News: ROTW #196 - fykseN on uq_suncliff, ROTW #197 - Chasquido on kz_xj_rockblock, ROTW #198 - surRendi on kz_j2s_darktower

19/02/18 - 11:30:49

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Xtreme-Jumps ROTW

Hello community,

Not really a surprise since it was announced on the "What's going on" box on the right side menu, but it is a surprise as to how it's made. And Country: Portugal zythH^ made it possible. Made them all possible, yes, all 3! I've got to say that, personally, this has to be my favorite edition yet! It's just something about it that keeps you moving!

Featuring: Country: Czech Republic fykseN CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: uq_suncliff
Realtime: 01:47.14 (-00:01.92)
Previous holder: Country: Bulgaria shNz
Moviemaker: Country: Portugal zythH^
Soundtrack: Calyx & TeeBee - Scaramanga (ft. Mortlock)
This ROTW covers the WR Release #721.

Featuring: Country: Argentina Chasquido CS 1.6 Recordholder
Map: kz_xj_rockblock
Realtime: 01:22.33 (-00:01.81)
Previous holder: Country: Sweden kayne
Moviemaker: Country: Portugal zythH^
Soundtrack: Calyx & TeeBee - Scaramanga (ft. Mortlock)
This ROTW covers the WR Release #722.

Featuring: Country: Brazil surRendi
Map: kz_j2s_darktower
Realtime: 01:05.46 (-00:00.02)
Previous holder: Country: Czech Republic shooting-star
Moviemaker: Country: Portugal zythH^
Soundtrack: Andrew Bayer & Matt Lange - In and Out of Phase feat. Kerry Leva (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)
This ROTW covers the WR Release #723.

YouTube Link

XJ Team

News: Kreedz Climbing - Cup #1

17/02/18 - 14:22:00

Written by: KarLi

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Xtreme-Jumps Tourney

Winner: Country: Argentina rawe CS 1.6 Recordholder Gold Cupwinner - VIP for 1 month!

Second place: Country: Russian Federation Toffifee CS 1.6 Recordholder Gold Donator Silver Cupwinner - VIP for 1 month!

Third place: Country: Romania Cobrex Mapper Moviemaker Bronze Cupwinner - VIP for 1 month!

Tournament tree: -link-

Scheduled: 25 February, 18:00 to ~21:00 CET

Cup Server IP


by FireWolf

Cup details

Gametype: 1v1, 16 players maximum
Format: Format: single elimination; 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 -bronze, Bo3; finale - Bo5
(strike out 1 map for all stages)
Prize pool: 1st place 1 month VIP , 2nd place 1 month VIP , 3rd place 1 month VIP .
Tournament tree: - Tree is shuffled 30 minutes before the cup starts

Round 1:





Schedule: Matches are played non-stop. First match starts at 18:00 CET, then average time for Bo3 = 15 minutes, for Bo5 = 25 minutes


Signups: Just leave a comment in the comments section to sign up for the cup.
Pickups: if a participant gave away his slot before the Cup launch, then 25th sign up is invited (respond must be given in a short time). If participant is not shown as it's his match time, then pickups are made on the stream channel; first to respond on admins request counts in..


Match time - 5 minutes, rematch - 2 minutes.

Camping more than 5 seconds will lead you to defeat. Camping is determined on admins agreement in non-standard situations. Don't fool around or jump to the block and back repeatedly.

If the participant has not shown up as it's time to play after 5 minutes, then defeat and a short ban time can be applied.

A participant is obliged to leave the server after his match has finished; unless admin allowed him to stay.

We do not bear responsibility for experienced lags, whether they are caused due to your connection problems or system spikes. However, if it heavily affects your game, you can request a rematch. It's possible only with opponent's agreement.

Disobeying admin's instructions will get you disqualified or banned from one or multiple Monthly Cups.

Being warned by admin 3 times will get you disqualified from the tournament and banned from one or multiple Monthly Cups.

Monthly Cup rules can be updated and differ from each other, depending on format and theme.

Spectating and administration

Cup admins: Country: Germany Zord, Country: Germany KarLi, Country: United States p0ker Silver Cupwinner, Country: Germany pacMan KZmod Recordholder Bronze Donator

Keep yourself updated

Xtreme-Jumps Steam group - announcements start a few hours before Cup launches, then for every stage as it's progressing.

Monthly Cups Update section - contains all the Monthly
Cup concerned updates for each Cup.

News: 3 New DemoAdmins

15/02/18 - 17:09:39

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos

Hello community,

It gives us great pleasure to announce that we have managed to put up together a strong team consisting of 3 new admins that will take care of Demo Releases from now on.

Country: Bulgaria Fiveshot
Country: France heL^_x
Country: Finland Commandeer

These are the new demoadmins that will make sure things go smoothly in their department. So from now on expect fast and frequent releases. Hopefully we ran out of bad luck and things will finally take a turn for the better!

Let's give them a warm welcome and let's thank them for stepping up! Your help is highly appreciated!

See you guys soon with more exciting news!

News: WR Release #723 - 37 New World Records

11/02/18 - 17:16:32

Written by: KarLi

Comments: 51

Xtreme-Jumps Demos

ru Hardbitter

bkm_tbt_LondonStation[full] done in 02:00.01 ( 02:00.55 ar Cupe )
bkz_dqvolski_most done in 01:42.41 ( 01:46.99 de hrznnn )
bkz_wallblock[-md] done in 02:12.18 ( 02:13.28 ru Toffifee )
clintmo_dday done in 02:22.65 ( 02:24.85 ru Hardbitter )
fu_evening done in 04:54.77 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kz-endo_carrington done in 02:24.31 ( 02:27.71 cn Zzz` )
kz_kzro_roscbhop done in 01:53.36 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
kzro_excitedbhop done in 06:36.11 ( 07:05.77 cn Zzz` )
prochallenge2_bhop_hard done in 04:32.95 ( 04:38.29 ru round )
xj_ap_abyss done in 01:09.11 ( 01:11.02 ru Hardbitter )

cz fykseN

bkz_cityblock done in 02:27.46 ( 02:29.92 us pizza^ )
kz_adventure done in 02:00.18 ( 02:01.78 ru DeathClaw )
kz_j2s_sunblock done in 04:08.50 ( 04:10.39 us pizza^ )
kz_kzfr_treeclimb done in 06:37.07 ( 06:40.77 se kayne )
kz_kzsca_bastion done in 09:26.64 ( 09:46.55 pl kropeq )
kzm_tinymountain done in 02:47.95 ( 02:48.43 us pizza^ )
prochallenge2_longjump done in 02:00.06 ( 02:01.10 pl memek )
px_pharoah done in 01:52.23 ( 01:53.79 cz shooting-star )
rr_dangerblock done in 02:41.44 ( 02:43.44 ru Toffifee )

kr LeblE

clintmo_longjumper[x] done in 00:05.46 ( 00:05.55 kr Ranma )

ar sTn-

cnd_overblock done in 04:09.05 ( 04:09.73 ar tr33p^.- ) - custom models (blockmaker)

ar afu

dark_ages done in 09:24.43 ( 09:46.63 fi ajuhhhhh )

by throttle

dyd_horizon done in 03:27.40 ( 03:50.12 cz shooting-star )
kz_return done in 10:00.16 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
rush_countless done in 04:50.87 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

bg transcendence

k_sun done in 04:52.02 ( 05:01.18 bg klinch )

cz evolution

kz_beyond done in 05:51.16 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )
qcg_natureclimb done in 08:39.27 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

br surRendi

kz_j2s_darktower done in 01:05.46 ( 01:05.48 cz shooting-star )
kz_starwars_deeja done in 02:11.28 ( 02:14.43 fi KeltA )

ro Spider1

kz_jro_hb_EnquaerX done in 04:39.62 ( **:**.** n-a n/a )

kr Sakiko

kz_satomi done in 03:12.15 ( 03:13.55 kr Sakiko )

bg shNz

kz_xj_mounthard done in 01:27.33 ( 01:29.90 cn rOboTaa )

ru GoDfreee

kzua_zp_godroom_h done in 10:58.91 ( 14:49.77 se lrs )
kzua_zp_hamunaptra_x done in 18:51.75 ( 21:16.62 se lrs )

ar Mrjuice

nfs_longjump done in 00:25.10 ( 00:25.30 bg shNz )
nfs_longjumpez done in 00:24.43 ( 00:24.50 bg shNz )

Read the extended news post for demos that were improved or didn't quite make it.

Read the rest...

News: A private conversation...

10/02/18 - 21:56:48

Written by: Ovidiu Dumitru

Comments: 86

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

Hello community,

Due to the recent chatter caused by inactivity, I had a talk with a guy I respect and later on it crossed my mind to post the entire conversation, hoping it will answer some questions you guys have. It will also give you a look into my mind right now and how I'm looking at this entire situation. It's a private conversation, but fame gave me the greenlight to post it.
Perhaps some of you won't get the point of this, perhaps some will, but at least it shows you I'm VERY OPEN to anything. (and sorry for the English, it is just raw material)

4:56 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: what do you suggest?

5:04 PM - FAME: just like you lowered mapchecking standarts you need to do the same for demochecking. you don't need to check every demo for cheats but rather only suspicious demos and for such job you already have me and some other people in the background
5:05 PM - FAME: recruit a person who's going to make releases with some basic demo analyse, you don't need anything more than that
5:07 PM - FAME: there's still a lot of people who want to help, I recently found 5(!) demo admins for cosy
5:07 PM - FAME: and from what X told me, both X and X want to help with xj demo releases

5:07 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: X I know
5:08 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: ok, you are right
5:08 PM - [#kzro]CyclopP: this is how we will do it
1:41 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: is it possible you can contact some guys you know that are willing to help pls?
1:41 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: Im doing that as well, but both X and X are offline

1:42 AM - FAME: the thing is that I don't know who wants to help
1:42 AM - FAME: X told me about X and X but I'm not sure whether it's true
1:43 AM - FAME: it would be better if you make a post or something

1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: X said he wants to help, he didnt specifically asked for demo part
1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: he only wanted to take care of things around the website
1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: nothing specific
1:43 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: like moderating it

1:44 AM - FAME: I bet X doesn't really want to take care of demos as well
1:44 AM - FAME: at least he said that he doesn't have time for it @ cosy

1:44 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: the system should had been changed long ago
1:45 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: those who were in charge while there were still active admins should had thought of this

1:46 AM - FAME: idk... people don't need much nowadays, they're fine as long as there are regular releases

1:46 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: thats true
1:46 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but im not fine with that

1:47 AM - FAME: they don't even talk about csgo or kzmod anymore

1:49 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its so frustrating, trust me
1:49 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: having all the pieces to the puzzle but no way to connect it

1:52 AM - FAME: why you don't consider passing CEO position so someone else?
1:53 AM - FAME: I mean when people are not happy with you and you don't want to leave it looks like some kind of dictatorship

1:53 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: so there arent anyone to take care of some damn demos, but there is one to take care of everything?
1:53 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: this website isnt a country, dont think like that
1:53 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: XJ is something private, who belongs to someone, even tho its opened to public

1:54 AM - FAME: no one is going to offer their help unless you ask for it

1:54 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: someone is paying for it, from their own pocket, its not crowd funding, like in a state
1:55 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: this is all im doing, asking
1:55 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: thats the problem
1:55 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and no one is offering

1:57 AM - FAME: lets see what X/X say, if they want to take CEO position I'd honestly give them a try
1:58 AM - FAME: like, it can't lead to something bad

1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: that will never happen
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: I am overseeing everything
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: COO, Manager etc is something else
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: Im open to that
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and admins
1:58 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: not ceo
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: why they seek for a title?
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: it matters if it says CEO or COO ?
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: or what?
1:59 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: what you guys is asking for is not logical

2:00 AM - FAME: I think they just want full control over website so they could bring their ideas to life

2:00 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and you just said X doesnt even have time to take care of demos in CC, which is a small community, but he has time to lead XJ?
2:00 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: they can do that from any position
2:00 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: have I ever shut you down on smt you came at me?

2:01 AM - FAME: many admins were complaining that they don't have access to do something they could help with

2:01 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: thats technical man, its not me
2:01 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: or someone else
2:01 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its simply technical
2:02 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: technology
2:02 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: come on, i dont see any viable argument here
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: if you guys really care (not talking to you directly), everyone who is talking now, should have come to me, or should have asked to come at them, doesnt matter, and say
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: hey ovidiu, I want to help you with this and this
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: ok, next guys, ovidiu, i can do this
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: so and on
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but that never happened
2:03 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: only X and X did that

2:05 AM - FAME: everything was much easier when X was around

2:05 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: and you know what? the simple fact that they are talking this nonsense now it clearly shows they are not ready nor prepared to lead a community
2:06 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: they arent even ready for basic things, like a demo release

2:06 AM - FAME: so just announce that you're looking for COO/CTO and I bet you find someone

2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: like I found 8 coders for the new website
2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: where are they now?
2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: where are all the accepted admins?
2:07 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: like I said, its easier to talk on chatbox that to do actual stuff
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: i dont mind that
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: for the simple fact THIS IS a democracy, I let them talk trash
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: otherwise I wouldnt had
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: you worked with me, how many times I was wrong?
2:08 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: how many times I took bad decisions?
2:09 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: when I recruited you, literally 99% of the community bashed me
2:09 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: I took that shit because I knew it was a good decision
2:09 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: do you think it was easy for me?

2:11 AM - FAME: now you have to make another decision regarding xjs future
2:11 AM - FAME: otherwise it's not gonna end well
2:11 AM - FAME: I understand that people don't want to help etc, but still you have to find some solution

2:15 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: the only real solution I know it will save and bring XJ to another level is only if I work my ass off, which im curently doing, so I can actually help XJ with more than some work. XJ needs money, needs money for a new website. It needs money for various projects that will change XJ. One admin now who will do some demo release and after 1 month it will quit will not save XJ.

2:25 AM - FAME: I would love to see a new website but as for me it's kinda irrational to go for it considering current users activity, it simply doesn't worth it

2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its connected
2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: its a two ways street
2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: you need new website (and big projects) for big activity
2:26 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: but then you need big activity to justify a new website
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: btw just crossed my mind
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: would you mind if I take this conversation and post it on frontpage?
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: as a news
2:39 AM - [#kzro]CyclopP: it will answer a lot of questions and it will give them a chance for a look into my mind right now

2:41 AM - FAME: yeah I don't mind

So yea, this is it. Normally I wouldn't have done this, but I think you guys deserve it. I'm aware it is not much, but at least you've read some honest words. It is just something for the night. I will prepare actual news in the meantime.
Please use the comments section below to share your ideas. I'm open to anything.

Best regards,

News: Map release: 3 new maps

23/01/18 - 10:50:15

Written by: SadPuppy

Comments: 25

Xtreme-Jumps Maps


As previously stated...

DON'T UPLOAD OTHER PEOPLE'S MAPS! We don't accept old (existing) maps. The mapper needs to upload his own maps. However, if an old map is being updated or fixed, it can be submitted (by its mapper).

Include a demo recording in the rar archive of someone jumping the entire map, even if the map is considered easy. If you ignore that, I will ask for a demo. If you still ignore it, map will not be released until you give me a demo. You are allowed to use (some) checkpoints since I want to see you being able to complete each jump, but don't overdo. Using hundreds of checks and dying doesn't really impress, and you may be forced to do a more reasonable demo.

Also, please write down what you feel is an appropriate skill level description for the map! If you don't, I will ask you for one.

Time for some new maps!

fu_evening by Country: Romania FuZzy1 Mapper
Challenge: Easy (according to mapper)
Type: Climb / Bhop
Evening Screenshot 1
Evening Screenshot 2
Evening Screenshot 3
Evening Screenshot 4
Evening Screenshot 5

FuZzy1 cut us a break this time and offered us a bit of a more casual challenge. A speed/climb map with small block sections strewn about which are connected with intertwining bhop paths. Tons of combos and pace-pushing are possible here. Enjoy the soft orange glow of the morning light effects and the sound of birds chirping all-throughout this peaceful naturescape.

kz_kzro_roscbhop by Country: Romania Spider1 Mapper CS 1.6 Recordholder KZmod Recordholder
Challenge: Easy (according to mapper)
Type: Climb / Bhop
Roscbhop Screenshot 1
Roscbhop Screenshot 2
Roscbhop Screenshot 3
Roscbhop Screenshot 4
Roscbhop Screenshot 5

Spider1 continues to deliver consistency if nothing else. Although he reused some textures from previous maps, the feeling of familiarity is appreciated in the abstract world of this mapper. Mixed bhop and climbing, and average difficulty and length, we'll never complain when receiving such goods from a well respected mapper.

rush_countless by Country: Russian Federation dydka Mapper
Challenge: Hard, not extreme (according to mapper)
Type: Climb / Bhop / Slide
Countless Screenshot 1
Countless Screenshot 2
Countless Screenshot 3
Countless Screenshot 4
Countless Screenshot 5

The release wouldn't be complete without an extreme map from our comrades in the east. Even though the challenge is too demanding for most players, the map build is still very intelligent which can be appreciated by all. A very simple, clean and calming atmosphere, with gentle features yet vicious and exotic jumps. With all the level changes and angled bhops to deal with, let alone the slides and other goodies, practice is definitely going to be needed on this one.

Finally, some packs to download if you want everything:

All the Screenshots..

All the Maps!

Thanks to Country: United States Fantasm for the map descriptions,
and Country: Romania Ovidiu Dumitru for having my back and checking maps with me!


XJ Mapcheck team

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