News: Demo Release

09/08/05 - 21:43:06

Written by: tarGet

Comments: 90

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kt_aztecclimb done in 01:48 ( 01:50 by Nicla$$ )
kt_megacliff done in 04:16 ( 04:25 by Nicla$$ )
kz_man_neighbourhood done in 09:12 ( 09:29 by FikoN )


kz_ea_harbor done in 04:46 ( N/A )


zr_hetablock[ez] done in 05:45 ( 05:59 by seaK )


kz_wsp_marioland in 04:47 ( 04:53 by prefa )


News: Cupstats on the website!

06/08/05 - 00:03:59

Written by: e107

Comments: 29

Xtreme-Jumps XJ

OddYsseus and MypTx have recently made it possible to see the cupstats on the website (I'm kinda late with the newspost so most of you probably noticed it already). It shows all players that have played a cup and their current stats. It's getting updated automatically each time a cup has been finished.

It doesn't have a search-function as some of you might want to use to find a specific name. But on most browsers you can press Ctrl+F and search for the name you want to see the stats of. Hope you'll begin to use this tool cause I don't think they scripted it for nothing. :)

Click here to see the current cup ranks.

News: 4 New Demos

04/08/05 - 20:08:28

Written by: steve

Comments: 74

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_faw_cathedral_h done in 04:28 ( 04:34 by t0ffo )


kz_chinabl0ck_ez done in 04:48 ( n/a )
kz_chinabl0ck done in 05:21 ( 05:24 by HoHo^ )
kz_ea_oldgraveyard done in 01:17 ( 01:30 by kimo )

News: A new map! One hard & one easy version

04/08/05 - 18:01:20

Written by: e107

Comments: 46

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

A new map has been released by Moxx! It's called kz_sandblock. It's rated extreme but after playing it I'd rather rate it "very mega extreme" or something like that. This map gives the expression "extreme" a whole new meaning.

I got some comments from those who already tested the map:

FikoN: "Do not play this map without a helmet! You might want to bash your head into the monitor a few times while playing this map."

Moxx: "I were about to crash my computer many, many times"

T3d: "OMG, this makes me feel like a noob"

Anyway, if you're aiming for a record on this map, don't hurt yourself or you're keyboard, mouse etc. :) The map is downloadable in the download section. GL & HF!


An easy version of this map (kz_sandblock_ez) has been released. Get it in our download section.

News: 3 New Demos *Update*

03/08/05 - 21:52:49

Written by: OddYsseus

Comments: 20

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


kz_man_madness[hard] done in 02:38 ( 02:42 OddYsseus )


kz_kzfr_rabbithighwayez done in 04:29 ( 05:06 raYLa )


kz_dm_dedication911_h done in 12:32 ( 12:37 t0ffo )

*Update* ( OddYsseus )


kz_ea_highblock done in 04:20 ( n/a )

News: Another new map

03/08/05 - 03:50:29

Written by: e107

Comments: 61

Xtreme-Jumps Maps

A new map has arrived! It's called kz_winterdust and is created by uNIT. I haven't tested it yet but I assume it's a map based on de_dust-textures but with snow on them instead of sand. Anyway, the map is downloadable in our download section.

News: 4 New Demos

31/07/05 - 19:38:52

Written by: OddYsseus

Comments: 77

Xtreme-Jumps Demos


sn_xmas_tree done in 01:41 ( 01:47 clintmo )


kz_chinabl0ck done in 05:24 ( n/a )
kz_man_australia done in 04:14 ( 04:21 HoHo^ )


kz_tpc_possclimb_b01 done in 05:45 ( 05:48 a0ke )

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