News: 25 New World Records

25/03/09 - 21:17:04

Written by: thopa

Comments: 116

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ro w1zz

kz_cg_tower done in 02:15 ( 02:16 fi sambb )

se zhady

kz_kzlt_dementia[+tranquillity] done in 06:14 ( 07:11 lt Fact or Fiction )
kz_cg_extreme done in 07:47 ( 08:22 se zhady )
cg_brick done in 02:46 ( 02:52 us brian )

fr Perfo

kz_man_dreaming done in 11:14 ( 11:22 tw 7D )
kzfr_wallclimb_race done in 05:39 ( 05:40 tw 7D )
kz_arcdetriomphe done in 03:55 ( 03:58 fi sambb )
kz_xj_doubleblock done in 08:47 ( 08:52 cn Zefix )
kz_man_dinocanyon done in 05:57 ( 06:00 ru BupTuk )

de chrizZo

cg_w00tblock done in 07:05 ( 07:11 cn iiN )

dk radon

kzlt_village done in 02:13 ( 02:15 dk radon )

fi mjuuh

kzru_pharaonrun done in 01:49 ( 01:50 fi mjuuh )
risk_lego_firehouse done in 01:56 ( 01:57 se zhady )
kz_xj_ezbrickjump done in 02:13 ( 02:14 ar kunqui )

us Supa

kzfr_bhop_backalley done in 00:21 ( 00:21 us Supa )

fi Flibo

kz_xj_3ways[easy] done in 05:10 ( 05:13 cn iiN )

ar kunqui

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:32 ( 01:33 fr heL^_x )
kzarg_bhopcircuit done in 00:58 ( 00:59 fi mjuuh )

ru DotAntipro

kz_mto_gerudofortress done in 03:42 ( 03:47 ru DotAntipro )
kz_darkness done in 01:58 ( 01:59 ar kunqui )
kz_kzsca_research done in 02:41 ( 02:43 de chrizZo )

us JAy

kzfr_bhop_lamborghini done in 00:18 ( 00:18 us JAy )

cn sKiCg

kz_ruins done in 04:06 ( 04:10 fr loty )
kz_kzdk_bridge2 done in 08:11 ( 08:14 bg balky )

tw 7D

kz_rd_giganticwall done in 06:50 ( 06:51 fi Dujes )

Read the extended news about the the two demos that were removed due to the rule update, and the little sponsoring 'feature' about Steam accounts.

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News: Rules Update, Demorules changed

22/03/09 - 03:27:37

Written by: faker

Comments: 232

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Dear users,

once again the rules have been changed to make them easier to read and understand for everyone out there. This times the demo rules got a brand new structure and some additions which were needed for a long time. Don't forget... we admins are humans just like you and we know that it can be boring and fustrating to read long rules and remember all of then ;)

Here is a complete overview on what was changed:

First of all the demo rules were splitted into several parts to improve the structure of the rules: General rules, NON-Steam rules, Settings, Gamespecific rules, Timer rules, Rules about cheating.

Other than that, there are some pretty important changes:

  • NON-Steam demos are not allowed.
    ->Get a legal copy of Counter-Strike if you want to submit record demos on this site.
  • You are not allowed to use one of the old protocols (eg. protocol 47).
    -> Changes in the protocol might affect the game's physics which could cause slight advantages or disadvantages compared to the latest version.

This rule was introduced because we kept receiving a lot of new records which were recorded on the old protocol - and a lot of complaints about it. Hence: After the next demo release records recorded with a NON-Steam version or the old protocol won't be accepted! So if you still got some records which have been recorded with the old protocol or with a NON-steam version, this is your last chance to submit them.

  • Hook/teleporters: You are allowed to use AMX features like teleporters or hook to get up to places you could climb up as well, means you are allowed to use them as a 'support tool' to save "sensless" climbtime before you start the actual run (because theoretically the same record would be possible without teleport/hook - it would only take much more time to get up there every time before you start a run).
  • BUT: It's not allowed to use teleporters or hook to get an unfair advantage, means gaining more speed or reaching an unreachable spot (to start the run from).
    -> Setting a teleporter or hooking to a precise location and taking your speed and direction with you into that teleporter can be an unfair advantage, because this might give you an additional speedboost (and therefore more speed than you could gain without these AMX features).

There was still a lot of confusion about the new style of startbutton-shortcuts, therfore we felt like a rule (more a clearification) for this situation was needed... Also a lot of people were - and still are - confused about the AXN records which seem to contain a few unreal and unfair ways of getting more speed. The new rule might affect some of these AXN demos, but this will be investigated within the next days (all the AXN demos will be reviewed).

  • Demos with a timerbug (FAQ: What is a timerbug?) will be accepted under special obligations:
    They have to be faster than the current record.
    -> Example #1: Your demo is 12:21 (ingame time) and 12:23 (record time), and the current WR is 12:24 (ingame time) and 12:24 (record time). Your demo is 2 seconds timerbugged, but its still 1 sec faster than the old record, so your demo will be accepted.
    -> Example #2: Your demo is 01:59 (ingame) and 02:01:8 (record time), but the current WR is 02:00 (ingame) and 02:01:4 (record time) � then your demo will not replace the current WR � because it�s slower.
  • Synchronized demos (same ingame & record time) will replace timerbugged demos.
    -> Example: Current WR is 00:36 (ingame) and 00:37.3280 (record time) � then you can beat it by doing 00:36 (ingame) and 00:36:xxx (record time). If you make 00:36 (ingame) and 00:37:1xx (record time) your demo will not replace the old demo since we don�t replace a timerbugged demo with another timerbugged demo.
  • You cannot beat a demo by 0.x or less, unless it falls under the category of the rule above.
    -> Example: clintmo_longjumper[x]_Hanniball_0005.dem has an ingame time of 00:05 and a record time of 00:05:9. This means his demo is synchronized (not timerbugged) and you must make 00:04 ingame and 00:04:x (record time) to beat his demo.
  • On some bugged maps the kz timer isn`t showing any numbers or is bugged about some of them. In cases like that we will determine your time using Fps death according to circumstances.
    -> This is a map related timer bug, therefore this only applies for bugged maps.

One of the major changes in the demo rules since the beginning of KZ, which hasn't been added to the rules until now. Hopefully this will help to explain the changes made after the latest poll, to improve/solve the huge problem with the incorrect timers and the famous timerbug.

News: 26 New World Records

20/03/09 - 23:42:26

Written by: thopa

Comments: 123

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

tw 7D

kzcn_mahjong done in 10:08 ( 10:15 us SilverNinja )
sn_warehouse done in 02:18 ( 02:19 fi sambb )
kz_man_climbersxp done in 14:06 ( 14:09 dk PuppetZ^ )

bg CrAzY

kz_adventure2 done in 06:01 ( **:** n-a n/a )

fi Flibo

kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[+1337] done in 04:42 ( 04:56 se zhady )

cn iiN

cg_w00tblock done in 07:11 ( 07:28 de chrizZo )
kz_xj_3ways[easy] done in 05:13 ( 05:25 de chrizZo )
kz_xj_brickjump done in 02:41 ( 02:42 se Messing )

lt Gnomas

kzro_smalltemple done in 01:20 ( 01:22 us Supa )
kz_xj_mounthard done in 01:48 ( 02:03 cn sKiCg )

cn Zefix

kz_cursed_tomb done in 07:37 ( 07:46 se Messing )

us Supa

sld_bside_winter done in 01:14 ( 01:14 fi KeltA )

ru DotAntipro

kzblt_zigzaghop done in 02:43 ( **:** n-a n/a )
kz_mto_gerudofortress done in 03:47 ( 03:48 cn sKiCg )
prochallenge_bhop done in 02:23 ( 02:27 ar kunqui )
cg_coldbhop_v2 done in 00:56 ( 00:56 ca Bibo )

dk radon

kzlt_village done in 02:15 ( 02:21 dk radon )

fr heL^_x

bkz_goldbhop done in 01:33 ( 01:33 ar kunqui )
kz_ancient_tomb done in 04:43 ( 05:05 us Supa )
kz_chinabl0ck_ez done in 03:44 ( 03:47 de chrizZo )
kz_excavation done in 03:26 ( 03:40 ar kunqui )

lv akkord

kz_kzlv_wanderer done in 04:14 ( 04:15 se LEWLY )

de chrizZo

kz_exodus_hard done in 02:36 ( 02:42 de chrizZo )

se omilo

cg_islands done in 00:59 ( 00:59 gb soul|ftw )

bg balky

kz_kzdk_bridge2 done in 08:14 ( 08:21 cn 007 )

cn sKiCg

kz_kzdk_digger done in 04:07 ( 04:11 cn sKiCg )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didnt quite make it.

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News: Mapping contest v3 - Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

20/03/09 - 12:41:19

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 60

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

As you might have noticed there's been a while since the last mapping contest, so now it's time to kick it again!

And of course with a mapping contest we need a few guidelines:

§ You can do it in whatever difficulty you want, but preferably Easy to Average so everybody can jump it.
§ The length should be around ~4 minutes. (Jump time)
§ There's no need to sign up for anything, just have your map ready when the deadline is.
§ Deadline: 1'st of May

Do I name my map anything specific?
Yes, name it "7wonders_nickname"

So I have a map done, how do I submit it?
You host it somewhere for example -link- and send the link to kz`Moxx in #Xtreme-jumps @ Quakenet, or upload it to the map FTP via the site.

So how does the voting work?
Depending on how many maps we get, the administrator team will pick out 2 or 3 maps that they like, and then the public will pick the winner!

And the special theme for this contest is Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and of course you can pick any building within this theme.
But NOT Lighthouse of Alexandria since there's already a map with that theme, kz_kzfr_alexandrie.

And as a little reminder, Deadline: 1'st of May

Prize: 3 months VIP

Im looking forward to your maps, let the competition BEGIN!

News: Five mapcheckers and four cup adminis

15/03/09 - 22:10:26

Written by: kz`Moxx

Comments: 106

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

The votes have been counted and we have some new folks heading for Xtreme-Jumps, five map checkers and four cup administrators.
As you all know from the last "pickup" by us, there is an evaluation period of two weeks, which basically means that you will do the work for two weeks, then we will pick the ones we think is doing the best job.

Anyway, the happy chosen ones are:

Map checkers:






Cup Admins:





Congratulations! And we wish you all a happy time at Xtreme-Jumps and we hope you and we will be happy with our choice.

News: 28 New World Records

14/03/09 - 23:24:08

Written by: thopa

Comments: 118

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

se Messing

kz_cursed_tomb done in 07:46 ( 07:51 cn Zefix )

se zhady

kz_cg_extreme done in 08:22 ( 09:02 se zhady )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[+1337] done in 04:56 ( 05:14 fi Flibo )

cn sKiCg

kz_stealthhangar done in 03:32 ( 03:40 fi ePEli )
kz_kzdk_digger done in 04:11 ( 04:14 cn Zefix )

ar kunqui

kz_ea_oldgraveyard done in 01:05 ( 01:06 se zhady )
zr_hetablock[hard] done in 01:26 ( 01:29 us Supa )

ru BupTuk

clintmo_bhopriver done in 00:19 ( 00:20 fi mjuuh )

de StormZz

clintmo_bhoptoon done in 00:36 ( 00:36 ru Cordyline )

fi Flibo

kz_j2s_nightcanyon done in 02:13 ( 02:15 ar kunqui )
kz_kzfr_rabbithighway[-1337] done in 03:25 ( 03:27 fi Flibo )
kz_tomorrow done in 06:23 ( **:** n-a n/a )

fr heL^_x

kz_spain done in 03:23 ( 03:24 se Messing )
dg_winterclimb done in 00:57 ( 00:58 us brian )
j2s_westbl0ck done in 02:51 ( 02:53 ar kunqui )
kz_nolve done in 02:40 ( 02:43 ar kunqui )
kz_stoneblock_ez done in 01:54 ( 01:57 us brian )
kz_xj_mountez done in 01:18 ( 01:18 us brian )

de chrizZo

kz_chinabl0ck done in 03:59 ( 04:14 us Supa )

fi mjuuh

kzse_bhopblock done in 00:14 ( 00:14 ca Bibo )
kzru_pharaonrun done in 01:50 ( 01:54 fi mjuuh )

dk PuppetZ^

kz_man_climbersxp done in 14:09 ( 14:24 de Mooney )
kz_climbersxp_b03[easy] done in 09:48 ( 09:54 de Mooney )
kz_man_congo_b01[-carpets] done in 05:02 ( 05:03 fi Dujes )

dk radon

kzlt_village done in 02:21 ( **:** n-a n/a )

us Supa

risk_compound done in 00:10 ( 00:10 us Supa )

fi KeltA

sld_bside_winter done in 01:14 ( 01:15 us Supa )

il s1gh

kz_beachmountain done in 04:20 ( 04:32 ro dadadaXD )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didnt quite make it.

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