!

Thanks to Country: United States Fantasm for the map descriptions,
and Country: Romania Ovidiu Dumitru for having my back and checking maps with me!


XJ Mapcheck team

News: WR Release #720 - 36 New World Records

01/10/17 - 19:28:32

Written by: Nannou

Comments: 58

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ru Dolphin

cg_arizonabhop done in 01:33.21 ( 01:33.41 bg shNz )
kz_kzsca_heaven2 done in 02:17.06 ( 02:17.66 ru Toffifee )

cz shooting-star

cg_d2block_h done in 09:52.49 ( 10:14.13 ru GoDfreee )
imao_darkcavern done in 02:15.86 ( 02:16.68 ru Toffifee )
kz_1man_understock done in 01:04.31 ( 01:04.94 se chip )
kz_dimblock done in 06:07.07 ( 06:10.23 lv akkord )
kz_kzhu_jail done in 01:46.61 ( 01:48.10 cz fykseN )
kznl_mountainpass done in 01:38.46 ( 01:40.79 bg shNz )

bg shNz

cg_islands done in 00:53.81 ( 00:54.43 ru Dolphin )
kz_kzdk_covebhop done in 01:44.67 ( 01:45.58 ru Dolphin )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[+1337] done in 04:29.18 ( 04:37.39 se zhady )
kz_kzsca_still done in 01:48.54 ( 01:50.93 cn MetamorPhose^_x )
kz_megabhop done in 01:31.07 ( 01:31.34 kr lambdaaa )

cn DiLo

holy_lame done in 07:43.62 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

be badgamer

ins_axn_tooncastle done in 00:48.07 ( 00:50.99 ru Dolphin )
kz_bhopwarehouse done in 00:07.58 ( 00:07.61 ar emmalahana )
kz_kzfr_bhopaztec done in 00:20.46 ( 00:20.98 be badgamer )
kz_kzfr_bhopdwarf done in 00:13.54 ( 00:14.32 fr pruno )
kz_man_bhopforest done in 00:05.67 ( 00:07.85 ar emmalahana )
kzfr_bhop_lamborghini done in 00:15.84 ( 00:16.96 be badgamer )
kzfr_bhop_leetyard done in 00:15.80 ( 00:18.91 be badgamer )
kzfr_bhop_wood done in 00:32.42 ( 00:33.12 ar emmalahana )
kzra_axn_tamlair done in 00:52.58 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzro_axn_volcano done in 00:59.65 ( 01:19.38 ru Nannou )

cz fykseN

k_under done in 01:21.94 ( 01:30.37 cz fykseN )
kz_cg_lavacliff done in 02:27.73 ( 02:29.04 ru Nukk )
kz_crs_iceclimb done in 03:12.07 ( 03:14.58 bg shNz )

ar afu

klz_sherbrooke done in 02:42.44 ( 02:48.35 cn DiLo )
risk_compound[full] done in 01:01.20 ( 01:01.39 ar Aguslash )

ar rawe

kz_airmountain done in 03:03.73 ( 03:14.24 ru MEfro )

ru MEfro

kz_kzsca_pyramid_ez done in 03:59.31 ( 04:00.28 ru Toffifee )

ru Hardbitter

kzro_mountainsnow done in 08:46.72 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )


kzro_speedcavescape done in 08:43.49 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ru Toffifee

kzsca_bagdad done in 01:17.61 ( 01:19.30 bg shNz )

cn DeAth^

kzsca_heaven done in 02:03.62 ( 02:11.81 ru MEfro )

cn fanzeng

kzus_desertblock_ez done in 06:50.84 ( 06:51.49 pl neXt. )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.
A big thanks goes to kz-rush team for providing us with youtube release.
This is an experimental release, if you like this new concept then make sure to support me.

Read the rest...

News: WR Release #719 - 37 New World Records

18/09/17 - 16:11:17

Written by: Nannou

Comments: 53

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

de hrznnn

bkz_dqvolski_most done in 01:46.99 ( 01:47.28 cn R300K )

ru Dolphin

cg_islands done in 00:54.43 ( 00:55.28 bg shNz )
dg_winterclimb done in 00:54.17 ( 00:54.64 bg shNz )
jagkz_breezeclimb done in 01:12.48 ( 01:13.01 cn MetamorPhose^_x )
kz_anubis done in 02:38.58 ( 02:41.74 ar Mrjuice )
kz_cg_xtremedesert done in 03:08.18 ( 03:10.09 bg shNz )
kz_hopez done in 02:42.86 ( 02:43.45 bg shNz )
kz_synergy done in 02:03.25 ( 02:03.31 bg shNz )
kzsca_watertemple done in 02:18.05 ( 02:19.48 tw DizZy )

cz shooting-star

kt_aztecclimb done in 00:59.68 ( 01:00.97 ru Bibika )
kz_concise[hard] done in 02:55.31 ( 02:56.22 fi KeltA )
kz_giantbean_b15 done in 01:53.76 ( 01:54.26 ru Toffifee )
kz_j2s_darktower[full] done in 02:13.51 ( 02:19.60 ru AeonFlux )
kz_j2s_darktower done in 01:05.48 ( 01:06.07 br surRendi )
kz_kzro_alienruins done in 08:40.12 ( 12:13.74 ro Spider1 )
kz_kzsca_desk[icecave] done in 05:28.35 ( 05:35.46 cz fykseN )
kz_kzsca_desk done in 04:55.87 ( 04:58.49 cz fykseN )
kz_kzsca_mineblock_ez done in 09:33.59 ( 09:37.02 se LEWLY )
kz_rd_giganticwall done in 06:16.37 ( 06:21.22 pl neXt. )
kzls_smile done in 02:28.35 ( 02:29.58 ru Bibika )
kzro_smalltemple done in 01:12.51 ( 01:12.67 ar Memories )
rd_riverpeak done in 05:37.73 ( 05:43.61 ru MEfro )
risk_xtrm_weaponsfactory done in 02:09.75 ( 02:10.27 se Kraeft )
sb_speedvalley done in 01:47.28 ( 01:48.80 ru Toffifee )
sn_ezycliff done in 02:36.11 ( 02:36.94 cz fykseN )
sn_noobbean_2 done in 03:33.20 ( 03:34.99 us pizza^ )
sn_noobbean done in 02:07.05 ( 02:07.78 ru Bibika )

ru MEfro

kz_airmountain done in 03:14.24 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzsca_heaven done in 02:11.81 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

cz fykseN

kz_concise[easy] done in 02:42.76 ( 02:44.51 ru Bibika )
kz_tropiclimb_b01 done in 03:14.88 ( 03:15.99 fi KeltA )
kzro_mountainsein done in 05:59.76 ( 06:03.33 pl neXt. )
qsk_fractured done in 04:55.66 ( 04:58.29 pl kropeq )

ru Bibika

kz_j2s_icevalley done in 02:07.77 ( 02:08.79 se LEWLY )

ru Nannou

kzro_axn_volcano done in 01:19.38 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

ar rawe

qsk_qube done in 04:12.39 ( 04:36.05 us pizza^ )

cn DeAth^

vee_mojave done in 02:14.37 ( 02:14.91 qa kzz1lla )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: New KZMod Server!

15/09/17 - 17:31:36

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 7

Xtreme-Jumps KZmod

Hello community,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we finally have a place where we can all enjoy the critically acclaimed Kreedz Climbing!

The server is sponsored by Country: Unknown KarLi so huge thanks to him!

Location: Country: France France
Players: 32
Plugins: sourcemod, toplist, /lj (longjump counter) and the rest default KZMod plugins
Uptime: 24/7

The server can also be found on our left column on the website!

If you have any suggestion regarding this server, feel free to use the comment section below!

Hopefully we can do great things with it, like cups, tournaments and other very interesting events. So if you feel like you want to help making KZMod great, send us a message here

So this is it, thank you for your attention!

See ya ingame!

News: Map release: 2 new maps

10/09/17 - 15:37:39

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 19

Xtreme-Jumps Maps


some fresh meat for you! And more to come!

Remember that we still would love Apprentice (xj_ap) maps as well!

Please note: We will need a recording of someone jumping the entire map!

Since I'm not much of a jumper I mostly want to see how a map is done, how jumps are done and get a feeling for how hard it will be to complete without checkpoints. It's mostly a test to see that the map at least is possible to finish. If someone sneaks in impossible maps then we will address it and you'll have to record a demo of someone completing the map without checkpoints. For now, if you can provide a recording of you (or a testjumper) completing the map with a few checkpoints then it likely won't be a problem for someone to make a World Record on it. I just don't think it is needed to bother you to make a demo over and over if you make small mistakes on jumps.

Also, please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map!

kz_airmountain by Country: Argentina CiNdOR^ Mapper
Challenge: Easy
Type: Climb
Airmountain Screenshot 1
Airmountain Screenshot 2
Airmountain Screenshot 3
Airmountain Screenshot 4
Airmountain Screenshot 5

It seems like everyone's favorite choice of climbing style these days is speed-heavy, or maps where the jumps don't have to be bhopped, but easily can be for combo's that deliver a fast progression through the map. CiNdOR^ delivers here on exactly that type of map. A very beautiful floating-in-the-sky mountain theme where the windy sound ambiance lets you know just how much is at stake if you fall. We can always count on CiNdOR^ to deliver the goods when it comes to detail and visuals in his maps and they are present throughout this one, which has a nice balance of both a cliff and block-style jump path. This is the type of map that inspires certain players to come out of retirement, so get ready for some competitive demos!

gbc_script_mimic_m by Country: Unknown Gorbachev_x Mapper and Country: Brazil .script
Challenge: Average / hard (according to mapper)
Type: Jump / slide
Mimic_m Screenshot 1
Mimic_m Screenshot 2
Mimic_m Screenshot 3
Mimic_m Screenshot 4
Mimic_m Screenshot 5

The purpose of the steep up-slide at the start button seems to be a warning to novice jumpers that “this map is not for you.” A short map in terms of the number of jumps within, but one which quickly turns into a long map due to the number of attempts needed to succeed in each area. Be prepared- there will be fails. Not to worry though, the soft purple lighting and the calming choice of music by the mappers somehow seems to be enough to hold back the frustration of not being able to land your jumps. Another precision map added to our rotation with fingers crossed in hopes for a completion.

Thanks to Country: United States Fantasm for the map descriptions!


XJ Mapcheck team

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