News: New cupadmins!

20/08/05 - 20:54:18

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


As promised, we are gonna announce the new admins now. There was lots of applications and I have to tell you, it wasn't easy to choose. The new admins are rad0n- & RebuZ! We would like to welcome you to the Xtreme-Jumps crew and we wish you to have a great time with us!

News: 6 New Demos

18/08/05 - 19:16:59

Written by: steve

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_man_terablock[easy] done in 06:46 ( 06:48 by Alts!cH )
kz_man_terablock[hard] done in 04:31 ( 04:33 by a0ke )


clintmo_bhopbarrels done in 00:28 ( 00:30 by rerrE )
clintmo_dday done in 02:58 ( 03:09 by clintmo )
rr_inside^outside done in 03:51 ( N/A )


kz_stonehenge done in 02:56 ( 03:08 by FikoN )

update ernstaugust

The application store has been closed ;)
You can't apply anymore, we will pronounce the new admins on Saturday night.

News: Coding staff!

18/08/05 - 01:14:59

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


After an admin meeting earlier today, we decided to get ourselfs a coding staff. We already have two coders, Basic-Master and mypTx. And we recruited another one, eDark, the creator of fps-Death!

mypTx, msl (mIRC Scripting Language)
Basic-Master, c++
eDark, dbasic (Dark Basic)

We would like to welcome eDark into the crew and we wish you a great time with us in Xtreme-Jumps. :)

We will also re-arrange the admins-page soon with a better lay-out.

News: Demos *update*

15/08/05 - 23:28:33

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps Demos


It's been a while since we last updated with demos. Got 5 new ones from me (FikoN) and Target-.


kz_cornsilo done in 5:37 ( N/A )
kz_stonehenge done in 3:08 ( 3:10 by KNiFAER )


kz_wsp_islandclimb done in 5:36 ( 06:53 by kimo )
kz_man_bigezclimb done in 11:56 ( 12:33 by FikoN )

UPDATE by Target-

new demos by:


kz_ea_goldenblock in 07:05 ( 08:57 by FikoN )


kz_man_australia in 04:10 ( 04:14 by HoHo^ )

Get them in the demo-section [members only].

News: We are searching for cup-admins!

13/08/05 - 23:10:34

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


Since we have been running low on cups lately and an admin left our staff, we are searching for 2 new admins! These new admins will become cup-admins only. Which means you will only get to access our cup-server and our irc-channel. And you have to be very interested in cups because we don't want cup-admins that aren't doing cups. :) Do you feel like you would fit for the job?

Apply here!

We will announce who the new cup-admins will be next saturday, 21.00 (GMT +1)

News: An admin left our staff!

13/08/05 - 19:48:26

Written by: e107

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Xtreme-Jumps XJ


I'm sad to announce that DerKleineNils have to leave the Xtreme-Jumps adminstaff. The reason why he was kicked out was that he couldn't handle the channel rules (the language-rule) and that he didn't have enough english skills.

And as you have noticed, we haven't hosted so many cups lately. We are trying to change that and we are currently searching for a solution for this problem.

News: Demo Release

09/08/05 - 21:43:06

Written by: tarGet

Comments: 90

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kt_aztecclimb done in 01:48 ( 01:50 by Nicla$$ )
kt_megacliff done in 04:16 ( 04:25 by Nicla$$ )
kz_man_neighbourhood done in 09:12 ( 09:29 by FikoN )


kz_ea_harbor done in 04:46 ( N/A )


zr_hetablock[ez] done in 05:45 ( 05:59 by seaK )


kz_wsp_marioland in 04:47 ( 04:53 by prefa )


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